Fall Into The Deep End October 22nd


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As fun as it is to listen to the classics, and all the bands that made music what it is today, I still find the best times are finding new music. Well, if you’re like me, also looking for new music then The Long War has music that any indie, alternative, and rock fan should enjoy. Formed in 2016, this five-piece band hasn’t stopped their forward momentum since winning the 2017 CBC Searchlight Contest.

Chad Gilmour (guitar/vocals), Jess Lee (keyboards/vocals), Neil Williamson (drums), and Jonny Battistuzzi (bass) make up this Vancouver-based five-piece to bring us tantalizing new music. On August 20th, 2020 The Long War released their new single “Deeper Blue” off their forthcoming album Under a Heavy Sky. 

If you love harmonies then this is the band and song for you. “Deeper Blue” strips the band down to the core as the black and white album allows us to see and hear the true parts of the band that make them so intriguing. Once you watch them you can only imagine how great they would be live in one of Vancouver’s incredible venues.

If you’re wanting to catch the band live then October 22nd is the night for you. Playing The Fox Cabaret on a Friday night in Vancouver will be the perfect evening to find your way into an incredible show downtown. You won’t just be seeing them that night as they are bringing special guests Morning Show and Wesley Attew.



You can find content on all major streaming sites for The Long War like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Make sure to listen in the car on Spotify and Apple Music as well. Allow yourself to be swept away by this band on October 22nd while they wait to show you a great time.





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