19 Things Just Before 20

I am turning 20 this year and safe to say I am terrified yet excited all at the same time. Age is such a funny thing because it is just a number however in the changes and unknowns that come along with it. You don’t know what your 20th, 30th, or 40th year of living will bring. So I’ve compiled a couple of things I have learned at 19 that will hopefully bring me or you some peace of mind. 

  1.  Make sure to take care of yourselfit’s okay to take a load when you need to and listen to your body when it needs food, eat food, when you need water, drink it, and if you need to just sit and listen to music alone then take the time and do it. Your mental and physical health should always come first. 
  2. Eat whatever you want. Life is too short to not enjoy that chocolate cake you have been craving all day. If you know you’re going to be fulfilled by grabbing a well-deserved slice of pizza then grab it. Just make sure you’re not overindulging to a point where it’s not enjoyable. It also ties in to taking care of your body and mind and not being too overzealous.   
  3. Surround yourself with people who bring you up and celebrate your successes but also help you throughout your hard times. Make sure your friends that have you can grow with and blossom together. 
  4. Listen to the music you want to listen to, don’t confine yourself to what other people might say. If you love Taylor Swift or Beyonce then be open about it you should be allowed to love out loud. 
  5. Don’t feel bad for not feeling like going out or canceling plans if you’re not in the right mindset unless you’re sure that if you go out you know it will help you recharge your battery. 
  6. Try to keep your school/work stuff organized, create those folders, and take some time to group all your work. I’m struggling with that even today and I hope to improve my organizational skills in my twenties. 
  7. Make those necessary changes that are aligned with the person you want to become and don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to realistic choices dream big and make those changes. 
  8. Not every guy/girl you meet is partner material and you don’t have to feel bad for not being ready for a serious relationship whatever is meant for you should come easily and naturally when the time is right.
  9. If someone is being rude or tearing down your ideas the best and quickest way to quiet them is using this line If you’re boring just say it is fine” It’s quick easy not too harsh but the confusion and reaction you might receive will get the job done quick and easy
  10. If someone is hating on you they are just jealous they’re not and if you can feel them projecting their insecurities at you don’t take them it’s not good for you or for that person
  11. Take the opportunity to network and further your advances whether it’s in school or work for example when The Vancouver Warriors reached out for volunteers for their media of course I would take the opportunity because it’s in the field of work I would like to be in. 
  12. Sometimes your silence is all you can give there are times to speak up but there are times when your actions speak louder than your words so make sure you approach anything you do with care and passion. 
  13. Being careful who you open up to being a yapper in this generation is quite scary sometimes, especially in the environment I work in so you just have to be extra cautious in who you’re spilling the tea to. 
  14. Take pictures sometimes the most beautiful things need to be captured no matter how big or small. Sometimes I love looking back at the silly pictures my friends and I take and it just fills me with all the joy I need in a single moment
  15. If you’re a girl and you’re going to have guy friends make sure they like women in a sense that they are not friends with women they are attracted to but they genuinely care for you as a friend and you can trust them and feel mutual respect between the two of you. Because men and women can be friends. 
  16. Buying those concert tickets money is temporary memories that last forever and with the amount of time you might between you and the concert you’ll have already made up the money back. That’s just how I cope, especially in today’s world where concert tickets cost over 100$ for bad seats. 
  17. Find a hobby other than being in your book reading those books, baking that cake, trying that new recipe, and taking some needed time off social media necessary
  18. Do not let anyone make you feel inferior without your permission. I got that line from a Barbie movie once when I was like 6-7 years old and It has stuck with me ever since. 
  19. Lastly, have fun, enjoy the little moments in life, celebrate your wins and losses, and party when you can. Having fun is not a crime, just be responsible. 

Overall, going into my twenties is such a daunting thought. All of these lessons and advice have either been given or learned by me or the people I surround myself with. Being a teenager is such an experience however it’s arguably only the beginning of our lives. Personally as scared as I am it does not compare to how excited I am to turn 20 truly I am excited about it. It also does kind of feel weird because I look younger than I am because of those Filipino genes I have but it also is a weird experience because I am the youngest sibling and still considered the baby of the family. So coming to terms with it fully has been quite a challenge because I have people in my ear constantly telling me I am becoming something I am not and they don’t accept that I am getting older. But I would like to embrace it because you should be allowed to embrace it. However, I am still enjoying 19 although it has been an interesting year so far, to say the least, I still have the summer to enjoy especially cause I am legal so I can go out in the summer but there are still so many things I have yet to learn and discover. So cheers to 19! 

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