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Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Today, November 20th, 2018 is Transgender Day of Remembrance. The Transgender Community is one of the most vulnerable communities around the world. It is important to not let the issues facing the Transgender community go under the rug.

In North America, it seems as if the transgender community is getting better representation and better rights but there is such a long way to go. The controversial bathroom bills, the lack of ability to change one’s gender on Identification cards, missing and murdered Transgender women and so much more. And to think, those are some of the biggest issues facing the transgender community in North America!

Around the world, the lack of ability to purchase hormone pills and inability to begin to even transition safely in vulnerable comminutes is so upsetting. But worst of all, the simple fact that the Transgender community is treated as inhumane is why we need days like today.

Personally, as an ally to the Transgender community, I believe we need to stand with our Transgender brothers and sisters to continue fighting for rights and equality. To think that marriage equality only passed 3 years ago in America and 13 years ago in Canada is insane. If we continue standing up for a vulnerable community from oppressive higher-ups, things can definitely change for the better.

I give it up to visible people in the Transgender community such as Laverne Cox, Jazz Jennings, Chaz Bono, Carmen Carrera and Janet Mock for showing that Transgender people are simply people trying to live their best lives just like everyone else.

Take time out of your day today to think of the rights you have and let us continue the fight to get respect for our transgender brothers and sisters.

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