An Immersive Christmas Carol

The last month of 2020 has arrived, are you ready for Christmas? We have experienced a lot during this year, like COVID-19, the wildfires, and the death of Kobe. It seems that all the bad things happened this year. Fortunately, this year will pass, and Santa Claus also will arrive with gifts and blessings on time. Are you ready to celebrate Christmas? 

Let me tell you a piece of good news. Roedde House will start an Immersive Christmas Carol to celebrate Christmas from December 8, 2020. This will be a perfect experience full of visual and auditory effects. According to Wikipedia, A Christmas Carol is a novel by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of an elderly miser Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by the spirits of Christmas and the ghosts of his former colleagues at Christmas. After they visited, Ebenezer Scrooge became a very kind and easy-going person. At Roedde House. You will feel the clinking, the appearance of ghosts like the real thing, immersing you in his story as if the story happens before your eyes. Let Ebenezer take you into the world of the miser. 

Can you wait to know how to watch it? Due to the pandemic, if you want to watch it, please book the tickets online Also, Before you go to the museum to watch it, please make sure you are healthy, and you are required to wear a mask all the time. The movie starts at 5 pm every night, please arrive on time, by the way, the whole time of the movie is 4 hours long. If you want to know more information, please check 

Don’t miss this interesting story, it will turn this beloved Christmas story into reality!

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