BCIT student wins the Vancouver McKinsey Challenge


A BCIT student was on the first team ever to win a McKinsey Challenge in Vancouver. The prestigious contest has been held annually in Montreal, but this was the first time for Vancouver. In its challenge, the global consulting firm invites post-secondary students to compete. Over one-and-a-half rigorous days, selected students from various schools are formed into … Read more

BCIT Professional Sales students peek inside the Vancouver Canucks’ business

BCIT Professional Sales students got to attend an elite class last week. The Vancouver Canucks hosted an exclusive seminar for 2nd year students in the club’s locker room. The seminar, which took place January 4th, was led by Michael Cosentino, Vice President of Sales & Service, and James Douglas, Director of Business Development (and a BCIT Marketing … Read more

Kathy Kinloch to be granted an Influential Women in Business Award

BCIT President Kathy Kinloch has been named one of the Most Influential Women in Business for 2017. The award goes to women who have proven themselves to be leaders in their respective fields, generous contributors to the broader community, and advocates for women in business. Six women have been named to the 2017 list, including Judi … Read more

BCIT forestry alumna goes it ‘Alone’ in the History Channel series

Megan Hanacek - BCIT - Alone - History Channel

BCIT forestry alumna Megan Hanacek is about to show the world she can survive in some of the world’s harshest conditions. As a contestant on the survivalist documentary series ‘Alone‘, Megan agreed to spend up to a year in the wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina, equipped with only her wits, limited gear, and cameras to self-document her … Read more

BCIT Board Chair wins Pinnacle Award for his leadership and volunteer work

The Pinnacle Award is bestowed by the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). It is awarded to leaders who contribute to their organization and others they volunteer with, as well as the CSAE at both the local and national levels. Jack Davidson is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction … Read more

An astronomical effort—BCIT and a quest to reach the moon

The efforts of Team Plan B, the only Canadian team competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, have been lauded by Maclean’s magazine. The team is lead by Alex Dobrianski and his son Sergei, a graduate of the BCIT Computer Systems Technology program. The charming story speaks of Alex’s dream to reach the moon, a hope that has “spanned five decades, … Read more

Computing in the Cloud—a lofty new option at BCIT

BCIT Computing has taken to the skies, launching a new Cloud Computing Option in the Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma Program. Cloud curriculum was first introduced at BCIT a few years ago, but now students entering their second diploma year will have the opportunity to study these skills – for which demand is exploding – … Read more

BCIT proves itself a leader in clean energy

Amid an increased demand for renewable energy and sustainable development, the 14th annual Generate conference, hosted by Clean Energy BC, took place last week. The three-day conference offered field trips—including one to the BCIT Burnaby Campus. The group of energy consultants and experts started at the Energy OASIS, part of the BCIT Smart Microgrid. The tour … Read more

Forensic Nursing in Canada—the BCIT connection

November 7–11 is International Forensic Nursing week—a time to recognize the people who take care of others while they are at their most vulnerable. Forensic nurses help meet the physical, emotional, and legal needs of victims of violence. Critically, they also ensure that forensic evidence is properly collected and will offer to testify in court. … Read more

BCIT named to the top 5 of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges

BCIT has once again earned the #5 spot on the list of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges. This, according to Research Infosource Inc, which released its annual list this morning. The list ranks colleges according to research income—all funds that support applied and scholarly research from all sources. BCIT has maintained first place in British Columbia and fifth place … Read more