Rogers Open House at Roger Arena

Today, Rogers hosted an open house event at Rogers Arena for Rogers customers. This was the first time this event was held, and many players and staff from the Canucks took part of the open house.

There was lots to do for Rogers customers today. It was quite similar to the Season Ticket holders event that the Canucks had a couple weeks ago, where those who attended were able to skate on the ice, meet the players, play games, and so.

However, it was a little different than the season ticket holders event. Instead of all the players being present for this event, only Conor Garland and Dakota Joshua were here for the event. However, there were also a few former Canucks players that were present here today.

One thing that this event had that the season ticket holders event didn’t was having the head coach Rick Tocchet there. Him, along with others from the coaching staff joined in for a Q&A. Conor Garland and Dakota Joshua also joined in on the Q&A. 

It appeared that a lot of people attended, as the Canucks released a 1-minute video recapping the event. It seems being a Rogers customer and/or being a season ticket holder has its benefits. After all, for a Canucks team that failed to meet all expectations this year, this is the least the team can do to keep its fans happy. If you weren’t granted the opportunity to meet any of the players or skate on the ice, there will be surely opportunities next year to keep and eye out for, especially if the team fails to meet expectations again next year.

There’s no guarantee that this will be the final time the Canucks host an event for fans to visit and meet some of the players, so keep an eye out on all your social media handles and emails for potential invites to come and visit the players and skate on the Rogers Arena home ice.

Pokemon Regional Championships at Vancouver Convention Centre

As crazy as it may seem, Pokemon is an actual competitive game with prizes at stake. Yes, the game that was the childhood for many people is a competition. In Pokemon games, you battle trainers, but in these tournaments, you battle other people in real life for prizes.

This year, a Regional Championship contest will be held in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This isn’t the first time that the Pokemon competition has been held in Vancouver. The biggest of them all was the Pokemon World Championship which was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre back in 2013. I actually went to that event and still everything clearly. I didn’t compete at the competition, but I attended it as a fan.

It’s not just the games though. There’s a good possibility that you’ve heard or collected Pokemon cards in the past. Whether it was when you were a child or got back into collecting because of the COVID-19 pandemic when trading card collection peaked, it is also a competitive game that people engage in. 

After all, the Pokemon cards do say “Pokemon Trading Card Game” on them, but most people don’t play the TCG game, they just collect the cards. For what it’s worth, I also collected them and didn’t know how to play the game.

This event is taking place from Friday, March 10th to Sunday, March 12th, and if you still don’t believe me that there’s big prizes at stake, they are offering up to $65,000 in prizes, scholarships, and gift cards. You see, Pokemon isn’t just a video game you played as a kid or cards that you collected as a kid. It’s an actual competition for prizes, so it’s essential an e-sport in a way. If you’re a fan of Pokemon or would like to re-live your childhood, take a moment to go visit the Convention Centre and meet some of the best Pokemon players.

Vancouver Canucks Extend Surprise Talent Phil Di Giuseppe to 2 Year Deal

One of the biggest surprises so far for the Canucks these past few games has been the performance of forward Phil Di Giuseppe. He was called up recently and has been in and out of the lineup every night. However, as of late, he’s been an outstanding performer to watch, which is surprising since he’s usually just been in the AHL.

He’s played 13 games for the Canucks this season and has put up 2 goals and 2 assists for 4 points. Now that might sound too impressive on paper, but if you watch him play on the ice, you can see that he provides way more than just points. When I see him play, I notice how hard he works, sometimes even harder than some of the regular NHL players on the team.

You can tell that he’s playing every game like it’s his last, which I love this deal. He was originally signed as a free agent by the Canucks and now he will be within the organization for another 2 years. His contract is also a two-way contract, meaning the Canucks can continuously call him up or send him down to Abbotsford without having to put him on waivers and risk him getting claimed by another teams.

Canucks general manager, Patrik Allvin, sounded exciting to announce the return of Di Giuseppe by stating, “We are excited to have agreed to terms with Phillip for another two seasons. He has been a reliable forward when called upon in Vancouver this year and has been an impactful player and leader with Abbotsford each of the past two seasons.”

A valuable pickup from the Canucks is starting to pay off. Considering he can hold his own in the Canucks’ bottom 6 and he isn’t on a terrible contract, like some of the Canucks players are, should provide great value for the Canucks as they continue to focus on next season to make the post-season.

Vancouver Canucks Are On a Roll Too Late Into the Season

The Vancovuer Canucks have been on a bit of roll as of late, having won 6 of their last 10 games, as well as a current 4 game winning streak to go along with it.

While there’s no doubt that it’s exciting hockey to watch, it has come too late into the season where fans are actually staring to hate the fact that the Canucks are winning now. It’s been a terrible season for the Canucks, no doubt about it. It’s funny how originally fans were upset and throwing jerseys on the ice because of how fed up they were with the team blowing leads and losing game to all the sudden hating the fact that the Canucks are actually winning now.

Well, there’s a reason for it. For one, the Canucks are pretty much already out of the playoffs. While they can still mathematically make it, it’s pretty much impossible. The only way the Canucks would make it is if they win the rest of their games and every team above them loses all their games… yeah, literally impossible.

So now why are Canucks fans mad that they’re winning all the sudden? Well, it’s because fans want the 1st overall pick, a draft pick that the Vancouver Canucks have never had in their entire franchise history. What makes it even more intriguing is the fact that the projected 1st overall pick this year is a BC-born player and a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks himself. His name, is Connor Bedard, a superstar talent that’s been the projected 1st overall pick for years. 

Even if the Canucks don’t land the 1st overall pick, this 2023 draft class is looking like one of deepest draft classes that we’ve seen in awhile, similar to the 2020 NHL draft. So you can’t blame Canucks fans for wanting the team to lose since they already gave up hopes of a playoff run months ago. I, for one, and hoping they start losing again. All the winning they’re doing is for absolutely nothing.

Toronto Raptors Fall to Los Angeles Lakers; Go on 3-Game Losing Streak

The Toronto Raptors fell to the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night in a final score of 122-112. This loss has now handed the Raptors their 3rd straight loss, a losing streak the team cannot afford to have right now.

Scottie Barnes and OG Anunoby both led the way in tonight’s game, with Barnes scoring a career high 32 points, 7 assists, and 9 rebounds, and Anunoby scoring 31 points, 1 assist, and 2 rebounds. Despite their efforts, it still wasn’t enough to be the Lakers, even without superstar LeBron James playing for the Lakers tonight. 

Tonight’s loss still have the Raptors sitting in a play-in spot in the 9th position, but they are now neck-and-neck with the Washington Wizards and and Indiana Pacers. All 3 teams have the same amount of losses at 36, but the Raptors have 1 more win than them, which is why the Raptors are ahead of them. However, in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a lot of breathing room. If the Raptors would’ve won their last 3 games instead of losing them, they would be sitting a lot more comfortably ahead of them.

The Raptors cannot afford to let this losing streak continue, but their next matchup will be a tough one, as they will face one of the top teams in the NBA, Denver Nuggets. The Raptors recently played the Nuggets on Monday in a 118-113 losing effort.

The Raptors need to bring it for Tuesday’s matchup versus the Nuggets. Another loss will only hurt the chances of the Raptors making the playoffs. If they loss to the Nuggets on Tuesday, there’s a solid chance that the move one spot lower, or potentially out of a play-in spot altogether. The Raptors need to get it together if they want to make their playoff dream this season to come true.

Toronto Raptors Look to Avoid 3 Game Losing Streak Against Los Angeles Lakers

The Toronto Raptors return to the court tonight in a Friday night showdown against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Raptors finally conclude their 5 game road trip and will return home to the Scotiabank Arena on Tuesday. The Raptors have unfortunately dug themselves into a 2 game losing streak during this all important stretch to make the playoffs.

The Raptors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night in a final score of 108-100. The Raptors cannot afford to go on a losing streak during this important stretch to make the playoffs. After tonight’s game against the Lakers, there will only be 14 games left to play for the Raptors this season. With the Raptors sitting at the brink of a play-in spot, every win matters, as there are only a few wins separating the Raptors from the Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, and Indiana Pacers. The race is tight, so if the Raptors lose tonight and go a 3 game losing streak, this streak could very well cost the Raptors their playoff hopes.

The Lakers and Raptors both have near-identical records, meaning this will be a matchup between even-strength teams. The Raptors need to be the stronger team in this game, as the Lakers are in the same situation as the Raptors, as the Lakers themselves are also fighting to keep their play-in hopes alive.

It won’t get easier when the Raptors return home on Tuesday, as their first opponent of their 3 game homestand is against the Denver Nuggets, a top team in the NBA and a team the Raptors just lost to on Monday in a final score of 118-113.

Despite the losing streak, the Raptors have elected to keep the same starting lineup, which consists of VanVleet, Barnes, Anunoby, Siakam, and Poeltl.

Tonight’s game will start at 7:30 pm (PST). This is an extremely game for the Raptors, so make sure to tune in to watch this all important game.

Toronto Raptors Look to Add Another Win Tonight Against the Los Angeles Clippers

The Toronto Raptors return to the court tonight in the 2nd last game of their 5 game road trip. After suffering a tough loss to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night, the Raptors will look to get back into the win column, as every game from here on out is a must-win for the Raptors if they hope to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Raptors will play only 15 more games after tonight’s game and the race for the play-in spots are getting tighter and tighter, as the records are very close between all the teams in the race. Only a few wins separate the Raptors, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, and Indiana Pacers from each other, so the Raptors cannot afford to lose this game and go a 2 game losing streak if they hope to make their playoff dreams come true.

The Clippers are a top team in the NBA this season, but the Raptors cannot let that intimidate them, as games like these are the most important to win. The Raptors need to find strength through adversity to win this game and every game from here on out, as their schedule won’t get any easier.

They will face the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday after tonight’s game, which will also be a tough battle since both the Lakers and Raptors have near-identical records. After their showdown on Friday, they will conclude their 5 game road trip to return for a 3 game homestand. It won’t be an easy start though, as they kick off their 3 game homestand against the Denver Nuggets, the same team the Raptors just lost to on Monday.

Tonight’s game will on at 7 pm (PST). Tune in tonight to witness a sure-to-be great game, and an important one for the Raptors.

Toronto Raptors Set for Important Matchup Against Top NBA Team Denver Nuggets

The Toronto Raptors are set for action tonight against the Denver Nuggets in a Monday night showdown. After securing an important overtime victory against the Washington Wizards on Saturday, the Raptors will look to make it 2 wins in a row to continue their push for the playoffs. 

Every single game is a must-win for the Raptors. With 16 games to go after this one, they cannot afford to lose any games if they want to make their playoff dreams come to fruition. They’ve already made it clear that they intend to make the playoffs, but you first have to make it before you can make noise. 

The play-in race is a tight battle between the Raptors, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, and Indiana Pacers, with only a few wins separating each team from each other. While the Raptors are facing one of the top teams in the NBA tonight, there cannot be any excuses if they hope to make their playoff dreams a reality. It’s games like this where you need to find the extra hustle and drive to seize the victory against a top team.

The Raptors’ schedule won’t get any easier, as the finalize their 5 game roadtrip in their next 2 games. They will face the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday and then the Los Angeles Lakes on Friday. Both are tough opponents are a must-wins for the Raptors. They will return home after those 2 games to face off against the Denver Nuggets again at Scotiabank Arena to start a 3 game homestand, one of those games will be against the currently top team in the NBA, Milwaukee Bucks.

The Raptors will keep their same starting lineup that they’ve had for the past few games, which consist of VanVleet, Barnes, Anunoby, Siakam, Poeltl. The game will be on at 6 pm (PST).

Vancouver Canucks Extend Win Streak to 4 Games After Dominate Victory Over Ottawa Senators

While the Canucks fans might not be happy about this 4 game win streak that the Canucks are on, there’s no denying that they’ve been playing some great hockey as of late. Why couldn’t this have occurred earlier in the season, who knows, but there’s not much that we can do as fans than just watch. 

The Canucks dominated the Senators in a final score of 5-2. The Senators almost made a comeback, scoring 2 goals late in the 3rd period and even getting a 6-4 powerplay during that time, but during that powerplay of theirs, they received a penalty of their own, negating their powerplay.

A strong game for the Canucks where everything went their way resulted in this win. It was an unlucky game for the Senators as they just could not generate any offense whatsoever. Bad puck luck, bad passes, horrible defensive awareness, and hitting posts were the main factors in Ottawa’s tough loss in an important game for them. 

It’s unfortunate, as the Canucks just can’t seem to give what the fans want. The Canucks were expected to be playoff contenders this season after how close they were to making it last season. However, they fell way below expectations and quickly became a dumpster fire. Fans showed their frustration by throwing jerseys on the ice, booing the team off their own home arena, and posting negative remarks online.

Now that the Canucks are winning all the sudden, fans are upset at the fact that they’re winning since fans have embraced the tank and want the 1st overall pick to land B.C. boy, Connor Bedard. It’s tough being a Canucks fan this season, as you just can’t get what you want. You originally wanted them to win and they couldn’t, and now you want the team to lose, but somehow they keep winning.

Same goes for JT Miller. Every fan of the Canucks turned their back on him and labelled him the problem and a locker room cancer. Whether it’s true or not, one things for sure: this is a season to forget for Canucks fans, even during this 4 game win streak.

Vancouver Canucks Look to Make it 4 Wins in a Row Against the Ottawa Senators

The Vancouver Canucks are on an extremely impressive 3 game win streak at the moment. While it’s great to see the Canucks finally playing well, it came a little too late into the season that fans are likely upset by the fact that the team is actually playing good now, as the playoffs are impossible at this point, so why win and ruin your chance to land the 1st overall pick?

It doesn’t really matter, as the team won’t openly tank, only management will. So it’s up to the management to make a bad team in order to purposely lose. The problem with the Canucks is they have a good team on paper, but they just couldn’t get it done when it mattered most. 

Now all the sudden, the team has gone a 3 game win streak, gaining 6 points in the process, which caused them to leapfrog a few teams that were initially ahead of them. As a Canucks fan myself, this is a little tough to watch, because where was this effort and momentum back in October and November, when winning was necessary? 

Tonight, the Canucks will face a tight opponent of the Ottawa Senators, a team who has been hot since January. When you compare the Senaotrs to the Canucks, the Senators did the rebuild right. They’ve been bad since the 2017-18 season, but fully burned it down and rebuild from the ground up. Because of that, they are finally on the up, and are fighting for a playoff spot in the tough Eastern Conference. 

The Canucks never full torn it down. They’ve been rebuilding since like 2013, which is why they’ve never been competitive for 10+ years. If they would’ve burned it down back in 2015-16 when Trevor Linden told them to do so, I could see them basically being like the Ottawa Senators right now. But because management didn’t want to rebuild, here we just have a mediocre Canucks team that won’t be fully competitive for another 3-4 years. It’s tough being a Canucks fan sometimes, especially when they can’t win when the fans want them to and lose when the fans want them to.