Breakthrough Bands

Bands have come from every generation, some new and some old. I have stumbled on quite a few in my time so far on this earth and I found or have been introduced to some that I will have in my playlist no matter what the occasion is. In this article, I will be sharing some of my top bands some background on them, and the impacts they have had on me thus far. 

Foo Fighters

Starting strong we have the Foo Fighters, formed in 1994 by former Nirvana drummer and Rock music legend Dave Grohl, they have made an extreme impact in rock music and are considered one of the most influential bands in modern music. After the untimely tragic death of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, Grohl left and created a series of songs that then became the Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut album. At first, Dave played all the instruments on the records but recruited band members to make the Foo Fighters a full band. 

Its original lineup had Nate Mendel on bass, William Goldsmith on drums, and Pat Smear on guitar; he too was another guitarist for Nirvana, all alongside Grohl on vocals and guitar. This debut album was released in 1995 and it had immediate commercial and critical success with hits like “Big Me” and “This is a Call”. This showed off Grohl’s versatility in music with his raw and thought-provoking lyrics all tied in with his musical abilities. 

“The Colour and the Shape” (1997) made all the difference in the band and was a huge turn in their career. Because it holds one of the most important songs in my life maybe yours as well “Everlong”. This song is truly one of the best-written and produced songs of all time. The amount of love and sensitivity I have within this song is incomparable to any new favourite song I have currently playing. I relate “Everlong” to my relationship with my dad. We have such a great dynamic with one another and my dad has been there for me through almost everything and has been my biggest supporter in life. This was the first song and band that we ever truly bonded over and have so much love for it that I can’t find in any other artist. Moreover, back to the background of that album the band made some internal changes with Goldsmith leaving and Taylor Hawkins coming in as the new drummer. 

Throughout the years the Foo Fighters have continued to evolve their sound by experimenting with different styles to expand their discography, With albums like “There Is Nothing Left to Los” (1999), “One by One” (2002), and “Wasting Light” (2011) which got the band multiple Grammy Awards. 

The Foo Fighters have always been recognized for their high-energy live performances and constant admiration for their fans. Their music has so many elements to it with themes of resilience, loss, and the true human experience that help listeners relate to it consistently. There has been a lineup change following the tragic death of Taylor Hawkins back in 2022 which broke mine and fans’ hearts. It deeply hurt my dad and me because we never got the chance to see him play live. But the band’s constant commitment to the music is truly admirable. 

Foo Fighters will always be one of my favourite bands and will continue to be in my music library when all is said and done. 


I found this band back in 2020/2021 I don’t remember fully however I have been following them for a while and I have not shut up about them ever since. Inhaler is from Dublin, Ireland and they have grown quite the fan base since their formation back in 2012. The Band is made up of Elijah Hewson (vocals and guitar), Robert Keating (bass), Josh Jenkinson (lead guitar), and Ryan McMahon (drums). They formed the band all while attending St.Andrews College in Dublin then they bonded over their love for music and the willingness to create their unique sound. 

Elijah Hewson is the son of Rock legend Bono from U2 with this the band naturally drew attention towards the band. However, Inhaler has shown through their talent and hard work that they are more than just a band with a nepo baby but a nepo baby in an all-around talented band. Their music could be described as a mix of indie rock, post-punk, and new wave similar to bands like The Killers, Kings of Leon, and of course U2. Their sound is so nostalgic in a sense that it can be cinematic when you listen to their music. 

Inhaler’s rise to face is traced back to a series of amazing singles starting with “It Won’t Always Be Like This” in 2018. They continued to build momentum with songs like “My Honest Face” and “Falling In”. 

When they announced their debut album “It Won’t Always Be Like This” which was released in July of 2021 I was ecstatic. The Album debuted at number one on the UK and Irish charts and the boys got even more attention and recognition for their talents. The record features a blend of energetic rock anthems and ballads that highlight the band’s ability to versatile sound. 

In summary, Inhaler has made a huge impact on my musical repertoire and again I would always recommend them to those who ask. If you’re into bands/artists similar to Beabadoobe, Fontaines DC, and Kings of Leon I highly suggest you check them out. They currently have two amazing albums including the first one I mentioned previously and their second studio album “Cuts and Bruises” which is a spectacular album from top to bottom and worth this listen. 

The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins formed in Chicago in 1988 as an alternative rock band with frontman guitarist and lead vocalist Billy Corgan. Their original line consisted of Corgan, James Iha (guitarist), D’arcy Wretzky (bassist), and Jimmy Chamberlain (drummer). The band’s music is described as a blend of gothic rock, heavy metal, dream pop, psychedelic rock, and progressive rock. But as my dad says ”it’s just rock n roll”. Their breakthrough in the band’s career came along with their 1993 album “Siamese Dream” which held tracks like “Today” and “Disarm” and was followed up by the highly popular double album “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” in 1995. This album carries classics like “1979” and “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”. Both albums solidified them as a mantel in rock history. I had the opportunity to see their show the last time they were in Vancouver and safe to say they did not disappoint. And they hold a coveted spot in my top bands of all time. 

Each of these bands has its own special place in my musical library with each holding a special memory and significance in my life. I don’t know what I would have been like without them because of the bonds I have made with other people that I love to contribute to my love of the band’s music. Music is such a wonderful thing I can’t wait to see the Foo Fighter in August and Inhaler in November. 



19 Things Just Before 20

I am turning 20 this year and safe to say I am terrified yet excited all at the same time. Age is such a funny thing because it is just a number however in the changes and unknowns that come along with it. You don’t know what your 20th, 30th, or 40th year of living will bring. So I’ve compiled a couple of things I have learned at 19 that will hopefully bring me or you some peace of mind. 

  1.  Make sure to take care of yourselfit’s okay to take a load when you need to and listen to your body when it needs food, eat food, when you need water, drink it, and if you need to just sit and listen to music alone then take the time and do it. Your mental and physical health should always come first. 
  2. Eat whatever you want. Life is too short to not enjoy that chocolate cake you have been craving all day. If you know you’re going to be fulfilled by grabbing a well-deserved slice of pizza then grab it. Just make sure you’re not overindulging to a point where it’s not enjoyable. It also ties in to taking care of your body and mind and not being too overzealous.   
  3. Surround yourself with people who bring you up and celebrate your successes but also help you throughout your hard times. Make sure your friends that have you can grow with and blossom together. 
  4. Listen to the music you want to listen to, don’t confine yourself to what other people might say. If you love Taylor Swift or Beyonce then be open about it you should be allowed to love out loud. 
  5. Don’t feel bad for not feeling like going out or canceling plans if you’re not in the right mindset unless you’re sure that if you go out you know it will help you recharge your battery. 
  6. Try to keep your school/work stuff organized, create those folders, and take some time to group all your work. I’m struggling with that even today and I hope to improve my organizational skills in my twenties. 
  7. Make those necessary changes that are aligned with the person you want to become and don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to realistic choices dream big and make those changes. 
  8. Not every guy/girl you meet is partner material and you don’t have to feel bad for not being ready for a serious relationship whatever is meant for you should come easily and naturally when the time is right.
  9. If someone is being rude or tearing down your ideas the best and quickest way to quiet them is using this line If you’re boring just say it is fine” It’s quick easy not too harsh but the confusion and reaction you might receive will get the job done quick and easy
  10. If someone is hating on you they are just jealous they’re not and if you can feel them projecting their insecurities at you don’t take them it’s not good for you or for that person
  11. Take the opportunity to network and further your advances whether it’s in school or work for example when The Vancouver Warriors reached out for volunteers for their media of course I would take the opportunity because it’s in the field of work I would like to be in. 
  12. Sometimes your silence is all you can give there are times to speak up but there are times when your actions speak louder than your words so make sure you approach anything you do with care and passion. 
  13. Being careful who you open up to being a yapper in this generation is quite scary sometimes, especially in the environment I work in so you just have to be extra cautious in who you’re spilling the tea to. 
  14. Take pictures sometimes the most beautiful things need to be captured no matter how big or small. Sometimes I love looking back at the silly pictures my friends and I take and it just fills me with all the joy I need in a single moment
  15. If you’re a girl and you’re going to have guy friends make sure they like women in a sense that they are not friends with women they are attracted to but they genuinely care for you as a friend and you can trust them and feel mutual respect between the two of you. Because men and women can be friends. 
  16. Buying those concert tickets money is temporary memories that last forever and with the amount of time you might between you and the concert you’ll have already made up the money back. That’s just how I cope, especially in today’s world where concert tickets cost over 100$ for bad seats. 
  17. Find a hobby other than being in your book reading those books, baking that cake, trying that new recipe, and taking some needed time off social media necessary
  18. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior without your permission. I got that line from a Barbie movie once when I was like 6-7 years old and It has stuck with me ever since. 
  19. Lastly, have fun, enjoy the little moments in life, celebrate your wins and losses, and party when you can. Having fun is not a crime, just be responsible. 

Overall, going into my twenties is such a daunting thought. All of these lessons and advice have either been given or learned by me or the people I surround myself with. Being a teenager is such an experience however it’s arguably only the beginning of our lives. Personally as scared as I am it does not compare to how excited I am to turn 20 truly I am excited about it. It also does kind of feel weird because I look younger than I am because of those Filipino genes I have but it also is a weird experience because I am the youngest sibling and still considered the baby of the family. So coming to terms with it fully has been quite a challenge because I have people in my ear constantly telling me I am becoming something I am not and they don’t accept that I am getting older. But I would like to embrace it because you should be allowed to embrace it. However, I am still enjoying 19 although it has been an interesting year so far, to say the least, I still have the summer to enjoy especially cause I am legal so I can go out in the summer but there are still so many things I have yet to learn and discover. So cheers to 19! 

The Lustrous Music of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has been a force in the music industry for quite some time now she is probably your favourite artist’s favourite artist. She consistently puts out bodies of artwork with each album having a significant impact every time she announces new music. She is truly unique vocally, lyrically, and aesthetically. In celebration of her recent appearances and thrust back into pop culture after taking a big break from performing I will be showing off my top 3 Lana albums thus far. 

Born to Die (2012) 

Born to Die released in 2012 was my first introduction and taste to her music. I believe I was at the ripe age of 8 when my best friend Madison showed me her timeless song “Summertime Sadness” Ever since then I have been hooked. Now at the time I obviously could not fully grasp the concepts of her lyrics which rightfully so because they are quite mature, to say the leastHowever, when I re-familiarize myself with them as I have gotten older I wonder with concern why I was listening to her music so young. However, it built my character and I am doing alright today so I wouldn’t say it wasn’t that bad. My first favorite track of the album is “National Anthem” This paired with its iconic music video, is insane. It’s sultry lyrics and wonderful storytelling Lana captivates listeners that you can’t possibly resist. In the music video, there is a nod to Jackie Kennedy as Lana and rapper A$ap Rocky portray the President and First Lady in a vintage classic looking style music video. My second favourite track is “Blue Jeans”. This song is a slow yet intense song and is perfect for a drive in the rain or the sun and deserves to be sung at the top of your lungs. Lastly, “Summertime Sadness” because it was the first song I was introduced to this song has been in my top songs for over 10 years now and continues to be a top song today it is so timeless like many of the songs of this album and this song will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Ultraviolence (2013) 

This album I didn’t fully digest till I got a bit older because again the maturity level for this album was quite yet. Released in 2013 this album’s dark concept mixed with Lana’s alluring songwriting and voice caused quite the controversy back then. However, those who didn’t get it or couldn’t understand it were just boring. Ultraviolence holds some of my top songs of all time because of their sensual slow yet intense instrumentals and they all show the lyrical genius that Lana is. “West Coast” is probably one of my favourite songs of all time because of how it’s composed and produced. The build-up that the song holds is unmatched and I have never heard another song like it. Pretty When You Cry” and “Shades of Cool” are two tracks that I adore because the instrumentals once again are spectacular. Especially the guitar solo in “Pretty When You Cry” takes you to another world. Overall, this album is perfect and If you’re just starting to get into Lana I would recommend listening to this album from top to bottom to get the full experience. 


NFR! Was one of the first Lana Del Rey albums I could fully consume in a way because I believe I was about 15 when it came out however I did not listen to it until we had to quarantine but it had been on my listen-to list for a while. Little did I know it was going to become one of my favourite albums of all time. It has tracks like “Mariners Apartment Complex”, “Cinnamon Girl”, and “The Greatest” Each song is truly something else. This album was produced mainly by Lana Del Rey and Jack Antanoff whose most notable work is with artists including Taylor Swift, Clairo, Lorde and The 1975 all of these artists are just a few he has worked with. Regardless, NFR! Took the world by storm because of its high anticipation and this album still holds records and significance in pop culture. With her relatable yet poetic lyrics mixed with the amazingly produced instrumentals, there is something so truly timeless about this album. In summary, this album will withstand time up until the very end of her career, and beyond that Lana is truly special and unique and will always be a backbone in the industry. 

Honourable Mentions: 

Lana’s most recent album “Did You Know There’s a tunnel under ocean boulevard” holds a load of my favourite songs with tracks like “Let the Light In” and “Peppers. That album blew me away because of how rich the music is within it. I thought she deserved the Grammy amongst the other fellow nominees merely because including SZA’s SOS album they were a lot stronger than Taylor’s Midnights album. And that is a big take because I am a fellow Swiftie how ever I pay my respects where they are due. It did sadden me that Lana has still yet to receive her awards however her fan base and constant support will always make me proud because her music speaks for itself and doesn’t need all the glitz and glam of the awards. It just further proves how long-standing her career has been and she is constantly delivering music that doesn’t play to the fans but music that is authentically raw and herself all the time with no further explanation. It also makes her and those who listen to her music just incredibly cooler than everyone else.  

Who’s that Girl ?

Aesthetics and Trends change and cycle or recycle and obsessions grow and fade however one thing I will always admire about our generation is the girls we decide to crown for it girls who are consistently breaking boundaries in the culture. In this article, we will be breaking down some of it girls of this past year or currently that are currently running media at this moment or have been and will continue to do so. 

Rachel Sennott 

Rachel Sennott has made herself a big name in the film industry and a niche community for herself in the entertainment industry. Through her work, she has made a significant impact with her particular comedic style and capturing performances. Her rise to fame started with her breakout role in “Shiva Baby” an indie film that showcased her abilities to combine humour with deep emotional nuance. Rachel’s performance of a bisexual sugar baby trying to see through an awkward family get-together was incredibly well-liked and signified her as a fresh, authentic voice in contemporary cinema. 

In 2023, Rachel further established her status as a star with her role in “Bottoms”, a movie she co-wrote with Emma Seligman. This project proceeded to showcase her comedic talents, showing a satirical and subversive take on the high-school comedy genre. Rachel’s ability to combine her characters with relatable but dramatic traits, paired with her talent for physical comedy has set her apart. Her talents in “Bottoms” are particularly recognized for its both unapologetic take on storytelling which you can resonate with if you’re looking for a more modern and innovative energy. 

Along with Rachel’s acting and her impact on the film industry, her influence in fashion with her distinct style makes her stand out. Her thriving success is a testament that reflects her versatility greatly and is quite refreshing, to say the leastShe brings along so much honesty and humour in everything she does which draws in a diverse audience that continues to grow. Rachel is set to remain a significant force in shaping the future of the movie genre of comedy

Ayo Edebiri 

Ayo Edibiri has taken the industry by storm in both the entertainment and fashion worlds marking 2023/24 as a highlight in her career. Her efforts are not only singled out by her talents on screen but also by her distinctive style, which has evolved throughout her professional achievements. 

Edebiri’s breakout role in the critically acclaimed series “The Bear” shed a lot of light on her acting skills, which earned her widespread recognition. She further made her mark with appearances on other fellow hit shows like “Black Mirror”, “And Abbott Elementary”, and movies like “Theatre Camp” and “Bottoms”. Her range as an actress mixed with her impeccable comedic timing and dramatic depth has made her a fan favorite in Hollywood. She is also just so real and unapologetically herself which crowns her that “It Girl” status because of how relatable she is as well. Additionally, Edebiri’s work has also been showcased as a writer for “Big Mouth” and “What We Do in the Shadows” which highlight her talents further. 

In contrast to her acting career, Edebriri’s style evolution has been a notable asset to her public persona/ Moving from bold and eclectic looks to a more classic and sophisticated style she has made a statement on red carpets globally. From the guidance of stylist Danielle Goldberg, Edebiri has embraced minimalist yet expressive fashion choices. One of my favourite looks of Ayo’s this year was her golden globes look wearing a beautiful red Prada dress. 

Overall, Ayo Ediebiri’s impact this year is through her style and wicked talents. Her thoughtful approach to fashion and her ability to combine creativity with authenticity creates a gravitational pull to her funny and sweet nature and such a compelling person to watch both as an actress and a style icon. 

Sabrina Carpenter 

Sabrina Carpenter has had such a breakthrough these past couple of years making a significant impact in the music industry marked by her artistic evolution and her fashion. Her most recent “Emails I Can’t Send” was a huge upbringing to her career and growth as an artist. It offered a raw and vulnerable look into her personal experiences and emotions. This album showcased the authenticity and emotional depths of her songwriting skills and abilities to connect with her listeners. 

“Emails I Can’t Send” was a well-loved album with tracks like “Because I Like a Boy”, “Nonsense” and “Feather” resonated immensely with fans and pop culture in general. The success of this album led to a long tour further pressing her place in the music industry. She did a tour around North America as well as an opener for Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour. Her dynamic performance style and risky lyrical abilities especially in her song “Nonsense” because viral and skyrocketed her career even further. 

Her style in both music and fashion also stirred up a lot of lovely attention. Her tour looks were some of the best tour looks I have ever seen in a long time. She often blends modern trends with her flair which has made her a fashion icon, especially for the generation now. Especially her makeup style which has a soft sort of Bratz, doll-like state that has become more and more popular. 

In short, Sabrina Carpenter’s work in 2023 has not only signified her social status as a pop diva figure in music but also showcased her as a cultural influencer who continues to motivate and captivate audiences all over the world.  


Tyla is a South African singer/songwriter who has made a huge impact in the music industry recently. Captivating audiences all over the world with her charm and unique sound. Her impacts are extremely diverse, spanning her musical talents, style, and representation of her South African culture on a global stage. 

Musically, Tyla established herself with a sound that is described as “Popiano” which is a fusion between Amapiano and Afrobeat elements. This blend gathered her international popularity, especially with her breakout single “Water” which song and dance became extremely popular over TikTok. The song charted in a lot of countries including the UK, Netherlands, and New Zealand this also made Tyla the youngest South African solo artist to enter the US Billboard Hot 100 in 55 years. 

Moreover, her style is truly unmatched and is just as influential as her music. Her fashion sense combined with her performance aesthetics reflects a mix of modern chic and African heritage. Her performances are most known for their major energy and sensuality which makes her so compelling. 

Beyond her artistic achievements, Tyla’s achievements and growing influences of African artists through her representation show off a new generation of talent breaking barriers. Similar to artists like Tems and Burna Boy they continue to produce and spotlight true culture in the music industry. 

Tyla continues to show off her wonderful talents, especially through her debut album self-titled “Tyla” which was a hit for the charts and I recommend that you check it out. She continues to impress the world with her dance, singing, and overall stage presence all while keeping an authentic image for herself that is truly admirable. 

What Are We Listening to this Summer? 

New or old music will always persist as one of the most important things that keep our worlds spinning. Whether it’s listening in your room, buying that concert ticket, or listening to the radio you will always almost be surrounded by some kind of music everywhere you go. Since the summertime is upon us I have picked out some of my favourite albums and tracks that you could add to your summer nights, summer drives, or summer says playlist whichever they might be. 

Sunburn by Dominic Fike

Released in the summer of 2023 this album was truly perfection in my opinion. Dominic has some of the best discography of modern times. His blends of genres and musical abilities truly are showcased in this album. Songs like Ant Pile, How Much is Weed? , and Think Fast ft Weezer are some of my favourite tracks. Ultimately this album has many wonderful dimensions to it sonically and lyrically. This past August I had the opportunity to see him live and It was one of the best performances I have ever seen so farHe truly has so much admiration for his work and sings his songs in a simple yet alluring way. Is he one of my celebrity crushes of course he is but just like how I love Bruno Mars and his talent I am in love with Dominic’s talent truly. This Album cover to cover is a must listen to the album and perfectly emulates that hot summer day. 

Beatopia by Beabadoobee 

Released in 2022 I discovered this album in such a fun way and similar to another album that will be mentioned in a moment. But I’ll set the scene for you, it was about 4 am in Rome. My family and I just got settled in our Air bnb so I was quite jetlagged. I was scrolling on TikTok as you do at 4 am when you can’t sleep and I stumbled across a video of Beabadoobee lip-syncing to this awesome song. I click on the song and it’s titled “Talk”. I had my headphones so I took it upon myself to check this song out. When I tell you my life has not been the same since I found this song it completely changed my life. This song felt like the missing piece I have been searching for. I think I found my soulmate and it was this song. I then proceeded to play that song on repeat for the entire night and then I discovered the album that went along with it and low and behold “Beatopia” was added to my music repertoire. With songs like 10:36, See You Soon, Don’t Get the deal this album is incredibly close to the feeling of a coming-of-age movie made in the 2000s. Her sweet voice combined with the rock tones is just perfect and I will always recommend this album and her music for every season beyond summer. 

Renaissance by Beyonce

Now this album is another complete masterpiece, some of Beyonce’s best work in my opinion. I discovered this song in Rome as well. Similar to how I discovered Bea’s work I was scrolling through TikTok once again not at 4 am I’m sure it was during the day. I had known Bey had released a new album but I hadn’t been able to have a full listen to the album quite yet. So our adventures for the day were going around Rome on a tourist bus and I downloaded the album to listen to while the tour was going on. I had another out-of-body experience and I was fully immersed in that album. It was a side of Beyonce I had never expected to ever hear but how dare I deny her. Summer Renaissance and Virgo’s Groove blew me away immediately; they were my standouts of the album. And once again I had the opportunity to see her live in concert with my sister and all I can say is I have seen Beyonce in the flesh. We have breathed the same air. Tracks like Thique, Summer Renaissance, Virgos Groove, and Move can be found in my playlist and maybe yours as well

Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale by Tyler the Creator 

This Deluxe album is Summer Tyler the Creator’s way of creating a whole other environment or world with his albums is truly something else. This album is stacked with a ton of features of big names as well as produced by some of the best artists in the game currently. Some of the features include A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, Brent Faiyaz, and DAISY WORLD along with many other artists this album could be comparable to a hot beach day on the Amalfi Coast tanning, eating and just vibing out. I would pair this album with a nice boat ride if you want a taste of hip-hop and r & b. This album takes the cake. Tracks I recommend would be Wharf Talk, Wusyaname, Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance, and Dogtooth. These are just a couple of the amazing tracks that this album holds and definitely will be on repeat this summer. 

Rio by Duran Duran 

If you’re looking for something more classic, Rio by Duran Duran has that sound for you. Released in 1981 I found this album back in 2019 my dad had always recommended them but I had never taken the time to listen to it. However when I got the chance this album has stuck with me ever since. It’s a pure 80s pop-rock sound filled with horned quick-paced drums and synths. You can’t help but get up and dance to it. It is a mood lifter with tracks like Rio, Hungry Like a Wolf and Hold Back the Rain this album is perfectly curated to make you dance and jam out. 

Motion by Calvin Harris 

Because the internet has collectively decided it’s a 2014 summer and its celebrations of this album’s 10th Anniversary. Motion released in 2014 brought some of the best EDM hits of the century and still are played on repeat to this day. One of its most popular songs in the album is called “Summer”. How could you not have that on your playlist? I love to blast this song windows down when I’m driving in the summertime because once you can play this you know summer has begun. This album also has tracks like Outside ft. Ellie Goulding, and Blame ft John Newman all cultivate that same summer feeling. Overall this is a major dance album and is perfect for those party upbeat moments you’d wanna share with friends. 

I could go on with all of the other recommendations I have however this essay would be about the size of a Hunger Games book so I will save them for another time. Regardless these songs are truly the vibes I can sense this summer whether they have been already or not. Music doesn’t have an expiry date and that’s why I love music so incredibly deeply because of its long-lasting freedom within it. So whatever or whoever you’re going to listen to this summer when you’re curating your playlist have a listen to some of these and maybe who knows they could be songs you have been waiting for. 

Living for the Drama

Reality television over the years has become a cultural phenomenon, it captivates audiences all over the world through its diverse range of shows. From talent competitions to fashion and lifestyle programs, reality TV delivers a unique type of entertainment that combines unscripted content with drama and heightened excitement. Today I will be breaking down some of my favourite scandals and reality TV moments that have appealed to these types of programs all worth the watch. 

Vanderpump Rules Drama: Scandoval of 2023 

I had not watched an episode of Vanderpump Rules a day in my life and maybe neither have you. However, because my generation is actively on the internet “Scandoval” absolutely took over my entire social media and not by my own will. I still have not watched an episode of this show today yet I know the lore of this major scandal and so will you because I had to. The drama which unfolded in 2023 centres on Tom Sandoval’s affair with his co-star Raquel (Rachel) Leviss, which ultimately ended his nine-year relationship with co-star Ariana Madix. 

The affair began in August 2022 and was initially characterized by both Sandoval and Leviss as a one-night stand. Furthermore, it later became clear that their relationship had continued and grown during a wedding in Mexico, which Sandoval attended with Leviss all while still in a relationship with Madix. This information then became public during the show’s tenth season, leading to a huge confrontation that went viral. 

A significant moment in the scandal which I saw everywhere was when Madix discovered the affair and confronted Sandoval, this was an emotional climax that was featured in the season finale. Ariana Madix’s heartbreak was built by the betrayal not only from her long-time dog of a partner but also from a close friend, which highlighted the personal and emotional toll that betrayals can take. Sandoval’s continuous dismissal of his actions further painted him as insensitive and self-centered and grew huge sympathy from audiences towards Madix.

The scandal was given the “Scandoval” and it also made the internet shine a bigger light on the cast but more towards Ariana Madix. Friends and co-stars took sides with many supporting Madix and expressed disdain for Sandoval and Leviss’s actions. And being a watcher of this was incredibly entertaining. 

Ultimately, this scandal continues with the show’s last season going on and drama is still unfolding. What I live for most about this is how successful Ariana Madix has become after this. She’s thriving in a wonderful relationship, she has been and succeeded on Dancing With the Stars as the runner-up, starred in Broadway’s Chicago as the lead, and is currently in lineups for hosting Love Island USA. Don’t you just love it when the girls win cause I know I do. Overall, this was one of the craziest plotlines in reality shows I have ever seen, and the phenomenon that surrounded it I had never seen anything like it. The amount of attention it stirred up was insane and it showed off the power of reality TV. 

Kardashians: Dolce Vita Lifestyle (Kim vs Kourtney) 

This drama had my sister and I howling because of how I guess you could say “first world problems” this drama was, but my gosh it was so extremely entertaining it was to watch unfold. But here’s the breakdown. Regarding Kourtney’s wedding to Blink 182’s drummer Travis Barker, the fashion used and a major contributor to the wedding was Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) this was the focal point of the tension that was highlighted in the show. The conflict began when Kourtney accused Kim of exploiting her wedding for a business venture shortly after the wedding. 

Kourtney’s extravagant Italian wedding to Travis in May of 2022, in Portofino, Italy was ultimately coordinated with D&G, featuring custom bridal outfits and vintage themes. The wedding itself was immensely significant for the brand because it showcased archival designs. However, just four months later Kim collaborated with D&G for a special fashion collection leading Kourtney to create this narrative that her sister had not only overshadowed her wedding but also capitalized on its theme and style she had cured up for her special day. Even though people have been doing these styles of weddings for forever now. 

Moreover, Kourtney expressed that she felt betrayed and hurt by Kim’s doings, interpreting them as a sign of greed and selfishness. She believed that Kim prioritized the business opportunity of their relationship and failed to consider how it would impact her. This drama escalated when their mother, Kris Jenner, encouraged the rest of the family to promote Kim’s collection which further alienated Kourtney and twisted the knife in the situation

However, through Kim’s eyes, she defended her decision by pointing out the double standards, noting that Kourtney did not object to the other family members’ ventures with D&G. Kim also brought up the fact that both sisters had shared similar wedding elements in the past including location and even the wedding performer the great Andrea Bocelli which just made Kourtney’s accusations seem irrelevant. Despite Kim’s attempts to justify her decisions she ultimately acknowledges the pain and trouble she had caused and apologizes with wishes to mend their relationship. Because who wants to fight with their sister forever? 

This drama reached its peak during the show’s third season and trickled into the fourth as they revisited the past events and comments that were made before the new season aired. However, they squashed the beef and moved on swimmingly as they always do. And the new season is coming out quite soon with Kim and Khloe looking like they have been budding heads. 

The world of reality TV’s enduring fixation truly lies in its ability to blend real-life drama with the spectacle of unscripted entertainment. The gravitation towards these shows often comes from their capacity to produce authentic human emotion and conflict in the most entertaining way possible. This analysis of these two scandals from “Vanderpump Rules” and “The Kardashians” highlights its genre’s appeal. 

The “Scandoval affair illustrated how deeply personal betrayals can capture an audience. Tom Sandoval cheating with Raquel Leviss and its ultimate ending provided an exciting storyline that pulled in viewers who may have never even seen the show. I mean I wonder how the people who regularly watched it felt. The emotional weight of Ariana Madix’s response to the scandal paired with the public’s immediate support for her, underlines the show’s ability to produce strong viewer empathy and engagement. The scandal also demonstrated the strength of reality TV to transform a personal conflict into a public showcase which then extended the drama beyond its capacity. 

Similar to the fight between Kim and Kourtney over D&G collaboration highlighted the dynamics between family and siblings through business ventures. Kourtney’s feeling of betrayal by Kim, whom she accused of putting money over memories, revealed the complexities of combining personal and professional lives towards the public eye. This drama not only provided intriguing television but also started conversations about loyalty, commercialization, and sisterhood. 

In essence, reality TV and its appeal lies in its ability to present relatable yet dramatized versions of real-life situations. The genre lives and thrives on the authenticity of its “characters” emotions and the unpredictable nature of their doings that offer viewers an enticing blend of reality and entertainment. Through all of that this is why the genre remains to thrive continues to be a force in pop culture. 

The Wonder’s of Period Pieces

Period Pieces are some of the most coveted films and TV shows that have spanned for years as being some of the greatest movies. In this article, I will be listing some of my favourite period pieces from movies to TV shows that I have watched over the years that I feel are worth checking out. Mind you I love a good romance period piece you could not. 

The Pride and Prejudice (2005) 

Starting strong with this first one “Pride and Prejudice” the 2005 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s most coveted novel directed by Joe Wright offers a refreshing and aesthetically captivating take on the book. Starring the period piece queen Keira Knightley as our Elizabeth Bennett and Matthew Macfayden as Mr.Darcy would you believe that is the same guy from the hit TV show “Succession”? Matthew’s Mr.Darcy is a brooding and reserved character which adds a major addition to their romance. Because it contrasts with Elizabeth’s wit and independence which produces undeniable chemistry. Through this we see pieces of Mr.Darcy start to unravel because of Elizabeth’s influence that aids in his character transformation reflected in the novel. 

The way the movie is filmed is one of its most intriguing aspects of it. Cinematographer Roman Osin utilizes natural light and sweeping landscapes to set up the English Countryside environment that surrounds the story of both beauty and isolation. Their use of long takes and smooth camera movement emphasizes the film’s romantic and introspective tone. My favourite scene is the morning encounter that Elizabeth and Darcy share the way the sunrise perfectly emulates the love dreamlike quality that just exudes the characters’ emotions for one another. 

The score for this movie is also a huge factor as it would be for any other film highlights and captures the scenes in such a way that will make you not want to miss a moment. Dario Marianelli is the musical genius behind it and the music compliments the movie’s visual experience. This is through the piano compositions that take on both the period setting and the character’s inner thoughts. The music grows in key moments like ballroom scenes and the quiet inner moments of the protagonists. 

In summary, Joe Wright’s take on “Pride and Prejudice” is a wonderfully filmed and emotionally strong take on the novel. It successfully brings Jane Austen’s legendary story to life through the balance and respect of the original story but still has that sense of a modern take in the best way possible. Through the actor’s performances, this is one of those movies that is perfectly cast and the chemistry between Knightley and Macfayden is such a thrill to see and will most definitely have you swooning. 

A Knight’s Tale (2001) 

“A Knight’s Tale” directed by Brian Helgland is a fun and unconventional take on a medieval adventure. Starring 90/2000s heartthrob Heath Ledger as William Thatcher, a peasant who finds himself rising to knighthood. What I love most about this movie is that it mixes historical elements with contemporary music and themes that create a unique yet entertaining cinematic experience. Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a period film and they have made it unbearably modern? This film does it flawlessly and is not cringeworthy in the slightest. 

The film’s main narrative follows William’s journey from his poor life to becoming a favoured and celebrated knight driven by his eagerness to “change his stars” by capturing William’s perseverance, charm, and vulnerability. His chemistry with his fellow castmates including Paul Bettany Geoffrey Chaucher and Rufus Sewell as his enemy Count Adhemar adds depth and dynamics to the story. 

One of the most captivating moments of the movie is the way it incorporates modern rock music like Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and David Bowie’s “Golden Years” during the jousting tournaments and ballroom scenes. This choice of infusing the film’s energy and music made me fall in love with the film so effortlessly all while being entranced by the romance, action, and humour the movie possesses. 

This film also shines in its visuals. Richard Greatrex the Cinematographer captures the vibrancy of the medieval atmosphere from busy marketplaces to the intense jousting scenes. The choreography of the jousting and action scenes is also captivating because of its blend of authenticity and aggression. 

“A Knight’s Tale” wonderfully balanced humour and action gives a refreshing take on this period piece. Followed by its vulnerable and inspirational themes throughout the film, it explores the idea of self-determination and the pursuit of dreams against all odds and society rankings making it heartfelt and incredibly captivating. 

In conclusion, ever since my dad made me watch this movie I have come back to it every time I am a sucker for period pieces and this one holds a high spot in the ranks. Heath Ledger’s talents combined with the film’s innovative mix of old and new, ensures the film’s long-standing appeal. 

The Buccaneers (2023) 

I fell absolutely in love with this show immediately. It can be found on Apple TV and it is one of the most refreshing period dramas I have ever seen. Set in the 1870s based on Edith Wharton’s unfinished novels. The show follows a group of wealthy American women who travel to London to secure husbands and titles; however, they find themselves facing cultural clashes between their progressive attitudes and the rigid English aristocracy. 

The show surrounds the St.Georges family, more specifically the two sisters Nan and Jinny who navigate the constricting lives of London’s high society. Kristin Froseth is as radiant as Nan, when I saw her familiar face pop up on the screen I was delighted her beauty is as comparable to a sweet fairy I would say. She captures Nan’s outspoken nature and defiance against the expectations of society and provides a modern yet reliable take on its period atmosphere.

If you’re into aesthetics as I am, this show is right for you. Visually The Buccaneers” is truly beautiful.  The production design led by Amy Maguire, and costumes by Giovanni Lipari and Kate Carin all create the immersive experience. As well as the Scottish locations used to set the scenes were incredibly delightful to see. The series’ attention to detail makes up for the show’s authenticity. The entire crew brought that 1870s vibe to life. 

Once again, the show takes on a unique way with the music composition; they also incorporate modern music similar to the show “Bridgerton” and “Knight’s Tale”.  My favourite artists like Taylor Swift and her music make an appearance throughout the show. This incorporation is incredibly appealing especially to a wider audience all while maintaining a historical backdrop. The blend of old and new balances the elements of love, ambition, and societal pressures. 

Fair warning there is a love triangle within this show though it can be incredibly vexing it makes the show all worth it. Overall The Buccaneers” is one of my top recommendations especially in the most recent shows that have come up. They have been renewed for a second season and I am so excited at what is yet to come. 

Each of these pieces all have their unique embellishments that make them incredibly captivating and I will constantly recommend them probably to the day I die. It is incredibly wonderful how even after centuries and centuries passing by we still create period pieces. I wonder how the 1800’s would react now. But again these are only a few period pieces that I would recommend. I probably have about 10 more to touch on but for now, I’d recommend giving these three a shot. 

The Brilliance of Beyoncé

Cowboy Carter Album Review 

Beyonce’s latest album “Cowboy Carter” is a true testament to her versatility and ability to reinvent herself while paying tribute to her roots. Released with much excitement and anticipation this album showcased a unique blend of different genres, storylines, and musical excellence that only Queen Bey can deliver. I’ve been a massive fan of her music and artistry ever since my life truly began when I received my first Beyonce CD and have been following her ever since. Last year I was able to see her live in concert for her Renaissance Tour which is arguably my favourite Beyonce Album today so my eagerness to hear this album was through the roof. In this review, I will be exploring the depth, musicality, and some of my standout tracks from the album. 

Depth and Concepts

“Cowboy Carter” is a concept album that takes listeners on a journey through the South while blending themes of resilience, liberation, and self-discovery all with a modern twist and a taste of sultriness that Beyonce will always cultivate. The album narrative follows the alter ego Beyonce has curated that is navigating the rugged landscapes, both physically and metaphorically. The juxtaposition of traditional Western motifs with contemporary conflicts creates a rich outline that’s both incredibly nostalgic and modern. 

Musicality and Production

Musically and sonically, “Cowboy Carter” is truly untouchable. Beyonce had some of the best country stars appear on this album including the living legend Dolly Parton and the voice of Willie Nelson. With nodes of RnB, country, and hip hop this album carries an array of musical techniques that truly captivate listeners because there’s a bit of everything for everyone. I am truly glad she did not do a normal kind of strictly country album where you generally would compare or reference “country music” to be. She truly reps her Southern roots within the album with every ounce of pride and authenticity because this is the best Beyonce album I have ever heard if that makes sense. 

The Backstory of the Album

This album was 5 years in the making after Beyonce had an experience at the 2019 CMA’s that had motivated her to create it. Beyonce Wrote “ It was born out of an experience that I had years ago where I did not feel welcomed… but because of that experience, I did a deeper dive into the history of Country music and studied our rich musical archive.” also mentioned how the criticism she faced when she first entered this genre had pushed her to break from the limitations and this album considered Act II of the Renaissance which began in 2022 with the released of her previous album “act i: Renaissance” has continued showcase the musical mastermind that is Beyonce. With many features, a phenomenal production team and collaborations this album is a test of time and deserves their flowers and recognition. 


This is the album opener and what a powerful opener it is. The way my body left itself for a moment was out of this world. Musically, this song perfectly emanates the entire setup and storyline for the album. It references the CMA performance controversy that she faced and the rejection that came along with it. “Used to say I spoke too country / And the rejection came said I wasn’t country ‘nough This line was so powerful because the country community was bothered by her presence in the genre although she is Texas raised and consistently represents her southern roots in her music since her debut still it wasn’t enough. However, with American Requiem it truly shuts up the haters in the most perfect way; she exemplifies her vocal range and instrumentally it sounds like a hero or a cowboy coming back through town on her horse after defeating her enemies. It is so cinematic which makes the song so thrilling


This sultry song has a beautiful ease and groovy tone to it that just makes you want to get up and sway. I would say it’s the song of the summer personally. It was the first song I naturally gravitated towards because of its easy tempo tone and Beyonce’s vocals are so smooth, especially at the beginning of the song. It’s a true love song and towards the end of the song the guitar picks up and gives a beautiful ending to this wonderful beat. I would say this song would be most enjoyed on a hot summer day driving along the coast. That’s what this song just exemplifies. Some sources suspect that Taylor Swift’s vocals appear in the song. Some say it’s true, some say it’s not but I am delusional so I’m going to believe it. Overall Bodyguard is such a cute yet sexy song that shows Beyonce’s sweet side which makes me love it so much. 


This song features the talented vocals of Miley Cyrus and their voices blend so well together I almost cried. I’m not even going to lie. Although it’s a love song the way I see this song is about you and your best friend. I relate to it so much to my female friendships along with my sister. With the line “I’ll be your shotgun rider till the day I die” don’t think a line has ever summed up how you would feel about those people you know have stuck beside you and will stand by you forever. Musically again this song is just truly beautiful with its slow country sound and reminds me of a hot summer day. 


Riverdance has that square/line dancing feel to it with its quick pace and the vocal stacks in this song make this sexy song quite admirable. Although it has quite the lyrics because it’s Beyonce it makes it all worthwhile. You could blast this song in the car on repeat because of how funnily captivating it is. With its repetitiveness that builds as the song goes along, it makes up for such a simple yet enticing song. Famous singer Raye who is a well-rounded and brilliant figure in the music industry currently co-wrote this song. That actually might be one of the reasons why I love this song so much because she is also one of my favourite artists. Regardless, this song and its upbeat tempo will again get up and dancing, maybe even doing a little river dance. 

Track 24 TYRANT

Tyrant features the vocals of Dolly Parton; she adds a sweet sound to this heavy-based song. I felt while listening to it that this song is so Beyonce-like of course she would have this sort of song on the album. How could one deny it? This is my suspicion but I noticed a nod to her song from her self-titled album a track called “Haunted” During one of the breakdowns in the song there’s a line that goes “How did you get used to the haunting The willing the missing the wanting” to me it sounded very similar to parts from that previous song which I live for. And the way the is lyrically sandwiched it truly something with the lines of “Hangman, answer me now you owe me a debt, you stole him from me, I hated you one I envy you now” It is produced so well and perfectly you will not be able to resist the luring of this song. 

In summary “Cowboy Carter” just exudes the brilliance and rich culture that Beyonce holds. She consistently represents her roots in the most talented and perfect way possible. And this album is worth listen, cover to cover. 

Becoming A Weekend Warrior!

This year my classmates and I got the amazing opportunity to check out the inner workings of how Rogers Arena runs its broadcast and media for the different sports and events that host. And with that opportunity the Vancouver Warriors, our local Lacrosse team gave us a shot at being a part of their social media and watching the game. Mind you I had never watched a game of lacrosse in my life. Up until that point, I only followed F1, hockey, football, and basketball mainly but lacrosse not so much. I guess I never had an appeal to it. In high school, I knew a lot of people who played it but again it was never occupancy in my mind. Up until this year. If you had told me a year ago around February that I would be in the broadcast section of Rogers Arena working for a professional sports team I genuinely would’ve laughed in your face and gone back to studying for my biology exam. But there I was a year later with my fellow BCIT classmates jumping at the opportunity to volunteer to do a piece on the Vancouver Warriors Lacrosse Team. 

February 10, 2024

Getting into a new sport always seems very daunting at first especially when you didn’t grow up playing them. I’ve always been a sports fan but I mainly swam all my life I wasn’t too intrigued in watching competitive swimming on the regular unless it was the Olympics. But Lacrosse was surprisingly easy to become infatuated with. It has a close vibe to Hockey as the rules are quite similar so that helped me understand it a little more, the aggression and excitement also grew my appeal to it as we were watching that first game. After the first game, we had the opportunity to speak to a couple of the players and the Coach (Curt Malawsky) to grab some sound bites and key points for articles we were making for the Evolution Website and Socials. And that was nerve-racking for sure the amount of imposter syndrome that was racing all over my mind and body was insane. But I did try my best to stay in the moment and just truly live it because at the start my classmates and I were under the impression that this was the only game we would be able to attend. Little did we know what journey was ahead of us as the season went on. 

March 1, 2024 

Our Instructor had sent out the invitations to another home game with the Warriors and I took the chance as soon as I heard the news. Never did I think I would be excited to see a Lacrosse game but this was also a great networking opportunity as well. This time I was extra happy getting ready to go and don’t be fooled as a girl getting ready is one of the funnest parts of going out no matter where your destination might be. From picking out the outfit, choosing what kind of makeup look I was going for, and what hairstyle made the experience all more worthwhile. For this game, I had chosen a pink ribbon in my hair because what says Lacrosse is like a pink ribbon. This night was special because it was the First Nations Night as the Vancouver Warriors gave recognition to the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. It was a beautiful cultural celebration filled with traditional First Nations song and dance and a bonus The Vancouver Warriors beat the defending Champs the Buffalo Bandits! I was so invested in the game I almost forgot to create questions for the players for the post-game conference. Regardless it was such a memorable night and the second game was a lot more enjoyable and I was getting a better sense of the game. 

March 15, 2024

The third game came along and again I jumped at the opportunityhowever this time I decided to take pictures for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. With that, I was finally understanding how the game works and was an avid watcher as well. And becoming familiar with the staff as well was super nice. They all recognized us and greeted my classmate and me. It was super comforting. I also had gotten to know the girl who worked for the Warriors social media and she was so excited to see us as well. The environment was less intimidating for sure. Lacrosse is such a funny sport but so entertaining like hockey the aggression level as I mentioned earlier was quiet, howeverit’s the way this game could keep you on your toes consistently. It did help that the Warriors played phenomenally and had some extra Saint Paddy’s luck in the game. Along with the game itself, I always forget how electric a Vancouver crowd can be. Although Rogers wasn’t at capacity as a Canucks game would be which is obvious of course Kat there’s a different popularity status. The crowd was soaring and roaring with noise and cheers to support this team. That win was well deserved and it set up a fun post-game conference for sure. 


April 13, 2024 

This was the last home again my classmates and I would be attending. The Warriors faced off against the New York Riptides in a very exciting game. Coming into the media section felt like we had been there all season saying our hellos to people and having great conversations with the staff. It was a lot more relaxed and bittersweet since it was our last game to volunteer for. So my classmates and I tried to enjoy every bit of it. I was once again doing some photography for the team so I could enjoy watching the game instead of analyzing it. But I enjoyed editing the photos and adding some nice touches to them. They all turned out pretty amazing. Moreover, this game as I remember was quite intense. Both teams were playing hard. New York’s defense was quite tight, especially in the first half. But with the Warrior’s aggressive offense, they beat the Riptides 16-10, and after overcoming a rough start to the season and becoming the bottom team the last leg of the regular season came in favor of the Warriors and they were very close to clinching a playoff spot. They didn’t but their performance build back up from the bottom was quite admirable. After the game, we shared our gratitude towards the Warriors staff and media team for the opportunities we were given and left with an extra pep in our step. It was a great ending to the season for us and the memories we made were truly unforgettable. 


All in all, getting into a new sport is such a thrilling thing and Lacrosse surprised me. And again I never thought I would be able to say now that I am a lacrosse fan. The opportunity that the Vancouver Warriors Media gave us was such an experience and I am forever grateful for it I do have hopes to be able to do it all again in my second year. It would be even better now that I have an understanding of how the game works and I would love to pursue a career in sports media and expand my knowledge of the inner workings of how media is run for professional sports teams.

Beautiful Spots and Sights to See

I’ve lived in Vancouver pretty much my entire life. I’ve travelled around the world but some places in Vancouver could simply never be replaced. We have some of the most beautiful spots to sightsee and some awesome food places that are truly unique to Vancouver life. Here are some of my favourite spots to go to and check out especially as summer comes along. 

Deep Cove: 

Deep Cove is based in North Vancouver which is home to a beautiful beach. It’s quiet and serene with lots around the area to check out and try. First off if you love to kayak, paddle board, or even just take a dip the Deep Cove beach is the spot for you. This beach is quite rocky but very enclosed with a great view of the Valleys and it is the perfect spot for family, friends, and furry friends. Also, if you’ve been planning to start hiking or just simply want to reconnect with nature the hike to Quarry Rock is there as well. My friends and I love doing this trial. It’s not too difficult to do and the ambiance and energy are unmatched. The view from the top of the rock is top-notch and worth the hike up. What’s great about Deep Cove is the little town around it that holds a lot of great food places as well. If you wanna get a cold treat, Deep Cove Ice Cream is a great place to grab some scoops of your favourite flavours. I always steer towards the bubble gum or cotton candy flavours my go-to order since I was a kid. Or if you’re looking for something savoury and sweet Honey Donuts & Goodies is a great lunch spot to grab some of their famous donuts or even some brunch it gets quite busy so if you want to check it out I recommend early afternoon during the weekdays but these might change during the summer break. If you’re craving a hardy meal Dip Co. Sandwich makes some of the best sandwiches and is even home of the big cheese! Overall Deep Cove is a great place to check out and should be a pit stop to check out in Vancouver. 

Deer Lake Park: 

Deer Lake is Located in the city of Burnaby and is a prominent figure in Burnaby and a spot for everyone. If you’re looking for a nice walk without hiking Deer Lake Park has a great trail that surrounds the entire lake and is a great source of exercise on a beautiful sunny day. They hold lots of community events The Burnaby Blooms are being held from 11-2 pm these next two Saturdays May 18th and May 25th. They have many vendors and wonderful flower arrangements and gardens to look at and snap some pictures of this is located at the Festival Gardens just found along the Deer Lake Pathway or right next to Shadbolt Theatre. I grew up coming to this spot especially with my friends because it’s free and affordable if you would like to do any activities. My best friend and I love going on pedal boats together every summer. It only costs us up to 10-20$ to rent out for an hour and it’s a fun way to soak in the sun and adventure around the lake. And you will be followed by dozens of geese around the park and lake. But one thing I do not recommend is eating popcorn while pedal boating. Trust me you will have a flock of geese trailing behind you or even one trying to say hi on the boats with you. This place is truly one of my favourite places even to just hang out and a definite recommendation for locations to check out this summer. 

Greta Bar and Shark Club: 

If you’re looking for some nighttime fun, Greta Bar located along Cordova St is a great place to wind down. I’ve got some fun stories at this bar and so can you! I’ve gotten Santa to buy my friends and me a round of shots, that’s what I would consider holiday cheer. Greta has great music, a fun atmosphere, and fun arcade games to play if you’re not on the dance floor. You can purchase a game card and you can play all kinds of games like Mario Kart, Pac-Man, and Basketball, or even just take some cute photo booth pictures with your friends. And if you’re celebrating a birthday you can reserve a table on their website and try the big fishbowl drink they’ve got. Craving some food? Greta has a food truck-style lineup where you can order tasty garlic parmesan fries for you and your friends to share. Those fries hit when you’re about 2-3 tequila shots in and a much-needed remedy after dancing. Are you a sports fan? The Shark Club is a great spot to check out if you want to go watch your favourite team play more specifically the Canucks especially now in the playoffs. The Shark Club Bar & Grill is located on West Georgia St just by Rogers Arena and BC Place Stadium and if you’re coming from a game you’ll make it just in time for happy hour. My go-to order is the pink lemonade. I’m not sure what’s in it but it is really good and well priced. I usually go for chicken tenders and fries and there is seating so it’s nice to just chill out and have a seat, drink some cold ones, have a cold chicken tendie, and have a great conversation with your friends or fellow sports fan. These two bars will always be my go-to spots in downtown Vancouver to grab drinks with my friends and another spot you can add to your travel list.

Granville Island Public Market: 

Granville Island is a great way to spend the day in Vancouver with lots of fun treats, activities, and shops to check out. I love to stop at the Crystal Ark. It holds an energy that is just truly calm and peaceful. The food spots there are a must-try. They’ve got pizza places, yummy donuts, and fresh produce markets all located in the Granville Island Public Market. It also holds many cute shops as well, especially for souvenirs. And don’t ever think you’re too old to check out the Kids Market. It has so many fun shops and art that make up the whimsical atmosphere that the kid’s market holds. Granville Island has such a comforting environment and is quite nostalgic as well. Every time my friends and I visit it has such a cinematic feel to it the same sense as a romance movie or a coming-of-age film. Especially in the spring/summertime, it is such a great place for every age because there’s truly something for everyone! 

Overall, these spots are just a few of the best places located in Vancouver but these are just some places I love to always go back to and always miss when travelling. There are a handful of more places that I could list off but you’d be reading this as if it was a 200-page novel. It is truly a wonder to be living in Vancouver because, within every 4 seasons, there is always an activity to do.