Cody Comes To Sami’s Aid!

Canadian World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Sami Zayn is looking to finally take the Bloodline down once and for all. To do so though he’ll need some help. Help is what Sami got on Friday night Smackdown when title contender and Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes came to Sami’s aid and launched an attack against the Uso’s.

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and now Cody a Rhodes have been in a long back and forth feud with the Bloodline faction.

The feud reached its boiling point on Monday night though when Jey Uso finally revealed where he stood in the situation.

Sami Zayn was set to face off against Jey Uso’s brother Jimmy on Monday Night RAW this week. After weeks of deliberation Jey came out to the ring during the match and joined forces with Sami Zayn against his brother and the rest of the Bloodline.

Fans were ecstatic and the whole crowd started to chant and cheer for Jey and Sami. However, it was all an act and Jey turned on Sami seconds later, delivering a devastating super kick to him. Jey then got in Sami Zayns face and started to yell and taunt him. The Uso’s then launched an attack on Sami Zayn until Cody Rhodes came to Sami’s rescue. Cody has a match scheduled with the Bloodline leader, and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, making this feud personal for him as well.

On Friday Night Smackdown Sami and Cody decided to take their revenge from Monday Night RAW.

The pair attacked the USO’s and chased them out of the ring and continued to fight all throughout the stands. Then Cody and Sami  brought the action back to the ring where they hit their finishers on the Uso’s and stood triumphantly in the ring.

Fans are speculating that this storyline is leading to a three versus three match in the coming weeks between the Bloodline and Sami, Owens, and Cody. Time will tell if it’s finally time for the Bloodline to fall to these rising stars.

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