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Yukon Blonde is at it again delivering us another batch of new songs, unexpectedly so. Back on November 13th, 2020 the band released Vindicator” with lead tracks “Get Precious“, “Good Times“, and “YYGT” as an eleven-song album with the intention of getting you hooked. Their use of piano and harmonies at times will keep you in a more wonderful trance while you strut your stuff throughout the day.

Flashforward to 2021, this week exactly, as Yukon Blonde is at it once again. The Kelowna natives Jeff Innes, Brandon Scott, Graham Jones, James Younger, and Rebecca Gray have just released “Vindicator Deluxe Edition” which adds five new songs to the album. “Let Your Body Move” keeps you grooving with synth, echoing vocals, and a beat that wil keep you moving


Twitter/YukonBlonde Vindicator album cover


They have accompanied the rest of the album with “Let Your Body Move“, “Come Over To Mine“, “Birthday” “Beat The Pressure” and a remix of their lead song “Get Precious” from Jay Why. Not only are the original songs of this album great but then they take a step out of their niche and bring in this remix by Jay Why which will take you a second to hear the original.

As most of us are still making our way through these crazy times it’s nice to find something new to delve into while attempting to take our minds off the ivnetible. Yukon Blonde continues to deliver album after album of catchy tunes that are honestly underrated within the indie rock scene. That won’t stop our love and appreciation for this band that doesn’t stop, thankfully for the rest of us.

Make sure you check out the band’s social accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and especially their Youtube. The deluxe version of “Vindicator” is available on all streaming services.


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