Toronto Raptors Fall to Los Angeles Lakers; Go on 3-Game Losing Streak

The Toronto Raptors fell to the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night in a final score of 122-112. This loss has now handed the Raptors their 3rd straight loss, a losing streak the team cannot afford to have right now.

Scottie Barnes and OG Anunoby both led the way in tonight’s game, with Barnes scoring a career high 32 points, 7 assists, and 9 rebounds, and Anunoby scoring 31 points, 1 assist, and 2 rebounds. Despite their efforts, it still wasn’t enough to be the Lakers, even without superstar LeBron James playing for the Lakers tonight. 

Tonight’s loss still have the Raptors sitting in a play-in spot in the 9th position, but they are now neck-and-neck with the Washington Wizards and and Indiana Pacers. All 3 teams have the same amount of losses at 36, but the Raptors have 1 more win than them, which is why the Raptors are ahead of them. However, in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a lot of breathing room. If the Raptors would’ve won their last 3 games instead of losing them, they would be sitting a lot more comfortably ahead of them.

The Raptors cannot afford to let this losing streak continue, but their next matchup will be a tough one, as they will face one of the top teams in the NBA, Denver Nuggets. The Raptors recently played the Nuggets on Monday in a 118-113 losing effort.

The Raptors need to bring it for Tuesday’s matchup versus the Nuggets. Another loss will only hurt the chances of the Raptors making the playoffs. If they loss to the Nuggets on Tuesday, there’s a solid chance that the move one spot lower, or potentially out of a play-in spot altogether. The Raptors need to get it together if they want to make their playoff dream this season to come true.

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