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Comfort Food Comas

According to the internet machine comfort food can be defined as, “food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any with a high sugar or other carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking.” Let me just be the first to say that the high sugar and carb content part of the definition is so spot on it’s almost stupid. I don’t know if the case is the same for you, but when I think comfort food I think of multiple plates of pasta, bowls of brownies and ice cream and maybe some super buttery movie theatre popcorn thrown in there for good measure.

That being said, a good portion of people’s choice in comfort food can also be attributed to the latter half of the definition, a food that brings person joy by way of making them reminisce about their childhood or home cooking. In this case I’d probably narrow my broad scope of comfort foods down to 3 individual things, a super simple pasta that my Mum has been making forever. The other two are actually both connected to my birthday! Every year I get to indulge in some homemade lasagna. I’m the only one in my family who likes it so… Unfortunately, it’s strictly an annual thing. In terms of sweets, I’ve been making my own ice cream cake for my birthday since I was a teen. Because of the fact that I only ever really get to eat these things on my birthday, I would totally say they’re my peak comfort foods. Not only that, but foods that I look forward to and that make me happy weeks before my birthday’s even in sight!

I’m not the only one at Evolution who indulges in some comfort food every once in a while though. Everyone’s got their own fave dish they get some love from!

  • One of our station’s star sale’s peeps, Liam Verster apparently makes a killer Shepards Pie. The secret ingredient? Mixing cheese in with the mashed potatoes.
  • Breton Scott is a lovely lady who’s honed her cooking skills to fit her special diet! She’s a vegan who makes a killer batch of Mac and ‘Cheese’
  • An on air host who’s passionate about story creation, Nate Leigh loves a good cheeseburger. But it’s got to be homemade!
  • Shauny Molina is an absolute angel to work with and a member of this station’s Internet Squad. What’s her kind of comfort food? Well, she loves a good, authentic taco. You know, the real greasy kind you’d find straight out of a food truck.
  • When asked what his favourite kind of comfort food was, on air host Casey Gordon Paddock is quoted as saying, “Grilled cheese. No! Wait! 2 grilled cheese.”

We all obviously have our own tastes, but what’s your kind of comfort food?

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