The #Fire Benning is now accomplished

And in more sports news GM Jim Benning has finally been fired. Honestly nothing personal to him. But Finally. You know how long us as fans have been waiting for this? Like bad contracts he created like the one with Ellias Petterson. Who has not been playing well as of late, especially last night. When the crowd a the LAST MINUTE OF THE GAME you can hear FIRE BENNING as a a chant. And I could hear that over the TV on Sports net on the night of the game. It was that bad. Apparently Benning was cleaning out his office this morning. Some insider staff did say.

The Canucks did not officially announce his leave but Sportsnet reports and others in the sports media world have gotten reputable sources to confirm this. Heck it went to global news as well. And this came mere hours after the unofficial report of the firing of Travis Green. And I reported that earlier  when that news just came out and now with Benning.

It seems The Aquilini’s will listen to fans when we speak up and tell them enough is enough. Going forward seems like a hard road but it is made easier because the next head coach is  Bruce Brodreau . Who is honestly as breath of fresh air for this team and apparently a very offense oriented coach. Which is good because we have a offensive oriented team. In terms of  who is replacing Jim Benning  there will be an interim with  the COO(Chief Operating Officer)  Chris Gear until they find a more permanent candidate. Regarding Chris Gear . I do not know do much about him but he to seems like a breath of fresh air as well. And for a Canucks Fans like myself a huge sigh of relief. Maybe this is the road to the Stanley Cup for us. And Frankly the Future for the Canucks


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