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Social Media Etiquette for Dummies

Social Media is becoming a social responsibility. Who would’ve thought, the platforms originally used for memes and LOL’s, are now a digital landscape of commerce, dating,  education and branding? The internet is an extension of our beings and without access to it, it’s practically impossible to participate in the modern world.

The social media Big Bang was fairly recent. The “Meta-Verse” is still developing, and it’s already left many of us in the dust.

Ref. Your moms Facebook


Posted by 105 The River on Friday, 9 April 2021

As a Gen Z’er who grew up with Likes, Comments and Snap Scores, I’m here to give you the ins and outs of social media etiquette. Because no one wants to see your minion memes.


The platform most popular with the older generations, Facebook is the wild west when it comes to the unspoken rules of social media.

Facebook has been completely ditched by the youngins. I think a lot of young people stopped using it when they started getting friend requests from their grandma’s. Privacy settings are confusing on Facebook, so suddenly you had to worry about your grandma seeing a photo of you at a club because your dumb friend publicly tagged you.

Collectively we decided the platform was family and employer-friendly, and Instagram would be for the fun. No matter your age there is still “netiquette” to follow on Facebook

  • As mentioned above don’t post raunchy, night-out pics. Especially not publicly, and don’t be that person that tags everyone!
  • Sharing cool articles and work-related content is cool, 24/7 selfies and train of thought sh*t posting is not.
  • No Candy Crush, Farmville Shenanigans.
  • Be careful who you friend. There are tons of scammers, creeps, and potential employers checking up on you. Keep it tight to people you ACTUALLY know.


“trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers”


Twitter can be used for many different things, and there are right ways and wrong ways to use it. Twitter is a fairly uncensored app, at least in comparison to competitors Instagram and Facebook. You can easily stumble across violent, suggestive, NSFW images/videos. Twitter comedians, bots and acclaimed journalists all share space on this lawless platform.

It’s just too easy to shoot off a thoughtless tweet as Drake exclaims in his song Back to Back. This makes the app fun and thrilling, however, these “thoughtless” tweets can come back to haunt you.

That brings me to,

  • Think before you tweet. Imagine your mom, dad or grandma reading your tweet… if you don’t want them reading it, delete it!
  • If you’re not using your profile for business and branding, make your account private.
  • Tweet sober.
  • You’re not as funny as you think you are










Snapchat is dying; I’m not even sure why I still have it, It’s embarrassing. What’s even more embarrassing is my Snapchat score, attributed to my 16-year-old validation-seeking self. Snapchat is designed for high schoolers, so unless you’re in high school you should also be embarrassed to have it. Nothing is grosser than someone in 2021 asking for your snap. Grow up.

Nevertheless, I’m a massive hypocrite who still uses the app every day so I will shut up and share my do’s and don’ts.

  • Unlike Instagram/Twitter/Facebook people can see when you screenshot their snaps, stories, or location.
  • Don’t do snap streaks, grow up.
  • Everyone can tell you have a Snapchat filter on.
  • Be careful of what you send, just because the app is centred around transitory content, doesn’t mean everyone will respect that.
  • Your friends can see your location on snap maps! Turn off snap maps if you’re throwing a surprise birthday party or visiting your ex.
  • Buck up and delete the app, c’mon.


Instagram is set up to look like a visual glimpse into your life. It’s your responsibility to map out your life and personality into a little curated gallery for people to see. Obviously, we all know it’s all BS. Nobodies as perfect as they make themselves out to be on Instagram, it’s a highlight reel. Nevertheless, you’re expected to create that highlight reel. We must know your passions, your job, your relationship status and when your last vacation was, all in a matter of a few clicks.

I can’t teach you to be an Instagram model… but as a judgemental follower, I can teach you how not to be annoying.

  • Don’t overdo it. If you’re posting all day every day, I’m sorry but people are going to get sick of your content.
  • Unless you’re running a business account, avoid long lists of hashtags. #Like4like #f4f
  • Comment nice things on your friend’s posts! It makes people feel good.
  • Be funny and be original. As long as you’re being appropriate, be yourself and have fun! Have fun with the app. Serious selfies are scary.
  • Send your friends memes and things that remind you of them.
  • Don’t send your friends gossipy rude comments. It’s easy for someone to screenshot those comments or show them to the wrong person, more importantly, be nice, but also be smart.
  • If you get sponsored by a brand, make that money. But also, don’t be surprised if people unfollow, constantly plugging your promo code for an essential oils brand can come off inauthentic and pyramid scheme-y.
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