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Travel for self growth

Being stuck in our little corners of the world for as prolonged of a period as this has been, you must be just as pent up to get out and explore as me. If you relate to this and need some more reasons to save up and travel later, here are some important reasons to travel for your self growth, you know, when we are able to travel again. 

It Changes Your Perspective : Nothing quite broadens your perspective than seeing a different way of life. Being surrounded by people with the same values as you, the same high strung goals, being surrounded by media from the same culture that preaches the same values and goals makes people prone to getting stuck in their ways. 

Photo via i.ytimg.com/

By seeing new ways of life or how people handle different situations we are better able to understand the world around us, it can change the way we think and in turn gives us more wisdom. It can be quite jarring to realize that your values are not the same as everyone else’s but it’s the best way to gain perspective. 

You Gain Independence: Well this is definitely most of the time and can be based more or less on what kind of trip you are doing, but especially while you are young and going on trips without family, travelling can be quite liberating.

Photo via wanderlustandlipstick.com/

From the saving and budgeting you do, to the places you plan to stay at, to the problem solving you do as you go (because internet connections can still be lost in foreign countries), it can really spark the independence in a person. 

Hope this made you want to get your passports even more at the ready!

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