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The most Christmassy country

Christmassy. I like this word! A word filled with imaginative imagery and sounds.

This year, Canada was ranked the most Christmassy country in the world. Interesting, right? We beat out Norway, who ranked second. This rank analyzed several festive data aspects, such as the chance of snow, Christmas search interest, the popularity of Christmas music, etc.

It states that this result is thanks to a large amount of Christmas music being played by the public. I can agree with that a lot. One day when I was staying late at school for a project, I heard another class was playing All I Want for Christmas is You. People were singing along; the music swept away my exhaustion for the day.

When I spoke of this ranking to my friend, she was very surprised that it wasn’t the US, who ranked eighth. I was very happy about the result though, as Christmas is one of my favorite festivals during the year; and I’m living in the most Christmassy country! Each year there are tons of events organized by various communities, whether it’s lighting up a Christmas tree, a craft fair, or a huge light show, people are dying to go. I feel like Christmas has some sort of magic; probably because of the fairytales that people have given to it.

What’s your destination to see magic this year?

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