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A Review of “Morbid Stuff” by Pup

Toronto band Pup is back in style with their third studio album. This new project takes the group in uncharted territories in terms of sounds, but still manages to hold onto that Pop Punk sound. Pup immediately turned heads with their debut self titled album in 2013. They’re follow up album, The Dream is Over, expanded on the sound the punk rock sound they introduced in their debut. On top of that, their Sophmore album had better songwriting and a greater appreciation for hooks. This is especially true on what was their best single at the time, DVP. It seems that the band only gets better with each album they release. It’s promising to see a band grow and perfect their sound. The trend continued as Pup began to release singles to tease the upcoming album like Kids or Sibling Rivalry. The lead vocalist Stefan Babcock sounds almost in a panic when he rushes through his verses. This creates a type of Punk Rock energy the band is known for. All of these teaser tracks come with gnarly riffs, exhilarating guitars, melodic vocals and sharp hooks. It’s very clear that Pup takes inspiration from Punk Rock and Pop Punk of the ’90s and early 2000s.  They also add a splash of emo. It’s like listening to 20 different punk bands at once.

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