What Are We Listening to this Summer? 

New or old music will always persist as one of the most important things that keep our worlds spinning. Whether it’s listening in your room, buying that concert ticket, or listening to the radio you will always almost be surrounded by some kind of music everywhere you go. Since the summertime is upon us I have picked out some of my favourite albums and tracks that you could add to your summer nights, summer drives, or summer says playlist whichever they might be. 

Sunburn by Dominic Fike

Released in the summer of 2023 this album was truly perfection in my opinion. Dominic has some of the best discography of modern times. His blends of genres and musical abilities truly are showcased in this album. Songs like Ant Pile, How Much is Weed? , and Think Fast ft Weezer are some of my favourite tracks. Ultimately this album has many wonderful dimensions to it sonically and lyrically. This past August I had the opportunity to see him live and It was one of the best performances I have ever seen so farHe truly has so much admiration for his work and sings his songs in a simple yet alluring way. Is he one of my celebrity crushes of course he is but just like how I love Bruno Mars and his talent I am in love with Dominic’s talent truly. This Album cover to cover is a must listen to the album and perfectly emulates that hot summer day. 

Beatopia by Beabadoobee 

Released in 2022 I discovered this album in such a fun way and similar to another album that will be mentioned in a moment. But I’ll set the scene for you, it was about 4 am in Rome. My family and I just got settled in our Air bnb so I was quite jetlagged. I was scrolling on TikTok as you do at 4 am when you can’t sleep and I stumbled across a video of Beabadoobee lip-syncing to this awesome song. I click on the song and it’s titled “Talk”. I had my headphones so I took it upon myself to check this song out. When I tell you my life has not been the same since I found this song it completely changed my life. This song felt like the missing piece I have been searching for. I think I found my soulmate and it was this song. I then proceeded to play that song on repeat for the entire night and then I discovered the album that went along with it and low and behold “Beatopia” was added to my music repertoire. With songs like 10:36, See You Soon, Don’t Get the deal this album is incredibly close to the feeling of a coming-of-age movie made in the 2000s. Her sweet voice combined with the rock tones is just perfect and I will always recommend this album and her music for every season beyond summer. 

Renaissance by Beyonce

Now this album is another complete masterpiece, some of Beyonce’s best work in my opinion. I discovered this song in Rome as well. Similar to how I discovered Bea’s work I was scrolling through TikTok once again not at 4 am I’m sure it was during the day. I had known Bey had released a new album but I hadn’t been able to have a full listen to the album quite yet. So our adventures for the day were going around Rome on a tourist bus and I downloaded the album to listen to while the tour was going on. I had another out-of-body experience and I was fully immersed in that album. It was a side of Beyonce I had never expected to ever hear but how dare I deny her. Summer Renaissance and Virgo’s Groove blew me away immediately; they were my standouts of the album. And once again I had the opportunity to see her live in concert with my sister and all I can say is I have seen Beyonce in the flesh. We have breathed the same air. Tracks like Thique, Summer Renaissance, Virgos Groove, and Move can be found in my playlist and maybe yours as well

Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale by Tyler the Creator 

This Deluxe album is Summer Tyler the Creator’s way of creating a whole other environment or world with his albums is truly something else. This album is stacked with a ton of features of big names as well as produced by some of the best artists in the game currently. Some of the features include A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, Brent Faiyaz, and DAISY WORLD along with many other artists this album could be comparable to a hot beach day on the Amalfi Coast tanning, eating and just vibing out. I would pair this album with a nice boat ride if you want a taste of hip-hop and r & b. This album takes the cake. Tracks I recommend would be Wharf Talk, Wusyaname, Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance, and Dogtooth. These are just a couple of the amazing tracks that this album holds and definitely will be on repeat this summer. 

Rio by Duran Duran 

If you’re looking for something more classic, Rio by Duran Duran has that sound for you. Released in 1981 I found this album back in 2019 my dad had always recommended them but I had never taken the time to listen to it. However when I got the chance this album has stuck with me ever since. It’s a pure 80s pop-rock sound filled with horned quick-paced drums and synths. You can’t help but get up and dance to it. It is a mood lifter with tracks like Rio, Hungry Like a Wolf and Hold Back the Rain this album is perfectly curated to make you dance and jam out. 

Motion by Calvin Harris 

Because the internet has collectively decided it’s a 2014 summer and its celebrations of this album’s 10th Anniversary. Motion released in 2014 brought some of the best EDM hits of the century and still are played on repeat to this day. One of its most popular songs in the album is called “Summer”. How could you not have that on your playlist? I love to blast this song windows down when I’m driving in the summertime because once you can play this you know summer has begun. This album also has tracks like Outside ft. Ellie Goulding, and Blame ft John Newman all cultivate that same summer feeling. Overall this is a major dance album and is perfect for those party upbeat moments you’d wanna share with friends. 

I could go on with all of the other recommendations I have however this essay would be about the size of a Hunger Games book so I will save them for another time. Regardless these songs are truly the vibes I can sense this summer whether they have been already or not. Music doesn’t have an expiry date and that’s why I love music so incredibly deeply because of its long-lasting freedom within it. So whatever or whoever you’re going to listen to this summer when you’re curating your playlist have a listen to some of these and maybe who knows they could be songs you have been waiting for. 

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