BC Lions and BCIT help high school students find their fit

BCIT will join some Lions this weekend to help give middle and high school students a head start in their careers. The BC Lions’ Skills for Life Summit gathers grade 7-9 students from every region in the province. It brings them together to discuss important life skills, from teamwork to how to speak out against … Read more

Grab a chum and check out the salmon

It’s exciting times at the Burnaby Campus of BCIT. Adult chum salmon are returning to spawn in Guichon Creek. After two or three years in the ocean, having traveled half-way to Japan, they are coming home. We asked Rivers Institute Chair, Dr. Ken Ashley, why this event is important. Why is it exciting? Everyone likes … Read more

Going global—a BCIT prosthetic and orthotic team in India

Two BCIT Prosthetics and Orthotics Diploma students went farther than most for their clinical placement. They traveled to Koppal, India to work with a local NGO. Clients of the clinic traveled a long way to meet the students, too—some from as far as 16 hours away to receive their custom orthopedic bracing. Malena Rapaport and Shane Bates … Read more

Spartan Controls makes a $2.5M investment in support of BCIT Students

The BCIT Spartan Controls Centre of Excellence focuses on clean energy education

BCIT has unveiled the newly-named Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research. Renaming the facility is an expression of the 25 year relationship between BCIT and Spartan Controls, and Spartan Controls’ $2.5M contribution to the BCIT School of Energy. Formerly known as the Centre for Energy Education and Research (CEER), the facility is key to energy … Read more

Carving curiosity—the link between the BCIT house post and its website

An algorithm is a sequence of steps that solves a problem. This is how we understand computing. It’s linear. It answers questions for us. With his unconventional ‘house post’ site, BCIT web developer Alan Etkin has broken some basic rules about what a website should be. He wants it to confuse us, to raise questions. … Read more

Microsoft HoloLens—the future of education has arrived at BCIT

Photo: Instructor Rob Kreuger works with a student and the HoloLens.  Virtual Reality headsets are not just for gamers. They can be powerful tools for education— and a very cool one has just arrived at BCIT. Thanks to the School of Health Sciences, we now have a Microsoft HoloLens. “This technology really is cutting edge,” says … Read more

RiverBlue—the man and message behind the movie

Well over forty years ago, in their early days as a couple, Mark and Kathie Angelo did something unusual. They paddled the Thames River through London, in one of the few small crafts to brave the waters. It was a biologically dead river. “The smell of sewage was evident,” recalls Mark. “Waste was pouring into the river. There … Read more

Podmore’s Gallery — honouring a BCIT stalwart

Photo: Robert Bosa (L), catches up with Podmore and a mutual friend. On Friday, September 23, members of the BCIT community gathered with titans of BC’s construction industry to honour a shared hero: David Podmore. A plaque and photo were unveiled in the Gateway building of the Burnaby Campus to mark the new Dr. David Podmore Gallery. Podmore, … Read more

BCIT unveils new lab to train green builders of the future

The High Performance Building Lab (HPBL) was unveiled today at the BCIT Burnaby Campus. The new facility came out of a partnership between the BCIT School of Construction and the Environment (SoCE), BC Housing, and various industry stakeholders. On hand to celebrate was the MLA for Burnaby North, Richard Lee. “This is very exciting,” said … Read more