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In the Spotlight: Demetrius Harmon

The internet is a place for virtually anyone to share pretty much anything and we have seen some terrible people do some horrific things online but I have decided to forget the negative and focus on the positive, because there are so many people that spread love and positivity and that’s what the world truly needs.

One of those people is a man named Demetrius Harmon. He started out as many internet personalities do; on Vine, and then began posting his hilarious videos on YouTube. His videos are usually unique skits of really funny situations featuring himself and his best friend Angelo.

As funny and popular as the videos are, that not the only reason I’m writing about Demetrius. He is someone who suffers from mental illness and shares his struggles with his 1.3 million followers. He often posts videos talking about how he overcomes difficult days, hardships and is always sharing ways to be more positive and feel better when feeling low. Demetrius has started a line of hoodies with the line “You Matter” on the front and has sold out every time he has put them on his site. I, myself bought one because I support him and his will to make mental health a more openly discussed issue.

He also released a line of hoodies in coordination with Breast Cancer Awareness and portions from the sales went to select breast cancer nonprofit organizations.

On his website https://www.demetriusharmon.com/ he has a section showcasing some of his poetry which show his vulnerability. He is not afraid to share how he feels, as many males in this generation are. Talking about feelings can be hard, but when they are shared it can make a world of a difference. He also has some of his modeling work and in my opinion, wow. That’s all I’ll say about it.

One thing that really got me was the commencement speech he did for a graduation at Edsel Ford High School, located in Michigan. He shares some of his lowest moments and how he has overcome them. It’s motivational for someone like me who also suffers from similar things. He also shares that one of his best friends took a psychology class in order to better understand Demetrius and what he goes through. Things like that make me believe that there are some amazing people in the world.



So, Demetrius, if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for sharing your story with so many people who need to hear it. Thank you for being vulnerable with us and trusting us with your darkest moments. Thank you for lifting us up when we need it. Thank you for the laughs. And thank you for being you. You matter.

If you need a laugh, here is one of my favorite skits Demetrius and Angelo have done! Content Warning: Explicit Language.

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