Rogers Open House at Roger Arena

Today, Rogers hosted an open house event at Rogers Arena for Rogers customers. This was the first time this event was held, and many players and staff from the Canucks took part of the open house.

There was lots to do for Rogers customers today. It was quite similar to the Season Ticket holders event that the Canucks had a couple weeks ago, where those who attended were able to skate on the ice, meet the players, play games, and so.

However, it was a little different than the season ticket holders event. Instead of all the players being present for this event, only Conor Garland and Dakota Joshua were here for the event. However, there were also a few former Canucks players that were present here today.

One thing that this event had that the season ticket holders event didn’t was having the head coach Rick Tocchet there. Him, along with others from the coaching staff joined in for a Q&A. Conor Garland and Dakota Joshua also joined in on the Q&A.Β 

It appeared that a lot of people attended, as the Canucks released a 1-minute video recapping the event. It seems being a Rogers customer and/or being a season ticket holder has its benefits. After all, for a Canucks team that failed to meet all expectations this year, this is the least the team can do to keep its fans happy. If you weren’t granted the opportunity to meet any of the players or skate on the ice, there will be surely opportunities next year to keep and eye out for, especially if the team fails to meet expectations again next year.

There’s no guarantee that this will be the final time the Canucks host an event for fans to visit and meet some of the players, so keep an eye out on all your social media handles and emails for potential invites to come and visit the players and skate on the Rogers Arena home ice.

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