Toronto Raptors Look to Add Another Win Tonight Against the Los Angeles Clippers

The Toronto Raptors return to the court tonight in the 2nd last game of their 5 game road trip. After suffering a tough loss to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night, the Raptors will look to get back into the win column, as every game from here on out is a must-win for the Raptors if they hope to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Raptors will play only 15 more games after tonight’s game and the race for the play-in spots are getting tighter and tighter, as the records are very close between all the teams in the race. Only a few wins separate the Raptors, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, and Indiana Pacers from each other, so the Raptors cannot afford to lose this game and go a 2 game losing streak if they hope to make their playoff dreams come true.

The Clippers are a top team in the NBA this season, but the Raptors cannot let that intimidate them, as games like these are the most important to win. The Raptors need to find strength through adversity to win this game and every game from here on out, as their schedule won’t get any easier.

They will face the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday after tonight’s game, which will also be a tough battle since both the Lakers and Raptors have near-identical records. After their showdown on Friday, they will conclude their 5 game road trip to return for a 3 game homestand. It won’t be an easy start though, as they kick off their 3 game homestand against the Denver Nuggets, the same team the Raptors just lost to on Monday.

Tonight’s game will on at 7 pm (PST). Tune in tonight to witness a sure-to-be great game, and an important one for the Raptors.

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