The Lustrous Music of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has been a force in the music industry for quite some time now she is probably your favourite artist’s favourite artist. She consistently puts out bodies of artwork with each album having a significant impact every time she announces new music. She is truly unique vocally, lyrically, and aesthetically. In celebration of her recent appearances and thrust back into pop culture after taking a big break from performing I will be showing off my top 3 Lana albums thus far. 

Born to Die (2012) 

Born to Die released in 2012 was my first introduction and taste to her music. I believe I was at the ripe age of 8 when my best friend Madison showed me her timeless song “Summertime Sadness” Ever since then I have been hooked. Now at the time I obviously could not fully grasp the concepts of her lyrics which rightfully so because they are quite mature, to say the leastHowever, when I re-familiarize myself with them as I have gotten older I wonder with concern why I was listening to her music so young. However, it built my character and I am doing alright today so I wouldn’t say it wasn’t that bad. My first favorite track of the album is “National Anthem” This paired with its iconic music video, is insane. It’s sultry lyrics and wonderful storytelling Lana captivates listeners that you can’t possibly resist. In the music video, there is a nod to Jackie Kennedy as Lana and rapper A$ap Rocky portray the President and First Lady in a vintage classic looking style music video. My second favourite track is “Blue Jeans”. This song is a slow yet intense song and is perfect for a drive in the rain or the sun and deserves to be sung at the top of your lungs. Lastly, “Summertime Sadness” because it was the first song I was introduced to this song has been in my top songs for over 10 years now and continues to be a top song today it is so timeless like many of the songs of this album and this song will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Ultraviolence (2013) 

This album I didn’t fully digest till I got a bit older because again the maturity level for this album was quite yet. Released in 2013 this album’s dark concept mixed with Lana’s alluring songwriting and voice caused quite the controversy back then. However, those who didn’t get it or couldn’t understand it were just boring. Ultraviolence holds some of my top songs of all time because of their sensual slow yet intense instrumentals and they all show the lyrical genius that Lana is. “West Coast” is probably one of my favourite songs of all time because of how it’s composed and produced. The build-up that the song holds is unmatched and I have never heard another song like it. Pretty When You Cry” and “Shades of Cool” are two tracks that I adore because the instrumentals once again are spectacular. Especially the guitar solo in “Pretty When You Cry” takes you to another world. Overall, this album is perfect and If you’re just starting to get into Lana I would recommend listening to this album from top to bottom to get the full experience. 


NFR! Was one of the first Lana Del Rey albums I could fully consume in a way because I believe I was about 15 when it came out however I did not listen to it until we had to quarantine but it had been on my listen-to list for a while. Little did I know it was going to become one of my favourite albums of all time. It has tracks like “Mariners Apartment Complex”, “Cinnamon Girl”, and “The Greatest” Each song is truly something else. This album was produced mainly by Lana Del Rey and Jack Antanoff whose most notable work is with artists including Taylor Swift, Clairo, Lorde and The 1975 all of these artists are just a few he has worked with. Regardless, NFR! Took the world by storm because of its high anticipation and this album still holds records and significance in pop culture. With her relatable yet poetic lyrics mixed with the amazingly produced instrumentals, there is something so truly timeless about this album. In summary, this album will withstand time up until the very end of her career, and beyond that Lana is truly special and unique and will always be a backbone in the industry. 

Honourable Mentions: 

Lana’s most recent album “Did You Know There’s a tunnel under ocean boulevard” holds a load of my favourite songs with tracks like “Let the Light In” and “Peppers. That album blew me away because of how rich the music is within it. I thought she deserved the Grammy amongst the other fellow nominees merely because including SZA’s SOS album they were a lot stronger than Taylor’s Midnights album. And that is a big take because I am a fellow Swiftie how ever I pay my respects where they are due. It did sadden me that Lana has still yet to receive her awards however her fan base and constant support will always make me proud because her music speaks for itself and doesn’t need all the glitz and glam of the awards. It just further proves how long-standing her career has been and she is constantly delivering music that doesn’t play to the fans but music that is authentically raw and herself all the time with no further explanation. It also makes her and those who listen to her music just incredibly cooler than everyone else.  

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