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Movie Set Hide-and-Seek

Vancouver is known as “Hollywood North” for the abundance of television and film productions being based here. The companies take advantage of tax credits and our province gets to be put on display to the world. For me, the coolest part about watching these shows was trying to figure out where they were filmed. I’d see a place on the screen I’d be like “hey, I was there!”. These are some places around town that are recognizable no-brainers on-screen, and some places you might be surprised that film crews frequent.


As a commuter, I take the Skytrain virtually everyday. It gets me from point A to B and it also gives crews a unique opportunity to film some of their productions. Last summer, K-Pop girl group Twice filmed a music video around Vancouver, and the Skytrain was one of the numerous backdrops. Ben Affleck tried to outrun a train in the 2003 film Paycheck. It also passed as the New York Subway in Friday the 13th, Part VIII and had a hillarious chase scene.




For many of us, visiting the PNE is a summertime tradition. The roller coasters and other rides are iconic and the shows and exhibits are always a big draw. The PNE grounds are also a popular location for film crews to come in and shoot. The Corkscrew coaster was digitally modified to be a killer ride in Final Destination 3, the Revelation ride was renamed the Cranium Shaker in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Rocky Balboa defeated Ivan Drago in Rocky IV under the Agrodome.


A recent study by GoCompare showed that UBC is the 9th most popular filming location in the world, and the most popular in Canada, and for good reason. It has everything from many greenspaces to cavernous lecture halls and a stadium or two. Pooled all together, it makes for a plethora of filming venues that crews can work with. Thunderbird Stadium played host to the soccer game where Viola Hastings scored the game winning goal in 2006s She’s the Man. The Main Mall was digitally altered to resemble Flushing Meadows Park in New York and the 1964 World’s Fair in Disney’s Tomorrowland. Lastly, it portrayed the University of Washington, Vancouver in Fifty Shades of Grey.

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