Memorial for the lost pages

Do you know Madiha Aijaz? She was a filmmaker and photographer living in Karachi, Pakistan. Her work had always been as complicated and real as the environment in which she lived. She tried to use a visual effect rooted in the secular visual effect to express her views and solve the problems of language, identity, and colonial heritage.

Memorial for the lost pages shows the video and photos she took in Canada for the first time. It is a set of static and dynamic works created shortly before her death in 2019. Her pictures consider and express the issue of privacy and happiness. And she often studies those public spaces that seem unrelated to contemporary life, but these spaces continue to exist due to tenaciousness or accident. According to IFFR, her work uses the library of the former Theological Association in Karachi. Also, she completed the work with the short essay “These Silences Are All the Words”

To me, her work seems to have some mysterious power, which makes me want to explore. Do you have the same feeling as me? If so, please don’t hesitate, you can go to the website to make an appointment to visit now. Also, if you want to know more information and details about Madiha, please visit, contemporaryartgallery.caMemorial for the lost pages is now on display in the Contemporary Art Gallery. At the same time, there are also exhibits by Julian Yi-Jong and Althea Thauberger shows in the Contemporary Art Gallery, Just want to remind you don’t miss it. And the address of the Contemporary Art Gallery is 555 Nelson St.






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