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Ryan Reynolds X Michael Bay

Ryan Reynolds never fails to make his fans laugh out loud (online and in real life). He went viral for tweeting a video earlier in the day. At first it seemed like a normal interview, him giving his thoughts on working with Michael Bay (best known for his work on the Transformer’s movies). But of course, with Ryan, nothing can ever just be innocent.

Good ol’ Ryan! Not having heard from for a little while, I really did enjoy this light-hearted video. The car crash displayed in the background will most likely end up on the movie he’s filming with Director Michael Bay, 6 Underground. It’s said to be a Men In Black reboot. Another iconic actor seems to come to mind…..

Image result for Will smith

The actors starring alongside Reynolds are a couple other big names in the industry. We have Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who both starred in Thor Ragnorak last year. It’s always nice when good chemistry lines up once again 🙂

Image result for men in black reboot

From the looks of it, this film will most likely be the most expensive movie to be put out on Netflix, with a budget exceeding $140 million. With a budget that high, we should all be expecting good things….. maybe a Will Smith cameo? What? I have to look out for a fellow brother. Not that he needs the extra work!

With that one video circulating the inter-webs, the excitement is definitely building.

6 Underground is set to be put on Netflix in late May, 2019.



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