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Aesthetics and Trends change and cycle or recycle and obsessions grow and fade however one thing I will always admire about our generation is the girls we decide to crown for it girls who are consistently breaking boundaries in the culture. In this article, we will be breaking down some of it girls of this past year or currently that are currently running media at this moment or have been and will continue to do so. 

Rachel Sennott 

Rachel Sennott has made herself a big name in the film industry and a niche community for herself in the entertainment industry. Through her work, she has made a significant impact with her particular comedic style and capturing performances. Her rise to fame started with her breakout role in “Shiva Baby” an indie film that showcased her abilities to combine humour with deep emotional nuance. Rachel’s performance of a bisexual sugar baby trying to see through an awkward family get-together was incredibly well-liked and signified her as a fresh, authentic voice in contemporary cinema. 

In 2023, Rachel further established her status as a star with her role in “Bottoms”, a movie she co-wrote with Emma Seligman. This project proceeded to showcase her comedic talents, showing a satirical and subversive take on the high-school comedy genre. Rachel’s ability to combine her characters with relatable but dramatic traits, paired with her talent for physical comedy has set her apart. Her talents in “Bottoms” are particularly recognized for its both unapologetic take on storytelling which you can resonate with if you’re looking for a more modern and innovative energy. 

Along with Rachel’s acting and her impact on the film industry, her influence in fashion with her distinct style makes her stand out. Her thriving success is a testament that reflects her versatility greatly and is quite refreshing, to say the leastShe brings along so much honesty and humour in everything she does which draws in a diverse audience that continues to grow. Rachel is set to remain a significant force in shaping the future of the movie genre of comedy

Ayo Edebiri 

Ayo Edibiri has taken the industry by storm in both the entertainment and fashion worlds marking 2023/24 as a highlight in her career. Her efforts are not only singled out by her talents on screen but also by her distinctive style, which has evolved throughout her professional achievements. 

Edebiri’s breakout role in the critically acclaimed series “The Bear” shed a lot of light on her acting skills, which earned her widespread recognition. She further made her mark with appearances on other fellow hit shows like “Black Mirror”, “And Abbott Elementary”, and movies like “Theatre Camp” and “Bottoms”. Her range as an actress mixed with her impeccable comedic timing and dramatic depth has made her a fan favorite in Hollywood. She is also just so real and unapologetically herself which crowns her that “It Girl” status because of how relatable she is as well. Additionally, Edebiri’s work has also been showcased as a writer for “Big Mouth” and “What We Do in the Shadows” which highlight her talents further. 

In contrast to her acting career, Edebriri’s style evolution has been a notable asset to her public persona/ Moving from bold and eclectic looks to a more classic and sophisticated style she has made a statement on red carpets globally. From the guidance of stylist Danielle Goldberg, Edebiri has embraced minimalist yet expressive fashion choices. One of my favourite looks of Ayo’s this year was her golden globes look wearing a beautiful red Prada dress. 

Overall, Ayo Ediebiri’s impact this year is through her style and wicked talents. Her thoughtful approach to fashion and her ability to combine creativity with authenticity creates a gravitational pull to her funny and sweet nature and such a compelling person to watch both as an actress and a style icon. 

Sabrina Carpenter 

Sabrina Carpenter has had such a breakthrough these past couple of years making a significant impact in the music industry marked by her artistic evolution and her fashion. Her most recent “Emails I Can’t Send” was a huge upbringing to her career and growth as an artist. It offered a raw and vulnerable look into her personal experiences and emotions. This album showcased the authenticity and emotional depths of her songwriting skills and abilities to connect with her listeners. 

“Emails I Can’t Send” was a well-loved album with tracks like “Because I Like a Boy”, “Nonsense” and “Feather” resonated immensely with fans and pop culture in general. The success of this album led to a long tour further pressing her place in the music industry. She did a tour around North America as well as an opener for Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour. Her dynamic performance style and risky lyrical abilities especially in her song “Nonsense” because viral and skyrocketed her career even further. 

Her style in both music and fashion also stirred up a lot of lovely attention. Her tour looks were some of the best tour looks I have ever seen in a long time. She often blends modern trends with her flair which has made her a fashion icon, especially for the generation now. Especially her makeup style which has a soft sort of Bratz, doll-like state that has become more and more popular. 

In short, Sabrina Carpenter’s work in 2023 has not only signified her social status as a pop diva figure in music but also showcased her as a cultural influencer who continues to motivate and captivate audiences all over the world.  


Tyla is a South African singer/songwriter who has made a huge impact in the music industry recently. Captivating audiences all over the world with her charm and unique sound. Her impacts are extremely diverse, spanning her musical talents, style, and representation of her South African culture on a global stage. 

Musically, Tyla established herself with a sound that is described as “Popiano” which is a fusion between Amapiano and Afrobeat elements. This blend gathered her international popularity, especially with her breakout single “Water” which song and dance became extremely popular over TikTok. The song charted in a lot of countries including the UK, Netherlands, and New Zealand this also made Tyla the youngest South African solo artist to enter the US Billboard Hot 100 in 55 years. 

Moreover, her style is truly unmatched and is just as influential as her music. Her fashion sense combined with her performance aesthetics reflects a mix of modern chic and African heritage. Her performances are most known for their major energy and sensuality which makes her so compelling. 

Beyond her artistic achievements, Tyla’s achievements and growing influences of African artists through her representation show off a new generation of talent breaking barriers. Similar to artists like Tems and Burna Boy they continue to produce and spotlight true culture in the music industry. 

Tyla continues to show off her wonderful talents, especially through her debut album self-titled “Tyla” which was a hit for the charts and I recommend that you check it out. She continues to impress the world with her dance, singing, and overall stage presence all while keeping an authentic image for herself that is truly admirable. 

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