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Covenant House Sleep Out Movement Brings Awareness To Youth Homelessness

The Covenant House sleep out movement is a fundraising event that takes place every year to help raise funds, and bring awareness to homeless youth. What occurs is participants sleep outside for one night to experience what it’s like to be in their shoes. Kim Wing, who is the coordinator for the sleep out movement for young professionals says the support is important.

Continually an increase of youth homelessness out there as well and they also do a homeless count each year and we’re seeing the number in the homeless count increase as well. So really we’re seeing that impact trickle down to us.

Evolution 1079 wants to send a participant to take part in the sleep out movement happening February 15, so far the amount raised is 810 dollars. They need at least a minimum of 2000 dollars to take part, but 4000 is preferred because it would be able to fund a full year of mental health care, addiction care, and counseling for one youth. Please visit the Covenant House participant’s website to donate.

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