A Seat at the Table

The Vancouver Museum and the University of British Columbia only launched an exhibition with Chinese characteristics–A Seat at the Table The story describes the historical story of Chinese Canadians living in BC and their current situation. It vividly shows their efforts to have a sense of belonging. The exhibits use food and restaurant culture as the starting point to describe the immigration experience of Chinese Canadians and show that the diversity and advantages brought by immigration development. 

When it comes to Chinese immigration, I think it will cause a heated discussion. Some people think that the introduction of a large number of foreigners affects the characteristics and cultural heritage of the country. However, some others think

Because of the large number of immigrants in BC, the city’s economy and development have been effectively developed. So what is your opinion? 

Do you know anything about the history and stories of Chinese Canadian? If you are interested in them, It is a good way to visit the A Seat at the Table exhibition. Through the description of restaurants, food and the expression of various details, you will find the impact of racial discrimination on Chinese Canadians, but this exhibit also tells us from many different angles their contributions to resistance, organization and efforts to seek justice. 

If you are interested to learn about the story of the group of Chinese Canadians, it is a time to come to the Museum of Vancouver to visit it. Also, if you have some questions or want to know more details, please visit museumofvancouver.caThis exhibition presents from November 19, 2020, to January 2022. I look forward to meeting you at the Museum of Vancouver. 

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