Vancouver Canucks Seek 3-Game Win Streak Against Anaheim Ducks

The Vancouver Canucks are currently on a 2-game win streak and look to extend their streak against the Anaheim Ducks tonight. They previously won their last game against the Nashville Predators in a 4-3 shootout victory on Monday.

The Canucks were up in the game 3-1, but ended up blowing the lead with 11 and a half minutes left to go in the 3rd period when Luke Evangelista of the Nashville Predators scored his first and second career goal on Arturs Silovs. Thankfully, the Canucks stil walked away with the 2-points thanks to a shootout victory. Elias Pettersson got the only goal in the shootout, leading to the Canucks’ 2nd straight win, making them currently undefeated in their 6 game homestand.

Canucks assistant coach, Adam Foote, faced off against his son, Callan Foote, in tonight’s game for the first time. Seems like Father Foote gets the first victory of their first ever duel against each other.

Tonight, the Canucks will face the Anaheim Ducks, and will look to extend their win streak against a similar caliber team. Both the Ducks and Canucks have had disappointing seasons, so tonight’s game is important for both teams… if you talk about the tank for Connor Bedard. Either way, one team must win and one team must lose. The most ideal outcome would be for the Canucks to lose, but since they’ve been winning, there’s a high possibility they get another win tonight.

Tonight will also be Women’s Empowerment Night in Rogers Arena. Throughout the game, the Vancouver Canucks will acknowledge all the women who has contributed to the Canucks family and have contributed to Rogers Arena. It’ll be a special night in Rogers Arena, so make sure to watch carefully for any special videos that are likely to appear on the jumbotron. 

Tonight’s game will also be JT Miller’s 700th career NHL game. Although many Canucks fans have turned their back on Miller and have pinned him as the problem of the Canucks, there’s no denying that playing 700 career games in the NHL is an impressive achievement. 

Thatcher Demko will get the start for tonight’s game at 7 pm (PST). Tune in to see if the Canucks can make it a 3-game win streak, a rare winning streak that the Canucks haven’t seen very often this year.

Father and Son Hockey Duel in Vancouver Canucks Game in Unexpected Meeting

Most kids dream of facing their parents in a duel in the sport they specialize in, especially the parent that got you into the sport. I’ve played ice hockey games with my dad and it’s such a fun feeling being able to play with or against your father. In tonight’s Vancouver Canucks/Nashville Predators hockey game, that will happen for one Father-Son duo.

Legendary NHL defencemen, Adam Foote, is set to face off against his son, Callan Foote, for the first time. What’s even more special about this matchup is how it wasn’t even really supposed to happen. You look at the Nashville Predators and the Vancouver Canucks at the start of the NHL season and neither Adam Foote or Callan Foote were on their respective current teams. Adam Foote wasn’t a coach for the Canucks and Callan Foote was a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

However, all that changed only a month ago, when the Canucks brought in Adam Foote as an assistant coach and Callan Foote was traded to the Nashville Predators for Tanner Jeannot. 

It’s likely an exciting time for the entire Foote family, however, it could’ve been a much more exciting battle, as Callan and his brother, Nolan, were originally on the same team once. Both were members of the Tampa Bay Lightning until Nolan was traded to the New Jersey Devils for Blake Coleman. 

While it’s exciting to face off against your father, I’m sure it would’ve been more fun for both Adam and Callan if Nolan was there in the battle too. I guess you can say Adam will have a separate chart on how many times he beat Callan and Nolan respectively. After all, you learn everything from your parents when you start playing a sport, so let’s see if Callan can get the best of his father in tonight’s game.

Can the Canucks Make it 2-Wins in a Row Against the Nashville Predators?

The Vancouver Canucks are back in action tonight against the Nashville Predators. The Canucks won their previous game against the Toronto Maple Leafs 2 nights ago in Rogers Arena.

Saturday was packed with Leafs fans, but the Canucks were able to silence them in a 4-1 win, which surprised many, including myself. The story of the night was the 2 shorthanded goals the Canucks scored on the same penalty kill. Elias Pettersson netted the first shorthanded goal, then JT Miller netted the next almost a minute later. The Canucks fans were rocking after those two goals, which ended up being the game winners for the Canucks.

Tonight’s game versus Nashville will be the team’s 3rd home game of their 6 game homestand. It will also make the first time that a father-son duo will be opposing teams. Canucks’ assistant coach, Adam Foote, will face off against his son, Callan Foote, for the first time tonight. While it’s not an actual on-ice between them, it’ll still be a battle that these two will likely talk about for years down the line. Let’s see if the father can get the one-up on his son in their first meeting together. 

Tonight’s game will be Canucks defender Tyler Myers’ 900th career NHL game. This will be his 265th game as a member of the Vancouver Canucks. He previously played for the Buffalo Sabres and the Winnipeg Jets before the Canucks would sign him as a free agent in 2019.

The Canucks have confirmed that Arturs Silvos will get the start in goal tonight instead of Thatcher Demko. The game will be on at 7:30 pm (PST) tonight instead of the usual 7 pm (PST), so make sure to tune in at the correct time. The Canucks will face the Anaheim Ducks in Rogers Arena on Wednesday after tonight’s game.

Turkish-Canadian Society to Celebrate 100 Years of the Turkish Republic with Women’s Arts on International Women’s Day

A Turkish Art Exhibit is set to take place today at the SFU Segal Graduate School of Business in Downtown, Vancouver.

The Turkish-Canadian Society’s Mission is to “increase the public knowledge of contemporary and traditional Turkish art and culture while creating a productive environment, as well as sharing the history and teaching the language, for the enrichment and educational benefit of the people of Canada.”

The entire art exhibit is going to have artworks made entirely by women. There will be lineups of artworks made by Turkish women, as well as Canadian artists who have made artwork about Turkish culture. It has been stated that there will be artworks displayed that were inspired by the recent earthquakes that hit Türkiye and Syria just last month. The Art director for this event is Nilufar Moayeri.

The founder of the modern Turkish Republic, Ataturk, spoke about how he respected women and art by saying statements such as, “Everything we see in the world is the creative work of women”, “A nation without art will have one of its vital veins ruptured”, and, “The hands of an artist are to be kissed; those who are artists shall not kiss hands!”

There will also be a cash bar for drinks and light refreshments. It’s likely that those drinks will be of Turkish culture, so there’s also the opportunity to taste some drinks from Turkey by showing up at this art exhibit. 

Admission is free and will take place today from 4 pm (PST) to 9 pm (PST). The doors will open at 4 pm, with some welcome speeches set to occur at 6 pm. Once the speeches conclude, there will 3 hours (6 pm – 9 pm) to explore the exhibit and try the drinks. 

This opportunity to experience Turkish culture will only take place tonight, meaning if you’re available and in the area, this is a great opportunity to learn more about Turkish culture and Turkish artwork, especially since there are no plans for another event later this year, next year, or ever. 

BOOM! Pro Wrestling Event Set to Occur in Vancouver on March 25th

Are you into Pro Wrestling? If you are, you would know that it truly is difficult to find Pro Wrestling events that are hosted in Vancouver. For some reason, the top Pro Wrestling companies like WWE, NJPW, and AEW don’t seem to like to host events in Vancouver.

Out of those 3 companies, WWE has hosted an event here most recently. There was a non-televised live event for the WWE’s Saturday Night Main Event back on September 24th, 2022. WWE has typically come to Vancouver for live events every few years, but it had been years since they had a televised event. It wasn’t until February 14th, 2020 that a Friday Night SmackDown event was finally set to take place at Rogers Arena. Before that, it had been 17 years since a televised event took place in Vancouver.

So for Pro Wrestling fans in general, it’s important to know when events show up since they’re quite rare to come across in Vancouver. On Saturday, March 25th, we will finally have another Pro Wrestling event in Vancouver. While it won’t be anything close to a WWE event, witnessing a local Pro Wrestling event will be a different feeling in comparison to a WWE event.

Tickets are still available for this event and it will take place at the Commercial Drive Legion. The doors will open at 7 pm (PST) with the event set to take place at 8 pm (PST) sharp. The expected duration of the event is 3 hours and 30 minutes, meaning the event will likely end close to midnight.

If you’re a Pro Wrestling fan itching to watch an event live and have the time to do so, make sure to free up your Saturday in two and a half weeks to watch this sure-to-be thrilling Pro Wrestling event.

Vancouver Canucks Celebrate Women’s Empowerment Night in Tonight’s Game Against the Anaheim Ducks

Today is International Women’s Day, and the Vancouver Canucks are going to do their part in acknowledging the occasion with another special feature night in their game tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.

During tonight’s game, the Canucks will acknowledge the women who have made an impact on the organization. This will range from the women who help the Canucks on and off the ice. Such roles can be coaching staff, managers, agents, scouts, and so. 

The Vancouver Canucks do have a lot of female staff on their team. Back in January 2022, the Canucks became the first NHL team in history to hire a woman as an assistant GM. Her name is Emilie Castonguay, and she is still currently with the team. 

The Canucks just recently posted a photo on their Twitter account of all their female staff at center ice. The women in the photo don’t necessarily just work for the Canucks, they could also work for the Abbotsford Canucks, Vancouver’s Lacrosse team, the Vancouver Warriors, or the Canucks’ e-sports teams of the Vancouver Titans and the Seattle Surge. 

The Canucks are known to have many celebratory nights throughout their home-game schedule. While this special occasion night won’t be as hectic as other special occasion nights (like Diwali Night and First Nation’s Night), it’ll still be a special night to commemorate the female staff members of the Canucks family.

Tonight’s game will on at 7 pm (PST) tonight, with female staff member videos/interviews likely set to occur throughout the game during commercial breaks, period intermissions, etc. The Canucks are currently on a 2-game winning streak, having scored 4 goals in both games. The Canucks will look to make it 3 in a row tonight as they play the 4th game of their 6-game homestand, with the Ottawa Senators and Dallas Stars being the final opponents of their homestand.

Vancouver Giants Clinch Playoff Spot; Target Victoria Royals with Memes After Back-To-Back Victories

The Vancouver Giants have achieved quite the unthinkable, clinching a playoff spot after their 4-2 victory against the Victoria Royals on Saturday night.

Despite the Giants’ losing record of 24-28-5, they’ve been able to persevere and defy all odds to clinch their spot in the playoffs, and what better team to clinch your playoff spot against than your rivals of the Victoria Royals? The Giants’ Twitter account was filled with jokes and memes targeted toward the Royals after the Giants clinched their spot.

It all started with the Victoria Royals releasing T-Shirts that said “Beat Vancouver” on them. Naturally, if you’re going take a shot like that, you have to live up to it, or else it’ll look even worse for you. For the Royals, they lost to the Giants in back-to-back games and have a record that’s worse than theirs. I guess those shirts were bad luck and shows what happens when you get too cocky.

To be fair, the Giants have every right to be posting these jokes taunting the Royals for their post since they just clinched a spot and the Royals will surely not make the playoffs this year with a 15-39-6 record. The Giants’ new posts have them scratching out the “a-t” in “beat”, so now the shirt says “Be Vancouver,” likely trying to imply to the Royals to be more like the Giants, because if they were, they would be in a playoff spot right now. That’s how I interpreted it as least.

Giants Associate Coach, Adam Maglio, met with the media the next day to talk about how he is “very proud of his group” and how he felt the “energy was great despite the tough schedule.” 

The Giants play 9 more games until their regular season ends. Of those 9, none are against the Royals, meaning the Royals have nothing to hit back with when it comes to all the jokes made by the Giants. Must feel good for the Giants to walk away from this rivalry with back-to-back wins.

Canadian WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, comes out of retirement to wrestle at WrestleMania 39

It’s quite rare to see any professional athlete come out of retirement to return to the sport they once engaged in. After all, they retired for a reason; whether it was old age, injury, or so on, usually those who retire, don’t come out of retirement. But WWE Hall of Famer and legendary Canadian female wrestler, Trish Stratus, will come out of retirement to fight one more match at WrestleMania 39.

Stratus is set to wrestle in a Six-woman tag team match. Stratus will team up with former SmackDown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, and fellow WWE Hall of Famer, longtime rival of Stratus, and real-life best friend, Lita. The 3 of these talented wrestlers will wrestle against the Damage CTRL (control) stable of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky on the grandest stage of them all.

While this isn’t the first time Stratus has returned to a WWE ring in the past few years, this will be the first time she’ll wrestle at a WrestleMania event since 2006. The last WrestleMania she competed in was WrestleMania 22 when she lost in a match for the Women’s Championship against Mickie James. 

Stratus last competed in a WWE ring at SummerSlam in 2019 when she faced Charlotte Flair. The match lasted almost 17 minutes, which showed fans that Stratus still had it, despite being away from the ring for quite a while. 

The Toronto native will look to get back into the win column on April 1st or April 2nd, whichever date her match is scheduled for since WrestleMania 39 will be a 2-day event.

This year, WrestleMania will take place in Inglewood, California in the SoFi Stadium. Fans should get excited to watch Stratus come back to WrestleMania, as she’s always made WrestleMania better whenever she appears. Additionally, having her longtime rival, Lita, team up with her will make it a great clash from the past.

Vancouver Canucks Defencemen, Quinn Hughes, Sets New NHL Record

Despite the miserable season the Vancouver Canucks have had this season, there was a big takeaway from the team’s 4-1 win against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night. The team’s All-Star defencemen set a new NHL record of becoming the fastest defencemen to record 200 assists in the history of the game.

Yes… the entire NHL history. Every legendary defenceman that you can think of? Hughes got 200 assists faster than they did. The record was previously held by Hall of Famer, Brian Leetch, who recorded 200 assists in 264 games. Hughes beat this record by 1 game. But let’s not excluded many of the other Hall of Fame defenders that Hughes beat. He beat the likes of Bobby Orr, Gary Suter, Sergei Zubov, and… well… literally every other defender!

What makes this new record even more impressive is the fact that he plays for the Vancouver Canucks. Now we all know how bad of a season the Canucks have had, no one needs any more reminders, but that’s why this record is even more impressive and shows the immense amount of talent that Hughes has. He was able to record 200 assists in 263 games on a Canucks team that has never really been all that competitive since he joined the team.

If he was the top offensive defencemen on a top NHL team, like say the Boston Bruins, it would still be impressive that he set a new NHL record, but the fact he’s been basically the only good defender on the Canucks for the past few years, so how he’s carrying the defense core on his back.

Despite achieving this impressive record, Hughes hasn’t spoken to the media about him breaking the record. He didn’t talk to the media after the team’s 4-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs or after today’s morning practice in preparation for their matchup against the Nashville Predators. Just goes to show that Hughes isn’t phased by setting records. He just wants to come to the rink every day, give it his all, and fight for wins. The Canucks have a great defenceman in their hands, potentially the best defender to ever play for their franchise. Let’s just hope they can keep him around…

Vancouver Canucks Head Coach, Rick Tocchet, Credits Tyler Myers’ Big Hit Igniting the Bench, Leading to 4-1 Win Over Toronto Maple Leafs

The Vancouver Canucks achieved a shocking win on Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The final score was 4-1, and I guarantee that no one expected the Canucks to come out on top on Saturday’s showdown.

The energy in the building was massive since half the arena was filled with Maple Leafs fans, and I can tell you right now, Canucks fans? They don’t like Maple Leafs fans, especially in their home arena. Echoes of “Go, Leafs, Go!” can be heard throughout the game, but thankfully, even the Canucks players were able to silence them. 

For those who watched the game, you will likely look at the 2 shorthanded goals the Canucks scored on the same Maple Leafs powerplay that led to their surprising win, but what really ignited the fans and the Canucks bench was the massive hit that defender Tyler Myers threw on Maple Leafs captain, John Tavares. 

The hit was massive, and you can hear the roars from the Canucks fans, screaming their approval of the hit, especially since the Leafs fans in the building were just starting their “Go, Leafs, Go!” chant. Naturally, Tavares’ teammates went after Myers for the hit (2 of them in fact), but Myers is 6’8 and 229 lbs. There’s no way any of them could do anything to him, and that’s exactly what happened. Myers beat Maple Leafs defender Jake McCabe in a fight in a matter of seconds.

While the Canucks were having their morning practice in preparation for their game against the Nashville Predators, Head Coach, Rick Tocchet met with the media after the practice to acknowledge Myers and talks about how the hit really “ignited the bench.”

The positive talk about Myers will continue for tonight’s matchup against the Nashville Predators, as Myers will play in his 900th career NHL game, which will be his 265th game as a member of the Vancouver Canucks. He previously played for the Buffalo Sabres and the Winnipeg Jets before the Canucks would sign him as a free agent in 2019.