Beyond The Sidelines: Josh Goodman

Hi, I’m Ethan Allin, your host of Beyond The Sidelines, and today we had a conversation with Josh Goodman about Soccer. Together we talked about how the game has impacted his life, where the culture is today, and what his message is to youth wanting to join at all levels of soccer.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever played an organized sport. What experiences have you had while playing? Are they good, bad, or indifferent? We want to know. Once again, please check out this wonderful conversation with Josh, enjoy!


You Can’t Fake Fame



Oh hey, you’re back for more. Perfect, because I have just the right song for you. Dear Rouge is at it again with another incredible song as they roll along in 2021. “Fake Fame” is their latest song released on September 10th, 2021 leaving fans wondering when their third studio album will be released after rumors of a potential album swirled in the spring of 2021.

“Fake Fame” is an energetic song of fast drum beats and chunky guitar riffs. If this is a sign to come then we are going to get one incredible record from this group. The release of new music from the band has been anticipated for quite some time now seeing they haven’t put out a full LP since PHASES (Deluxe) in 2018 and their debut album Black To Gold in 2015.

Even though we haven’t heard from them in some time, sadly, their latest single debuted on the Canadian Alternative Rock Charts at #26. This should be a sign of what’s to come for a band that has given us such incredible songs as “Black To Gold” and “Boys & Blondes” this next record should be an instant classic among alternative rock and indie fans.



For the very special people of Kelowna, I have wonderful news for you, and for any other fans of Dear Rouge throughout British Columbia. The band is set to hit the stage playing the Denim On The Diamond Music Festival at Kings Stadium on October 2nd, 2021 at 7:00 pm. This is a must-see if you’re in the area as general admission tickets to the event are 69$. Not only will you get to see them but also other incredible acts like Hunter Brothers and Yukon Blonde.

Make sure to follow Dear Rouge on their social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. If you have the chance to catch them live then you’ll be in for a treat, and maybe some of the first to hear “Fake Fame” live.

Let’s Bend Time Together



Do you ever get the feeling that you need to see music live? There is something so almost therapeutic about being in a crowd of people all living the fullest even if that’s for only 2 hours. The more we wallow ourselves through this damn pandemic I’m left with the thought of “when the world goes back to normal I’ll finally see them live.

Right now, I’m having that feeling while listening to Bend Sinister, a Vancouver-based rock band with hits like “Heard It All Before”, “Walk The Other Way”, and “1997” if there is any band I want to see right now it’s them. What’s you’re favorite venue in Vancouver. In my opinion, it’s hands down the Commodore Ballroom, and how amazing would it be to see Bend Sinister play that stage.

It won’t take you long to listen through the discography set out by Bend Sinister to understand my allure to this particular group. I assure you anytime the next time they play somewhere in British Columbia you’ll find me heading down highway 1 in some direction to see them live. A record shows you only so much of what a brand has to offer, seeing them live can change your entire perspective on who you’re seeing.



Their songs give me anthem vibes, while I daydream of bouncing along to their guitar riffs and killer pace. Since their last LP release of “Foolish Games” in 2018 we have seen the band drop three singles in 2020. Their latest EP “Why Can’t We Be Happy” was released on October 2nd, 2020 which makes me hope, pray and wish that in 2021 we see this group once again grace a stage in British Columbia while giving us much more to dance and groove to.

If you are as ready as I am to experience live music again on a regular make sure you follow Bend Sinister on all their social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The end is near or at least I hope it is, till then let’s continue to support local music.

Limited Edition Vinyl, Enough Said.


Twitter/TheNewPornographers Photo credit: Jess Jones

Finding new music in today’s age can sometimes come easy, but what you don’t see as often are bands that have the ability to last a long time within the industry. Canadians and Vancouverites have always been the first to support local music, and The New Pornographers know everything about that.

Set to release the 21st-anniversary record of their debut album, Mass Romanticon December 10th, 2021 the band will accompany this with a limited red vinyl LP with rare B sides to keep alternative rock fans busy this winter.


Twitter/The New Pornographers

Set to embark on a new tour on November 29th, 2021 the band looks to keep the good times rolling as they continue to bring not only Canadians but much of North America their incredible collective sound. For twenty-one years now this band has brought us incredible music at almost every legendary venue in Vancouver.

Their ability to adapt while staying true to themselves is what has made so many people fall in love with their style and live shows. Playing the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on December 10th, 2021 fans within British Columbia will be given another chance to catch this incredible band. It may not be the mosh pit of other rockers we’ve seen grace the many stages in this province. But what I can assure you is they will give you a night to remember.



As all of this has been going on and with much anticipation from fans, the band has also received some recognition themselves. Their song “Moves” has been awarded #99 in RollingStones’ 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time. This comes after RollingStones‘ controversial release of their updated list for Top 500 Songs of All Time. But what’s clear is not only is that a fantastic song from a great Canadian band, but also the video is top-notch.

Make sure you follow the band on their social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Also don’t miss them live in Vancouver on December 12th.



Strange Is The New Cool



Vancouver has had a history of shining its light on some incredible talents across many different genres. While doing so many generations have been able to come across artists that speak to them, as the city and our country become more inclusive to all people. In our sector, there is a new band on campus, and they call themselves Strange Breed.

Nicolle Bell-Dupas (Vocals/Guitar), Terra Chaplin (Lead Guitar), Megan Bell-Dupas (Drums), and Jess Dubois (Bass) have formed the Vancouver based 4-piece to allow us the pleasure of releasing some pent up frustration many of us have held onto for the past year and a bit. This “no-holds-barred” of a band is ready to blow your eardrums in the most perfect way possible. While taking inspiration from 90’s femme-rock, Strange Breed is here to deliver a new wave of dominant alternative rock music.



The self-described “all queer, all-female alternative rock band based out of Vancouver, BC.” is here to deliver some in-your-face alternative rock music that’s felt like it’s been missing in the past few years. After their debut album Permanence. in 2019 they have been able to keep the momentum going in 2020-2021 with a few singles called “Reputation” and “Tethers“.



With their latest single “So Blind” having been released on August 6th, 2021 the band looks to be on its way upwards within the Vancouver music scene. With 149,555 streams so far on Spotify, this local western-Canadian band is ready to make its mark on a generation that has lacked in raw, female alternative rock bands.

This is the exact type of music we need right now as we attempt to come out of what’s been such an up and down year. For some, this will fill the exact void that was missing, and for others a new take on classic sounds. Check them out on all major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and definitely YouTube.

Come Back To Life This November


Twitter/TheZolas – Come Back To Life (Deluxe Edition)

The Zolas look to be hitting the road again this fall to show the rest of Canada what one of Vancouver’s best indie bands has to offer. After a slew of singles released in 2020, The Zolas have kept their forward momentum to allow us the privilege of hearing more from the bands that have had us bobbing and weaving since the release of Ancient Mars

Set for a Canadian-wide tour, Zachary Gray, Tom Dobrzanski, Cody Hiles, Dwight Abell, and Tom Heuckendorff look to show everyone across the country what has made them such a fixture within British Columbia. Starting Thursday, November 4th the band embarks on their “Come Back To Life” tour in Montreal, Canada for the entire month wrapping up in Victoria on Saturday 27th, 2021



After releasing “Come Back To Life (Deluxe Edition” on July 16th, 2021 The Zolas have taken the summer to prepare for what will be an incredible country-wide tour. With lead songs “Energy Czar“, “Come Back To Life“, “I Feel the Translation” they also have given us some hidden gems like “Another Dimension ft. Candace Weapon“. Fans across the country should prepare for incredible nights of music.

Us out west, living in beautiful British Columbia have been given many chances to catch this incredible indie band, but that hasn’t stopped their fandom from rising. Expect tickets to be in hot demand for their upcoming show in Vancouver. For fans across the country be prepared for an evening of intimacy, dancing, fun, and excitement as top hits “Swooner“, “Ancient Mars“, and “Molotov Girls” radiate through theatres across Canada.

Make sure to follow the band on all social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as you can always listen on Spotify and Apple Music and check out their song above “Yung Dicaprio”.

Fall Into The Deep End October 22nd


Twitter/The Long War

As fun as it is to listen to the classics, and all the bands that made music what it is today, I still find the best times are finding new music. Well, if you’re like me, also looking for new music then The Long War has music that any indie, alternative, and rock fan should enjoy. Formed in 2016, this five-piece band hasn’t stopped their forward momentum since winning the 2017 CBC Searchlight Contest.

Chad Gilmour (guitar/vocals), Jess Lee (keyboards/vocals), Neil Williamson (drums), and Jonny Battistuzzi (bass) make up this Vancouver-based five-piece to bring us tantalizing new music. On August 20th, 2020 The Long War released their new single “Deeper Blue” off their forthcoming album Under a Heavy Sky. 

If you love harmonies then this is the band and song for you. “Deeper Blue” strips the band down to the core as the black and white album allows us to see and hear the true parts of the band that make them so intriguing. Once you watch them you can only imagine how great they would be live in one of Vancouver’s incredible venues.

If you’re wanting to catch the band live then October 22nd is the night for you. Playing The Fox Cabaret on a Friday night in Vancouver will be the perfect evening to find your way into an incredible show downtown. You won’t just be seeing them that night as they are bringing special guests Morning Show and Wesley Attew.



You can find content on all major streaming sites for The Long War like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Make sure to listen in the car on Spotify and Apple Music as well. Allow yourself to be swept away by this band on October 22nd while they wait to show you a great time.





Whose Ready For Some Good Times?


Twitter/Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde is at it again delivering us another batch of new songs, unexpectedly so. Back on November 13th, 2020 the band released Vindicator” with lead tracks “Get Precious“, “Good Times“, and “YYGT” as an eleven-song album with the intention of getting you hooked. Their use of piano and harmonies at times will keep you in a more wonderful trance while you strut your stuff throughout the day.

Flashforward to 2021, this week exactly, as Yukon Blonde is at it once again. The Kelowna natives Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, Graham Jones, James Younger, and Rebecca Gray have just released “Vindicator Deluxe Edition” which adds five new songs to the album. “Let Your Body Move” keeps you grooving with synth, echoing vocals, and a beat that wil keep you moving


Twitter/YukonBlonde Vindicator album cover


They have accompanied the rest of the album with “Let Your Body Move“, “Come Over To Mine“, “Birthday” “Beat The Pressure” and a remix of their lead song “Get Precious” from Jay Why. Not only are the original songs of this album great but then they take a step out of their niche and bring in this remix by Jay Why which will take you a second to hear the original.

As most of us are still making our way through these crazy times it’s nice to find something new to delve into while attempting to take our minds off the ivnetible. Yukon Blonde continues to deliver album after album of catchy tunes that are honestly underrated within the indie rock scene. That won’t stop our love and appreciation for this band that doesn’t stop, thankfully for the rest of us.

Make sure you check out the band’s social accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and especially their Youtube. The deluxe version of “Vindicator” is available on all streaming services.


Sweet New Music Is Here



It’s never a bad time to hear that one of our favorite Vancouver indie rock bands releases new music. This is even better when it’s a song that will radiate through you in the most perfect way possible. Said The Whale released their new track entitled “Sweetheart” on Thursday, Sept 23rd. Earlier this week they teased us by only given a very brief, twelve-second clip, we are left wondering what the echoing vocals and quick changes in pitch will produce in a whole song.

Now after releasing 2 studio albums Islands Disappear and Honey Lungs in 2019, they are back for more as “Sweetheart” is here. As the symphony is the background starts as vocalist Ben Worcester begins the song with the line “Sweethearts ain’t nothing” while the music begins to build into a real catchy song.



Don’t let the first bit of the song fool you, once again Said The Whale has found a way to blend the artistic and musical traits together to create a soon-to-be sing-along song. The work for this band hasn’t stopped there. From merch collabs with Vancouver-based skateboard company Landyachtz, STW has found a way to not only entice their fanbase with groovy tunes but some slick-looking merch as well.



If you thought this band couldn’t offer us anymore just wait, On October 22nd the band sets to release their 7th studio album called DandelionOn their social media accounts, it looks to be released with the same photo used for their latest song “Sweetheart” that has been accompanied by five others on what looks to be an EP release. With a combined 573,283 plays so far on just Spotify alone their full album looks set to be a success.

A quick listen to the most popular song so far of the songs paired with “Sweetheart” is another instantly catchy song called “Honey Lungs”. It’s no question after hearing this tune for two seconds that you can see why it would be popular with the current generations. Driving, dancing, or even the last few beach nights, this song will pair well with most current events. Image

Have you ever indulged yourself in Said The Whale? Yes, well then you’re going to be more than pleased with their new music. If you answered no, then it’s time you look up this wonderful Vancouver-based band or even catch them as they bless us once again with great art again from March 24-26th 2022 in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

A Year To Remember, Or At Least For One Vancouver Band



Currently, one Vancouver-based indie band has taken this break from reality to continue its steady trajectory upward in the mainstream music scene. Peach Pit has been blessing us with their rhythmic use of chords progressions and catchy vocal effects all while also producing a sound that is so intriguing. The pandemic hasn’t slowed them down one bit. Since the release of their breakthrough debut EP, Sweet FA, in 2016 Peach Pit hasn’t looked back.

In 2021 they have already been nominated at the 2021 Juno Awards for breakthrough artist of the year. Even though they did not win that award it shows what their hard work and dedication have done for them. This weekend, Firefly Music Festival, is taking place in Dover, Deleware from Sept. 23rd to 26th. This is one of the most sought-after musical events in North America.

With headling artists Billie Eilish, The Killers, Tame Impala, and Lizzo, Firefly intends to put on a show to remember at a time when people are clamoring to experience live music once again. What was the last live concert you attended? Doesn’t it feel like forever ago? Being whisked away in a crowd of singing and dancing fans all vibing to your favorite artists.

Well, this weekend our friends out east will have the pleasure of hearing Peach Pit play the “Wonder” stage Friday, Sept 24th from 4:15-5:00. Other notable names that day are Wiz Khalifa, Cage The Elephant, Rezz, and Judah & The Lion put them with some incredible company. As all of this is happening this groovy band isn’t done yet.

On October 1st, 2021 Peach Pit plans to release a new song called Up Granvill. Now, this one already has infectious vibes from their thirty-second video release on YouTube. As we watch what looks to be cardboard cutouts of the band members we’re left to wonder what the symbolism of that might be. But if it’s anything like what they’ve given us before we should be all in for a good time.