Come Back To Life This November


Twitter/TheZolas – Come Back To Life (Deluxe Edition)

The Zolas look to be hitting the road again this fall to show the rest of Canada what one of Vancouver’s best indie bands has to offer. After a slew of singles released in 2020, The Zolas have kept their forward momentum to allow us the privilege of hearing more from the bands that have had us bobbing and weaving since the release of Ancient Mars

Set for a Canadian-wide tour, Zachary Gray, Tom Dobrzanski, Cody Hiles, Dwight Abell, and Tom Heuckendorff look to show everyone across the country what has made them such a fixture within British Columbia. Starting Thursday, November 4th the band embarks on their “Come Back To Life” tour in Montreal, Canada for the entire month wrapping up in Victoria on Saturday 27th, 2021



After releasing “Come Back To Life (Deluxe Edition” on July 16th, 2021 The Zolas have taken the summer to prepare for what will be an incredible country-wide tour. With lead songs “Energy Czar“, “Come Back To Life“, “I Feel the Translation” they also have given us some hidden gems like “Another Dimension ft. Candace Weapon“. Fans across the country should prepare for incredible nights of music.

Us out west, living in beautiful British Columbia have been given many chances to catch this incredible indie band, but that hasn’t stopped their fandom from rising. Expect tickets to be in hot demand for their upcoming show in Vancouver. For fans across the country be prepared for an evening of intimacy, dancing, fun, and excitement as top hits “Swooner“, “Ancient Mars“, and “Molotov Girls” radiate through theatres across Canada.

Make sure to follow the band on all social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as you can always listen on Spotify and Apple Music and check out their song above “Yung Dicaprio”.

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