Facing Time

When you are talking to others, have you carefully observed their expressions and face? The face can tell us a lot about this person, and his mood, state are revealed in the details. From smiling to laughing, fear or sadness, people’s moods will be expressed through expression. The face is a good way to express ourselves or read others. Due to COVID-19, our lifestyle is changed a lot. During this pandemic, we stay at home for six months, so most of us communicate with others on social media or virtual network. 

When we use words to message to express inner thoughts, this is incomplete. People could not get our feeling exactly. Or when we go out, we use masks to cover most of our faces, leaving only our eyes to communicate with others. This is a hard way to express ourselves either. 

Although the pandemic has reduced the time we spend with friends and prevented us from touching many real faces. But now it’s a good chance because there is a portrait exhibition, which is a good time for you to come into contact with personal portraits. In this non-traditional portrait exhibition, you will see kids’ drawings, photos of baseball players and sketches of old people and so on. Facing Time will show to us from January 23, 2021, to March 27, 2012. I am looking forward to meeting you at Surrey Art Gallery next year! And the most important thing is this exhibition is free!!! 

Yes, I know, you can’t wait to know how to visit it! Because of the COVID-19, please pre-book the exhibition of Facing Time by emailing artgallery@surrey.ca or calling us at 604-501-5566, press 1. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

A Lens on Vancouver’s Past-Walter Frost’s Holland America Line

100 years ago, the first Holland-America Line(HAL) ship arrived at the port of Vancouver. In order to commemorate this century of ship development, the VMM held a photographic exhibition of ships. The entire photography exhibition consists of ten groups of photos, telling the story of HAL ships taken by Walter Frost. Walter Frost is a native of Vancouver. Since he bought the first Kodak camera after World War 1, he has been obsessed with documenting his hometown, and his favourite subjects are ships, docks, and railway scenes.

The photographs have been selected by Floris Van Weelderen. Floris’s father worked on the Holland-American line boat. To explore the story of his father’s life on the ship, he never gave up collecting information and pictures on the ship. The effort paid off. He found this precious set of photos in Vancouver Archives, which was taken by amateur photographer Walter Edwin Frost. Walter took more than 13,000 photos to record the industrial activities in Vancouver in the early 20th century. The ten pictures selected for this exhibition chose from thousands of photos taken by Walter Edwin Frost, representing the changes in naval architecture and design of this route. At the same time, this exhibition will also display a model of a Diemerdyk by Walter Frost, and HAL ephemera from the VMM collection. Looking back, humans have gone from learning to use tools to building boats out of wood with the bare hand. And now it is no surprise that large ships are docked off the coast of Vancouver. This is the development of human society.

If you want to learn more information about the HAL line or this exhibition, please visit https://vanmaritime.com/. Also, this exhibit presents from December 3, 2020, to February 21, 2021. Don’t miss it!


Art at Home

At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 had a great impact on our lives. We have gone through home quarantine for up to six months, and we strictly abide by health guidelines to wear masks in public and to maintain a safe social distance. I know that is not a good experience, but to let everyone could spend Christmas happily and warmly even during the epidemic, The Vancouver Art Gallery has launched an activity- Art at Home. It aims to use your unique and rich creativity to encourage you to explore and create with your family at home. I believe art has the power to bring us together. Imagine that, in your free time, creating a painting with your parents and family which must be the best day. 

You can not only show us your painting or work but also tell us your interesting stories and share the beautiful story that art brings to you. Also, I have many different forms of participation. 

On specific Wednesdays, we have another program about Art at Home, Family Planning Coordinator Christina Jones will share stories about the incredible lives of artists and their artistic methods at the Live Art at the Home conference on zoom. He will show us the power of storytelling through art. Also, when you discover new activities you can try with your family, and share with us!

If you want to share your creations with us please tag The Vancouver Art Gallary and Art at Home on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Then we can find your work. There are many different themes for the activity. If you want to learn more information, Please visit https://www.vanartgallery.bc.ca/. Or if you have some questions, please feel free to contact us. I am looking forward to your creation! 

Where do we go from here?

Have you even consider where do we go from here? What role do humans play in the world? This work uses critical expression techniques to describe the evolution and stories of human roles in our past, present and future. This work encourages us to rethink the human understanding of the individual, local and national history while guiding us to think about the understanding of art, culture and social progress. The exhibition aims to make people think about and challenge the colonial knowledge system.

Do you remember the black shootings this summer? At that time people statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. I still remember that many people didn’t take the threat of the COVID-19 and went out for the large-scale demonstrations. At that time, What I realize is people come together to face and refuse the issue of racial discrimination. 

Where do we go from here? Provide a bridge for the medium through products, allowing everyone to think across time, land and space. This exhibition is mainly from the permanent collection, highlighting the collection focus of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the past two years. Also,Where do we go from here is contemporary works by artists from all over the world. 

If you want to learn more details, please visit vanartgallery.bc.ca. Also, the exhibition will present at the Vancouver Art Gallery from December 12, 2020, to May 30, 2021. The address of the Vancouver Art Gallery is 750 Hornby Street Vancouver. Looking forward to meeting you. 


This is the first annual MESH Award winners exhibition organized by Foto Filmic. MESH invited artists from all over the world to participate in a unique judging contest. Its purpose is to foster discussions on emerging contemporary photography and other visual art disciplines. 

Izabella Provan uses the camera to abstract and natural depict the people and things in the world in her eyes. According to the website introduction, Izabella Provan is a photographer living in Portland. And now she works as the Media Technician for the Main College of Art. At that time she invites us to explore her mysterious events with fresh and charming black and white scenes. Her work has a sense of mystery and encourages the audience to roam in her work under her beautiful form and uncertainty. She is paired with the artist Gregory Kaplowitz. George’s photography style is in sharp contrast with him. His works are tactile and passionate. He uses red shadows and abstractions to express his resonance with the world. Their works jointly create a dialogue between image and form, expression and abstraction, colour and absence. 

I know you must not wait to explore this mysterious ocean like me. Also, I believe there must be novel things waiting for us to discover. This exhibition was organized by Rebecca Morse. If you want to know more information, please visit https://thepolygon.ca/. Also, MESH presents from December 4, 2020, to January 10, 2021. If you want to visit the Polygon Gallery, Please check the opening schedule online first. Due to the COVID-19, the Polygon Gallery only opens on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to Sunday, Please pay attention to the time. The address of the Polygon Gallery is 101 Carrie Cates Court, North Van. Hope we can meet at Polygon. 


A Seat at the Table

The Vancouver Museum and the University of British Columbia only launched an exhibition with Chinese characteristics–A Seat at the Table The story describes the historical story of Chinese Canadians living in BC and their current situation. It vividly shows their efforts to have a sense of belonging. The exhibits use food and restaurant culture as the starting point to describe the immigration experience of Chinese Canadians and show that the diversity and advantages brought by immigration development. 

When it comes to Chinese immigration, I think it will cause a heated discussion. Some people think that the introduction of a large number of foreigners affects the characteristics and cultural heritage of the country. However, some others think

Because of the large number of immigrants in BC, the city’s economy and development have been effectively developed. So what is your opinion? 

Do you know anything about the history and stories of Chinese Canadian? If you are interested in them, It is a good way to visit the A Seat at the Table exhibition. Through the description of restaurants, food and the expression of various details, you will find the impact of racial discrimination on Chinese Canadians, but this exhibit also tells us from many different angles their contributions to resistance, organization and efforts to seek justice. 

If you are interested to learn about the story of the group of Chinese Canadians, it is a time to come to the Museum of Vancouver to visit it. Also, if you have some questions or want to know more details, please visit museumofvancouver.caThis exhibition presents from November 19, 2020, to January 2022. I look forward to meeting you at the Museum of Vancouver. 

Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience

This story will take you to 150 years ago in Canada to experience a different journey. Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience is a story about aboriginal people created by Kent Monkman, who strives to challenge and crush the colonial ideas in Canadian history.

According to Monkman’s personal biography, Kent Monkman is a Canadian visual artist, known for his provocations on Western European and American art history. In Munckman’s paintings and films, he constantly explores colonization, sex, loss and resilience. Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience tells the story of the most devastating period for the First Nations in the past 150 years. They signed digital treaties, followed the reserve system, and experienced residential school genocide policies. This is mass imprisonment, a kind of urban squalor. He uses his exquisite painting techniques to describe his dissatisfaction and criticism of Canada’s past and current colonial policies.

There are nearly 80 exhibits in this exhibition, and travelling exhibitions have been carried out in nine cities across the country. Now, this exhibition is in the Museum of Anthropology, if you want to have a different journey, Please book tickets now. In my mind, you must be very interested in the history and experience of the indigenous people and have your own views. Let us explore the complexity of the history of indigenous people together to learn more stories we don’t know.

Due to the COVID-19, All people who want to visit the museum need to pre-purchase tickets. Also, After entering the museum, you are required to wear the mask. The exhibition presents from August 6, 2020, to January 3, 2021. Check it out this Christmas holiday. That will be an amazing experience.

Cheap! Diligent! Faithful!

Have you seriously considered the issue of labour? When I came to Canada from China, I felt a lot of cultural differences and gaps. What impressed me the most was the Chinese delivery industries, they were really fast. When I was confused, my friend told me that it was because of the large population of China, which caused fierce competition in the industry and made labour very cheap. Since then I have seriously considered the value of labour, and what is the standard for measuring the value of labour. However, Cheap! Diligent! Faithful! also makes people think about the same question. 

Cheap!Diligent!Faithful! Was created by Vancouver print artist Marlene Yuen’s through many years of exploration and thinking about the history of Chinese Canadian labourers. Marlene Yuen’s work is not only expressed in paper form, she also displays his rigorous and meticulous craftsmanship on the wall. Her exhibitions fully demonstrated the history of Chinese Canadian workers that have been known and ignored by everyone, which can unconsciously arouse people’s thinking. She used her ingenious production ability to depict the trivialities and details of their life experiences, and she expresses the complexity of immigration and labour through her works.

Of course, the most important thing to understand a person’s work is to know about the person. According to her personal profile, Marlene Yuen is a multidisciplinary artist. She produced her exhibitions in many countries. Her current focus is on her handmade books. In addition to her current focus on protecting the Chinese labour force, her latest book is exploring the last printing shop in Vancouver. If you want to learn more about Yuen’s information or her exhibits, please visit grunt.caThis exhibit displays in the Grunt Gallery until December 12, 2020. If you are interested, please come and visit now.


Memorial for the lost pages

Do you know Madiha Aijaz? She was a filmmaker and photographer living in Karachi, Pakistan. Her work had always been as complicated and real as the environment in which she lived. She tried to use a visual effect rooted in the secular visual effect to express her views and solve the problems of language, identity, and colonial heritage.

Memorial for the lost pages shows the video and photos she took in Canada for the first time. It is a set of static and dynamic works created shortly before her death in 2019. Her pictures consider and express the issue of privacy and happiness. And she often studies those public spaces that seem unrelated to contemporary life, but these spaces continue to exist due to tenaciousness or accident. According to IFFR, her work uses the library of the former Theological Association in Karachi. Also, she completed the work with the short essay “These Silences Are All the Words”

To me, her work seems to have some mysterious power, which makes me want to explore. Do you have the same feeling as me? If so, please don’t hesitate, you can go to the website to make an appointment to visit now. Also, if you want to know more information and details about Madiha, please visit, contemporaryartgallery.caMemorial for the lost pages is now on display in the Contemporary Art Gallery. At the same time, there are also exhibits by Julian Yi-Jong and Althea Thauberger shows in the Contemporary Art Gallery, Just want to remind you don’t miss it. And the address of the Contemporary Art Gallery is 555 Nelson St.






An Immersive Christmas Carol

The last month of 2020 has arrived, are you ready for Christmas? We have experienced a lot during this year, like COVID-19, the wildfires, and the death of Kobe. It seems that all the bad things happened this year. Fortunately, this year will pass, and Santa Claus also will arrive with gifts and blessings on time. Are you ready to celebrate Christmas? 

Let me tell you a piece of good news. Roedde House will start an Immersive Christmas Carol to celebrate Christmas from December 8, 2020. This will be a perfect experience full of visual and auditory effects. According to Wikipedia, A Christmas Carol is a novel by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of an elderly miser Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by the spirits of Christmas and the ghosts of his former colleagues at Christmas. After they visited, Ebenezer Scrooge became a very kind and easy-going person. At Roedde House. You will feel the clinking, the appearance of ghosts like the real thing, immersing you in his story as if the story happens before your eyes. Let Ebenezer take you into the world of the miser. 

Can you wait to know how to watch it? Due to the pandemic, if you want to watch it, please book the tickets online https://www.myzonetickets.com/e/204360/an-immersive-christmas-carol-tour. Also, Before you go to the museum to watch it, please make sure you are healthy, and you are required to wear a mask all the time. The movie starts at 5 pm every night, please arrive on time, by the way, the whole time of the movie is 4 hours long. If you want to know more information, please check https://roeddehouse.org/website/index.php/en/featured-events/christmas-carol. 

Don’t miss this interesting story, it will turn this beloved Christmas story into reality!