Vancouver Canucks Extend Win Streak to 4 Games After Dominate Victory Over Ottawa Senators

While the Canucks fans might not be happy about this 4 game win streak that the Canucks are on, there’s no denying that they’ve been playing some great hockey as of late. Why couldn’t this have occurred earlier in the season, who knows, but there’s not much that we can do as fans than just watch. 

The Canucks dominated the Senators in a final score of 5-2. The Senators almost made a comeback, scoring 2 goals late in the 3rd period and even getting a 6-4 powerplay during that time, but during that powerplay of theirs, they received a penalty of their own, negating their powerplay.

A strong game for the Canucks where everything went their way resulted in this win. It was an unlucky game for the Senators as they just could not generate any offense whatsoever. Bad puck luck, bad passes, horrible defensive awareness, and hitting posts were the main factors in Ottawa’s tough loss in an important game for them. 

It’s unfortunate, as the Canucks just can’t seem to give what the fans want. The Canucks were expected to be playoff contenders this season after how close they were to making it last season. However, they fell way below expectations and quickly became a dumpster fire. Fans showed their frustration by throwing jerseys on the ice, booing the team off their own home arena, and posting negative remarks online.

Now that the Canucks are winning all the sudden, fans are upset at the fact that they’re winning since fans have embraced the tank and want the 1st overall pick to land B.C. boy, Connor Bedard. It’s tough being a Canucks fan this season, as you just can’t get what you want. You originally wanted them to win and they couldn’t, and now you want the team to lose, but somehow they keep winning.

Same goes for JT Miller. Every fan of the Canucks turned their back on him and labelled him the problem and a locker room cancer. Whether it’s true or not, one things for sure: this is a season to forget for Canucks fans, even during this 4 game win streak.

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