BCIT students win big across categories at 2024 Skills Canada BC Competition

Congratulations to all BCIT students who participated in the 2024 Skills Canada British Columbia (SCBC) competition. Students from the Schools of Construction and the Environment, Energy, and Transportation competed against post-secondary students from across BC and successfully placed in the top three across 10 major categories. Competing BCIT students took home 22 medals, including seven gold, eight silver, and seven bronze metals.  

The annual Skills Canada British Columbia competition provides an opportunity for students studying a skilled trades or technology in BC to put their skills to the test against their peers. This year, over 600 competitors competed in 56 trades and technology. Gold medal winners in their competing category will proceed onto the Skills Canada National competition. 

Trades professionals are the foundation for building the future of BC and they are in-demand now more than ever. As the largest trades training provider in Western Canada, BCIT is proud of the exceptional achievements from all participating students this year. The success of all medal recipients is a testament to the solid hands-on skills and knowledge that BCIT students have acquired through their rigorous training and dedicated practice.  

“It was thanks to my time at BCIT that I was able to succeed in the post-secondary level. Using the knowledge that was learned in my courses, and through the encouragement and support of my peers, I felt ready on the day of the competition,” shared Ayden Meinhardt, BCIT student and Gold medal winner in the Electronics category. “I like to think it was because of this, that I was able to place gold this year and earn a spot in the nationals in Quebec, representing both BC and BCIT.”

Matthew Simpson, Gold medal winner, Cabinetmaking
BCIT student Matthew Simpson is Gold medal winner in the Cabinetmaking category.

Matthew Simpson, BCIT Gold medal winner for Cabinetmaking, also recognized the support from BCIT in helping him succeed in the competition.

“The staff and instructors at BCIT have really shown me that I can do what I do,” added Matthew. “Bill Nash, Department Head, BCIT Cabinetmaker (Joinery), reassured me that it’s just another day to give it my best – and it turns out I came home with Gold. That was the winner for me”

BCIT student Xiaowei Lu, who won Gold in CNC Machining,  attributed the hands-on experience that she acquired during her time in the shop to be valuable in preparing her for the competition. “At BCIT, each student will run their own CNC machine with their own program, so I am able to learn by doing, as well as from my own mistakes,” explained Xiaowei.

For students who are considering to participate in future Skills Canada BC competitions, Matthew shared, “Just go for it. Things like this can seem so scary and intimidating, but once you are there, you realize that you are meant to be there. If you put yourself forward with everything you do and give your best at what you can do that’s all that matters.”

Ayden shared similar sentiments and said, “Overall, Skills Canada has always been an amazing experience and I would always recommend it to anyone else who has a shared passion.”

Congratulations to all BCIT students who competed in this year’s Skills Canada British Columbia competition!  

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Winning list of BCIT students at 2024 Skills Canada BC Competition 


Gold, Elliot Pierce, School of Transportation 

Silver, Dawson Sela, School of Transportation 

Bronze, Liam Schenk, School of Transportation

Automation and Control (Electrical)

Gold, Eric Wu, School of Construction and the Environment 

Silver, Abdullah Al-Zudjali, School of Construction and the Environment 

Bronze, Mark McSween, School of Construction and the Environment 

Cabinetmaking (Joinery)

Gold, Matthew Simpson, School of Construction and the Environment 

Silver, Shiori Ito, School of Construction and the Environment 

Bronze, Andrew Adams, School of Construction and the Environment 

CNC Machining

Gold, Xiaowei Lu, School of Energy 

Silver, Tin Nguyen, School of Energy 

Bronze, Melad Lazas 


Gold, Ayden Meinhardt, School of Energy 

Bronze, Duy Hung Ha, School of Energy 

Heavy Vehicle

Silver, Hannah Larocque, School of Transportation 


Silver, Stuart Brendan Klein and Ashkan Taheri, School of Energy 

Precision Machining

Gold, Gregory (Jesse) Adams, School of Energy 

Silver, Kiran Rochon-Woitzik, School of Energy 

Bronze, John Bogusz, School of Energy 

Sheet Metal

Gold, Samuel Gasser, School of Construction and the Environment 

Bronze, Brandon Vangool, School of Construction and the Environment 


Silver, Brody Clark, School of Construction and the Environment

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