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Ariel Helwani Shares His Thoughts On Controversial Decision!

Ariel Helwani shared his opinion on the controversial decision that took place when Marlon Chito Vera faced off against Cory Sandhagen Saturday night.

Ariel Helwani is a Canadian born combat sports journalist. In his two decades of experience he’s covered promotions like UFC, Bellator, Pride, and many more. His large popularity in the sport is due to his hard hitting questions, and professionalism he brings to every interview. He is without a doubt the face of combat sports journalism.

Bottom line-Ariel knows what he’s talking about.

When Marlon Vera faced off against Cory Sandhagen in the Main event of UFC Fight Night, fans expected a clear cut unanimous decision win for Sandhagen after he dominated the fight.

However, that was not the case as one judge scored the fight for Marlon. Fans were fuming about this outcome and looked to a professional for their expert opinion.

Ariel was happy to provide his. He tweeted the following:

Ariel seemed unbothered about the decision as at least the right man won the fight. Judging continues to be an issue in the UFC though and if this doesn’t change fast fans are going to start rioting.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

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