Vancouver Canucks Look to Make it 4 Wins in a Row Against the Ottawa Senators

The Vancouver Canucks are on an extremely impressive 3 game win streak at the moment. While it’s great to see the Canucks finally playing well, it came a little too late into the season that fans are likely upset by the fact that the team is actually playing good now, as the playoffs are impossible at this point, so why win and ruin your chance to land the 1st overall pick?

It doesn’t really matter, as the team won’t openly tank, only management will. So it’s up to the management to make a bad team in order to purposely lose. The problem with the Canucks is they have a good team on paper, but they just couldn’t get it done when it mattered most. 

Now all the sudden, the team has gone a 3 game win streak, gaining 6 points in the process, which caused them to leapfrog a few teams that were initially ahead of them. As a Canucks fan myself, this is a little tough to watch, because where was this effort and momentum back in October and November, when winning was necessary? 

Tonight, the Canucks will face a tight opponent of the Ottawa Senators, a team who has been hot since January. When you compare the Senaotrs to the Canucks, the Senators did the rebuild right. They’ve been bad since the 2017-18 season, but fully burned it down and rebuild from the ground up. Because of that, they are finally on the up, and are fighting for a playoff spot in the tough Eastern Conference. 

The Canucks never full torn it down. They’ve been rebuilding since like 2013, which is why they’ve never been competitive for 10+ years. If they would’ve burned it down back in 2015-16 when Trevor Linden told them to do so, I could see them basically being like the Ottawa Senators right now. But because management didn’t want to rebuild, here we just have a mediocre Canucks team that won’t be fully competitive for another 3-4 years. It’s tough being a Canucks fan sometimes, especially when they can’t win when the fans want them to and lose when the fans want them to.

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