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The Hurt of Happiness – Hey Ocean! – Album Review

Hey Ocean! has been a Vancouver staple since the beginning, in 2004. The care-free attitude of some pure indie pop has always been a winner for Vancouverites and fans around the world. Ashleigh Ball (vocals/flute), David Beckingham (vocals/guitar), and David Vertesi (vocals/bass) form Hey Ocean. I first heard Hey Ocean! back when ‘Big Blue Wave’ was a single. It had this pop-drive but the message was super uplifting. Did they follow it up, though?

This is the fourth album for the Vancouver natives. Released April 6th, ‘The Hurt of Happiness’ is a defining one. You can clearly hear the whimsical influences of Ashleigh’s day job as a voice actress on My Little Pony seeping through. It’s physically impossible to be unhappy listening to this album. It’s the definition of a bop. Total summer music. You can hear they’ve dug into the trenches of their sound, solidifying their identity and their sound. Even their more mellow tracks like ‘Just Enough’ keep up with their pure indie-pop sound. There’s definitely tracks for a dance, though. With the bass leading ‘Sleepwalker’ or the synth-y ‘Mama Said’, there’s a sound that anyone can appreciate.

I’m going to be honest, pop isn’t my thing. If you spend more than five minutes with me, you can guarantee I’m probably going to bring up Foo Fighters. That being said, the Hey Ocean! album is a great opportunity for a summer dance party. I’d say drive around listening to it but these gas prices are not welcoming for that attitude.

No tour dates as of yet, but they’re at Skookum Festival, September 7th-9th!


  • Favourite Track – Sleepwalker
  • Least Favourite Track – Amsterdam
  • If You Like – Said The Whale and Haim
  • Best Vancouver Venue – Deer Lake Park
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