My Favourite Interview Podcast – An Carson

We never really know where life is going to lead, and today’s guest has taken every twist and turn life has thrown with grace.

Today on the My Favourite Interview Podcast, An Carson came on the show to share her fascinating life story.

An speaks multiple languages, has over ten siblings, and came to Canada at the age of six from China. To hear more of her story take a minute to have a listen.

My Favourite Interview Podcast – Nikhil Sharma

For many of us during the pandemic, we are looking to find creative outlets. Today on the My Favorite Interview podcast, my guest Nikhil Sharma joined me to chat about his musical journey from student to teacher.
He works at one of Canada’s leading schools for audio engineering, with over 50 campuses worldwide. Have fun and take a listen as we dive into what fuels his passion for music. 


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NSMELODIES – Nikhil Sharma/Facebook

Think Good Thoughts Friday


Think Good Thoughts – Isaac Zale/Twitter

Looking for some new beats to vibe to this weekend, I got you covered. Isaac Zale, Vancouver-based artist, producer, and audio engineer drops his much-anticipated album Think Good ThoughtsIn an era where rap, hip-hop, and r&b seem to dominate the airwaves, Zale hits us with exactly what we needed.


Isaac Zale/Twitter

Produced by DaneZabo, who went to Vancouver’s own Nimbus School Of Recording & Media, Think Good Thoughts is a joint album that features rapper Chuuwee. Isaac Zale is coming off the success of his song “Eyelids” (feat. Sylvan LaCue) that has amassed over 1.1 million streams on Spotify. The 8 song album features songs like “Cut So Deep” and “Vitamins” that absolutely smash.

It won’t be long till Isaac Zale is known by the masses, this latest album proves that. Coming off his first album None Of The Keys Fit released in 2022, Zale looks to keep the momentum going in 2021. “Plastic Nation” sheds light on the current world we are living in looking through screens at lives that looker better than our present situation. Young impressionable minds have been constantly shaped by a non-natural way of living, and “Plastic Nation” attempts to show us exactly that.

(Warning Explicit Language Used)

Do you happen to “Live Alone” currently? Well, maybe this song off the album is exactly for you. Maybe this is exactly the time where we should be sitting down and listening to the story artists like Isaac Zale and Chuuwee are trying to tell us. The songs of this album would perfectly fit in any rap playlist you plan on bumping this summer.

Isaac Zale, formerly known as Zac Flewids, is also a member and founder of Burgandy Soul, an art collective and label. Members include Zale, KAYVAN MD, LLEX, and Gavin Mahil. Releasing “Eve” and “Medusa” in 2020 look for new music out of Burgandy Soul in 2021. Make sure you check out Isaaz Zale’s latest album on all major streaming services.

Do You Ever Feel Like A Forgotten Soul?


Mother Mother/Twitter

Doesn’t everyone love getting two new singles on a Friday from one of our favorite Vancouver bands? Well if you do I have two new singles for everyone to hear. Mother Mother released two new songs including “Forgotten Souls” which they accompanied with a new music video released April 29 on their YouTube page.

With the release, they also gave us “Pure Love” sung and co-written by their very own Molly Guldemond on YouTube. With the two newly released songs Mother Mother has given us their EP Forgotten Souls with much anticipation of the full album Inside. Coming off as an incredible year for the band saw many of their songs become incredibly popular on popular app TikTok.

Three weeks after Mother Mother released their music video for the lead single “I Got Love” it has amassed close to 500,000 views since it premiered April 8 on YouTube. “I Got Love” is currently popular on TikTok as it’s been used in over 2200 videos so far. This new world has allowed Mother Mother to continue relevancy in a new market that’s growing exponentially.

Forgotten Souls” is an introspective song about how throughout the pandemic in a way some of us have felt forgotten. The song is made to create thought and make us aware of where we are going and trust the process that is life. “Pure Love” is exactly that. The entire song is to empower self-love in a time where it might not be so easy. The idea is to look around you into the world and see how amazing life truly is. That especially rings true with their song “I Got Love” following the common narrative to find love and create acceptance of whomever you are.

Mother Mothers new album Inside is set to be released June 25 via Warner Music Canada. They also plan to hit the road on a much-anticipated tour in 2022. This would see the band tour for the first time after their booming success on TikTok. Here’s hoping fans in Vancouver can once again see them live sometime soon.

Get Ready To Hoot And Holler May 7th


Hootin Music/Twitter

If you’re looking to support local musicians, find new songs, and ready to jam out then I have the one for you. Vancouver-based artist Hootin is set to release a 12 song album “Exit Conditions” on May 7th. With songs like “Wisdom” and “You Stingy” (Warning! Explicit language) Hootin looks to create a buzz surrounding his new album.

You Stingy gives major Flight of the Conchords vibes with a mix of many instruments to bring you a fun and groovy song to jam to while cruising the town. Fans of Rick and Morty will be given reminiscent memories of “Get Schwifty” as their song propels us into a futuristic world of sick beats and slick bass lines.

I for one will sure be waiting to hear the full version of his song “Wisdom ft. Martha Goddard”, a completely different vibe in the most perfect way, from You Stingy. Hootin takes us on a musical journey through love, passion, and self-exploration as he performs songs like “Disappear”, “Leaking Pen”, and “Old Horrors”. This multi-instrumentalist is set to bring us more new music in 2021.

On their website,, not only will you be accompanied by multiple songs previously released, but also his 30-minute jam sessions. This is where Hootin truly showcases their musical prowess for all to see while playing multiple instruments bringing us into their world of music. Only allow themselves thirty minutes to write and record a new track, something that is not always easy for those of us who also play music.

There are plenty of albums to listen to in 2021 coming out of Vancouver, and Hootin’s upcoming album Exit Conditions is definitely one of them. As the pandemic has hit many artists within the city the time is now to support and elevate the people truly working hard towards their passions. Hootin is a gleaming example of someone producing incredible vibes for all of us to enjoy, so on May 7th make sure to stream the new album on all major streaming services.


Who’s Looking To Get Lit?

The Big Stretch

The Big Stretch – Pennan Brae/Flickr

Has anyone else been sitting around, as the recent nice weather has been upon us in Vancouver, missing those summer road trips blasting music the whole drive? This summer, one Vancouver-based musician has us covered, and we may just have a few more songs to add to our road trip playlists.

Pennan Brae, a Vancouver-based screenwriter, and singer-songwriter, just released his lyrical video for his song “El Camino”, one of three lead singles of his latest album Lit. The 10-song album is heavily influenced by 1970s and 80s rock and roll. The rhythmic guitar, indie-rock vibe, and clever lyrics will make “El Camino” a summer hit.

Lead singles off the album include ‘Passing Fad’, ‘El Camino, and Tearing My Heart In 2’. “Recorded at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver, Canada with producer Kaj Falch-Nielsen, the album follows Pennan’s successful 2 Below 0’ album in 2020 which received airplay on 125 College and AAA Radio Stations in North America.” (

Not only has Pennan been busy writing and producing music, from 2018-20 he released 2 feature films and soundtracks for, The Astronot and 2 Below 0. Both of these films were a part of over 100 film festivals with The Astronot now streaming on Amazon Prime. Pennan has worked with filmmaker Tim Cash on a number of lyrical videos for his YouTube page while Cash also directed his feature film The Astronot. 

The Astronot

The Astronot – Pennan Brae/Flickr

Lit, Pennans 8th studio album, looks to keep the good times rolling in 2021. Brae has won multiple awards over the years for his films and music. After being able to work with legendary drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Eric Clapton, Duran Duran) and bassist Garry Gary Beers (INXS), to then having his album mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Grammy-winner Sean Magee, Brae is setting his sights high in 2021.

Make sure the next time you hit the road you turn on “El Camino”, using all streaming platforms, to be carried away into a nostalgic world of the 70s and 80s rock and roll.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

VPD investigating "serious assault" at Strathcona Park homeless camp

Strathcona Park, Vancouver – Margarita Young/Shutterstock

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or what language you speak, everyone has a story to tell. For one resident of Vancouver’s Strathcona Park encampment, that means finally having the ability to express himself.

Tenshun tha Strest One, a self-described DJ, composer, musician, and singer, has found solitude in the Strathcona neighborhood near the Downtown Eastside. This had led him to release a music video with the help of a local volunteer support worker and activist, Fiona York.

Warning! Explicit language.

Tenshun released “Home Is Where The Heart Is” on April 7, 2021, which is a story of triumph, pain, and love. Trained in classical piano, the 40-year-old has been releasing music for 28 years. Local Vancouver filmmaker, Ryan Sudds, come to the park to help record Tenshun’s video. “You can follow your dreams, you can do whatever you want, which is amazing. But I still find myself stuck in a dreamland” said Tenshun.

Jazzy beats, steady flow, and a relatable story give off Atmosphere vibes from the first beat. It’s incredible what people might think when they hear someone living in the Strathcona Park encampment released a music video, but we should all be impressed. Passion, drive, and a love of music have no limitations. Tenshun sheds light on the fact that everyone has talents, no matter how privileged you may be.

Tenshun Tha Strest One

Tenshun Tha Strest One/Reverb Nation

“Why can’t we all just learn from mistakes before the earth burns up in space.” Words of wisdom from someone who has a very different perspective of the world than most of us. But even if we can’t fully relate, his words through music have deep meaning. Everyone deserves a chance in life to do what they love, no matter where you live, and Tenshun is living proof of that.

Vancouver has been dealing with an abundance of people calling Strathcona Park their home for the better part of a year. As the city council and the B.C. government agreed to end the encampment by April 30th, Vancouver is said to have enough shelter to house approximately 200 residents. Hopefully, this means a safer environment for everyone involved. Once again, this is another classic example of, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Our Favourite Ball Of Earth Is Back

The Zolas // The Indies 2016

The Zolas – The Indies 2016 – Nick Tiringer/Flickr

2021 has thrown many of us for a loop, from the wonderful Tiger King stage to us looking out our windows like Clark Griswold wishing for his swimming pool. Yet through it all, one Vancouver band has given us something to vibe to as we wait out this never-ending pandemic.

The Zolas, known for songs like “Ancient Mars” and “Swoonerrecently released a new single “Let It Scare You” on April 2, 2021. Since their last LP release of Swooner in 2016, The Zolas have gone on to release a slew of singles over the past five years. Don’t allow for the title to “scare” you, this latest release gives off classic Zolas energy.

“Let It Scare You” is The Zolas at their best. It feels as if you’re taking me back in time just a few years ago when the world felt normal, thank you for that. I remember seeing them play of all things an acoustic set a The Vogue. Even stripped down and raw they were making their mark as ones to watch in the Vancouver music scene.

The second single released in 2021 is titled “Another Dimension (feat. Cadence Weapon)” which brings a totally different energy to the band’s repertoire. Teaming up with Alberta-born rapper Cadence Weapon, The Zolas literally throws us for a loop with a heavy hip-hop drum beat and rhythmic guitar expanding their vision of a band. If you’re a fan of artists like Tame Impala or Run the Jewels make sure to check out “Another Dimension” on all streaming platforms.

Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon – Croatoan Design/Flickr

Recently being a part of Surrey’s earth day celebration on April 22nd, The Zolas look to give back in more ways than one. The two-hour Party of the Planet event was made up of various artists and acts. This virtual event is the first time fans have seen one of our favorite Vancouver-born indie rock bands. This is one of many ways local artists are looking to stretch their legs and remember a time of live music.

Just like Clark Griswold, we are all staring out the window right now hoping for something better. At least while doing so, we can have some incredible music to get us through. 2021 may be the time we finally get another LP released by The Zolas, or at least here’s hoping. Make sure to check out Cadence Weapon’s latest album Parallel World set to release this Friday, April 30, 2021.

One Vancouver Music Festival Plans To Head Back Downtown

Westward Music Festival will head back downtown Vancouver from September 8th – 13th, 2021. In an attempt to bring live music back to the city, Westward plans to take over venues like The Vogue, Biltmore Cabaret, Imperial, Fox Cabaret, and more. This seems a bit ambitious as the province of British Columbia struggles to catch up to what is being called a “third wave”. But maybe optimism like this is exactly what we need.

See it’s hard to imagine a post-COVID-19 era yet. Hearing the announcement of a festival like this coming back to Vancouver should ignite my inner love and passion for music, yet sadly I’m left wondering if this is even possible. As Westward “awaits confirmation on COVID-19 Health & Safety guidelines from the BC Provincial Government.” fans can set their sights on an evening in September finally watching live music again downtown.

Notable major music festivals within B.C. that have been postponed until 2022 are Shambala Music Festival, Fvded in the Park, and Vancouver Folk Music Festival, but maybe WestwardFest will be the one to show us the way. For many across the province and especially in Vancouver, this would be a dream come true.

FVDED in the Park 2015

Deadmau5 – Fvded in the Park – 2015 – John Biehler/Flickr

Set to headline the event, Vancouver-born rapper, singer, and songwriter BBNO$ is one of many Canadian performers set to play across the city. Those acts include Haviah Mighty, Chad Vangaalen, ODIE, So Loki, Nyssa, Silo Norza, YSN FAB, MONEYPHONE, Noble Son, SLCHLD, Robotaki, Chris LaRocca, EKKSTACY, Sam Lynch, Daysormay, Cam Blake, Madison Olds, and Prado.

It would feel absolutely incredible to finally head back into the city for a concert. Being at any one of the venues Westward Music Festival plans to take you should be an event to look forward to. But as COVID-19 numbers are on the rise across Canada who knows what life might look like when September rolls around. My fingers are crossed so hopefully this event takes place.


BBNO$ -The Come Up Show/Flickr

For show updates and more head over to WestWard Music Festival’s website for everything, you need to know surrounding the event. And make sure to get your water bottles ready, pre-game meal situated, and outfit picked out because if everything goes as planned, this should be the first of many to come back to the downtown core.


Apple Music Making Waves In Vancouver


Matteo Riva/Flickr

On Monday, April 26th, Apple Music launched a new venture called City Charts. It ranks the top 25 songs in over 100 cities worldwide. As well all know the only way Apple has tracked viewership of songs is through plays. This new feature will combine signs that show local popularity while taking still plays into consideration.

But honestly who’s listening to Apple Music? Since the inception of streaming music began, Apple has always felt a step behind. I still remember the days when iTunes dominated the way everyone bought and sold music. It honestly revolutionized how the music industry operates. This latest move does have the ability though to shine a light for local artists to get noticed and expand their fanbase.

Granville St

Granville St. Vancouver – Dave L/Flickr

City Charts have more than 25 locations based in North America, including Los Angeles, Vancouver, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and San Juan, Puerto Rico to state a few. What does this mean for Vancouver you may ask? Well, Apple is going to create playlists revolving around select cities where fans can add their favorite City Chart, download them, and eventually share them with friends.

Through the browser and search pages, Apple Music users can access City charts while also having the ability to ask Siri to play your local chart. Have you ever wondered what music dominates certain areas? That will now be answered through this new venture by Apple. For new and upcoming artists in Vancouver and across the world now, they now have the ability to get their songs on one of these playlists. This may have the ability for everyone to showcase their music with a much larger audience.

Tegan and Sara

Mark Yuen/Flickr

Now it shouldn’t be long till Spotify and other music streaming giants jump on board, but for Apple, the once-dominant music platform, they may have just started a very interesting social experiment. You may think in the southern states of America, country music may dominate, but what if it was rap? Or maybe in Vancouver indie rock may take the cake, but what if it was heavy metal?

City Charts by Apple Music will allow musicians, fans, and culture to play a part in what music we listen to. I for one will be waiting to see what music dominates Vancouver’s airwaves.