The #Fire Benning is now accomplished

And in more sports news GM Jim Benning has finally been fired. Honestly nothing personal to him. But Finally. You know how long us as fans have been waiting for this? Like bad contracts he created like the one with Ellias Petterson. Who has not been playing well as of late, especially last night. When the crowd a the LAST MINUTE OF THE GAME you can hear FIRE BENNING as a a chant. And I could hear that over the TV on Sports net on the night of the game. It was that bad. Apparently Benning was cleaning out his office this morning. Some insider staff did say.

The Canucks did not officially announce his leave but Sportsnet reports and others in the sports media world have gotten reputable sources to confirm this. Heck it went to global news as well. And this came mere hours after the unofficial report of the firing of Travis Green. And I reported that earlier  when that news just came out and now with Benning.

It seems The Aquilini’s will listen to fans when we speak up and tell them enough is enough. Going forward seems like a hard road but it is made easier because the next head coach is  Bruce Brodreau . Who is honestly as breath of fresh air for this team and apparently a very offense oriented coach. Which is good because we have a offensive oriented team. In terms of  who is replacing Jim Benning  there will be an interim with  the COO(Chief Operating Officer)  Chris Gear until they find a more permanent candidate. Regarding Chris Gear . I do not know do much about him but he to seems like a breath of fresh air as well. And for a Canucks Fans like myself a huge sigh of relief. Maybe this is the road to the Stanley Cup for us. And Frankly the Future for the Canucks


Delivery delays and thoughts

Today I will we be talking to you about shipping and delays here in Vancouver and why we should watch them. The time of writing is in the pandemic. The food supply chain is actually doing pretty well in the Vancouver area for now . The floods may have a long term threat towards the supply chain for a few reasons 


First is the pandemic. Generally things are slow even if it feels like normal now when it comes to shipping companies. Things to consider here is less workers, This would be impart to social distancing in workplaces so you have less staff. And some people may have quit in the pandemic that have changed into other jobs and people changing out of jobs is a big thing right now I notice. And I do not mean just in BC I mean in North America in general. I particularly notice this in two places. First is Canada Post. More than a month ago A friend of mine from Japan sent me some Tokyo Olympic 2020 merch through air mail in Japan Post It was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago.

I know because there was a priority shipping. But I think the new Omicron variant had Japan shut down flight for a good bit and I betting there is a backlog  of shipping on Japan’s end. And even if it got here I expect a bigger backlog in Vancouver due to it being more restrictive on workers than Japan from what I notice.

With a Youtube video like this I would say there is cause for concern.



And I do not blame them for this. You got to keep people safe. So I understand. The other one is DHL a non crown corporation. They do accel better at delivery generally than Canada post. I would know because I used both of them as shipping services. And on average DHL delivers faster. I guess this is because on average they have to make their shipments on time. And they do not have government funding. This has it’s drawbacks however. The workers can be more stressed and have tighter schedules than even before the pandemic due to people order more online in the pandemic. 


Second is Christmas. This season is the season of giving so people will buy more stuff to give to others and if there is more demand, Supply must keep up, and with the floods in terms of land we are cut off from the rest of Canada and The cleanup will take long even though the military will help.

That is because we have not encountered this before in the modern day nor did we really account for it. If I told you Abbotsford will flood I am pretty sure you would believe me. And yet here we are. If they do not fix the road soon the gas rationing will not be the only thing we need to worry about. I would not say we would be fighting for food as supplies but I am not counting that out. As a possibility no matter how distant that is. 


Vancover Christmas Market 2021

Vancouver Christmas Market is something that is returning this year. And it is a good place to go too. And here is why you should go


1.   Jack Poole plaza. Located in waterfront is a very nice place  very easy to access through Skytrain and the Canada line. And the place is near the Vancouver convention center and Canada place  where you can go to Air Canada for their Christmas thing as well to the Market.


2.   A Lot of things to do for everyone. There is a bunch of stuff to let’s name a couple. The Food stalls. There is a variety of food at the market this year.  One of them being Daus Fish Haus. A food stall that sells  Ukrainian food. From what is seen they fish burgers and they look really good. There are also other places that sell Turkey legs, Soft pretzels, Transylvanian chimney cakes( which is a personal favorite of mine), Chocolates , Hurricane potatoes and many more. Mentioning all this food frankly makes me hungry just talking about it.

3. You most likely have not gone out in a long time. Well for many this is true in a leisure sense. And for fair reasons. But this could be a good first experience into something close to normal again and right now who would not want that?!


 So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this Christmas season come down to the Vancouver Christmas Market. And if you are still scared of Covid. They do have safety precautions there, and people wear masks. After all, it is common practice at this point. Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays to you.

4 Good movies that you should watch in Vancouver Theaters for Christmas

Now we all know that business got hit in Vancouver. Theatre got hit hard. In cineplex  I remember 100 million dollars  and in Metrotown the silver city theater which is part of cineplex lost money as well. But now they are gaining back people and that is good. Here is a little guide on what you could be watching.


Spiderman Far from home. This is a must see I would say. The prospect of spidermen three present and I mean Andrew Garfield  and The Great Toby McGuire my favorite Spiderman along with the current iteration played by the awesome Tom Holland  will be great. They do have villains from the previous Spiderman iterations like Jamie Foxx(Electro) and Alfred Molina( Doctor Octopus)  who did well in Spiderman 2 and Willheim Dafoe (Green Goblin). I think the hype of this movie is strong and will deliver on giving you a strong experience

House of Gucci. I think this movie will do well and something to keep an eye on. The story follows the marriage of Maurizio Gucci who is played by Adam Driver and Patrizia Reggani who is played by Lady Gaga. And the events that led up to a murder. Watch this clip to find out more 

The Matrix Resurrections. The matrix trilogy is back with a new  iteration to the story. If you have not watched the matrix trilogy I would say watch that first. But for fans who have watched the trilogy I would say this is a must see. I am not sure that they are going to kill the series. Because Trilogies with a 4th installment usually do that but I would have high hopes for this.

The Kings Man: This is a prequel movie to the Kingsman series which I do love. Unlike matrix you do not need to watch the 2 other movies for this, because this starts in world war 2 when the Kingsmen were first formed. To people interested in this series, It combines action and comedy with a serious tone in a really good way. If you do want to watch the Kingsman movies  that are out already that is fine. But you do not need them to watch this one.

Overall that is my list on what you could watch in cineplex and other theatres across Vancouver. I am sure that there are some stuff I missed and if your picks are not on the list mention them by commenting below this article. Thanks for reading and see you later!!!!!


Cool places that you could take nice winter pictures right now

Hey looking for that postcard pic? Or just want  to go outside as an excuse. This is just for you. I will be mentioning some places around Greater Vancouver that you could go to and take some nice pictures. 


Central park(Burnaby) This would be a nice place to simulate a winter environment in photo taking. The exceedingly tall trees if you go deep enough, It will seem like an actual forest, which is not too far and I like that. I also has that nature hike feel to it due to the small hiking trails inside the park.



 Queen Elizabeth Park. In a winter setting it has altitude so you can take some top down shots  of the hill or the snow on the garden. The garden may not have flowers but winter it has that zen like feel. Like a calm spring of water in a winters day this you video would give you an idea.\




Stanley park: This area looks great in the winter as well since it is  part of the seawall you can get some nice winter pictures there. Like the cold water hitting the snow covered path on the seawall. And since the coyotes are not much of a threat now  I think it is safe to go into the forest and takes some nice nature shots there. But remember to exercise caution. You do not want to harm wildlife and you would not want wildlife to harm you. Also if you are lucky this year there is a train a small one that stanley park does as a tour like thing . Can possibly take pictures of that.




Burnaby Public Library Metrotown Branch: This place is really nice for Christmas shots because of the light decorations they have. Personally I would go because After I finish my classes for the day In BCIT I head here sometimes and when I leave around 4:30 pm it usually lights up. And since it is winter the sun sets faster so by 6:00 pm you can see the light decorations in the library in all it’s glory .

These are only a couple of places that are really good for winter shots in Greater Vancouver? What are yours? I would like to know so please comment down below. Thanks for reading.



Travis Green Fired: A Light of Hope for the Canucks

So it seems like Aqulini can listen after all.  It has been confirmed that Travis Green is out of the Canucks as the head coach by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman.  The Canucks fans are celebrating on Twitter. This just comes after a devastating loss to the penguins 4-1 last night.  Honestly good. Like this is the best news I have heard in a long time. Because it seems Christmas has come early for us.

As in regards to Travis green. I think he will be fine for the most part. I say this because he earns a bunch of money being the head coach of the team and in the event that his contract is terminated which  most likely has happened. He probably has some form of severance package. I would say for him he should lay low for a while and not get another coaching job for a bit.

Especially because of last night’s game. But something tells me that he will be hired elsewhere so honestly losing his job sucks on a personal level which I do understand, But the performance does not justify him staying there per say. But this new I do know too much about him, but this is promising. Here is a little bit of what I could find.  Bruce Boudreau  is his name. He played for the Toronto Maple Leaves, He was the Head Coach for several teams Washington Capitals,  Anaheim Ducks and the Minnesota Wild is his most recent Head coaching gig. Again I think this is a ray of hope for this team.

We will see him in action December 6th going against the Kings at home. I have seen many tweets citing praise for the team which is good. Because many were frustrated with Aqullini’s lack of action at the time. Some of that Anger has been mostly quelled which is good. But people are still pushing for Fire Benning. Which I do get and also want but. This I will take for now. Let’s give this new head coach a chance and maybe we might get better. Ellias Peterson who has been in a slump lately can maybe get back in the swing of things. But to conclude I got to say this. May the Canucks redemption arc begin.

Tweet reporting it here




Canucks vs Penguins: No Just No Please STOP

        This game was really depressing. How did we get 3 penalties in a row on 2nd  period. What is this, what even is this. We were doing so well. So well. And then this happened.  I thought we were going back up. But no. Down. We go back now to losing. I want to know where did the momentum GO. Like where?The last game was perfect. But not we get garbage. Like  how did we get this bad. I want to know. And please fire benning. That chant during the game Fire benning. I could hear that on my Tv Audibly. Like how despondent the Canucks fanbase is right now. 8 years under Jim benning and we have only gone to the playoffs twice. Others literally were fired for less. I will fault the players for getting penalties, the 10 min one was kind of suspect but the other two I can see. When I was watching this live .I thought the first penalty was fine. Basically oh ok business as usual.

The second one was a little concerning but ok but then the third. I knew we lost and facepalmed and not too long the Penguins scored. And then everyone knew we had lost. After that it just got worse. Penguins scored again in third period. Which was just salt to the wounds of  Canucks fans everywhere. Even to the third period especially after that 4th shot.  You can hear audible booing on tv for the world to see. As the game came to a close you could see Rogers Arena seats empty because of fans leaving. Twitter was on fire with Fire Benning tweets were all on display last night as well.


And someone at the end of the game threw a Bo Horvat Jersey on the ice. I understand that people say that this is unacceptable but I believe we can make an exception. Why because the owner Francessco Aquillini is not doing anything. The fanbase does not feel like their being heard. They are sick and tired of losing, And seeing bad contracts. I do not blame them. Also the Jerseys are overpriced so if a disgruntled fan wants to throw it is fine. I mean it is their money right?

The team is a dumpster fire and I highly doubt anyone wants to really  watch  the Canucks. I know I am not because this show how incompetent the teams is, And it was really hard to watch. The only redeeming factor of the game. It is Demko. Demko played great and I feel bad about all the stuff he has been through. Because I would be  frustrated  about the amount of losses this team has.If I were him. And I certainly would.  But to end of this article all I got to say is this. Fire Benning and Fire Green  Francesco Aqulilini, Because those chants will not stop and people will tune to something else if you do not.

Canucks Vs Senators: Are we back?

We won our second game in Ottawa YEAH!!!. 6-2 against the senators. I had checked twitter throughout  the night. It was a bit funny when Gauette scored because he left the Canucks not too long ago.  We were going good two minutes in when we scored until that happened. But then Tyler Motte scored into the second period  which was good.

Honestly I was expecting a repeat of  what happened in Montreal in which we would win on the score. Until Alex Schenn scored with 28 seconds on the clock in the  second period. This was Schenn’s first goal with the Canucks. I noticed the Canucks twitter congratulated him  on his first goal with the Canucks.

People were making jokes that he could not score but now have been silenced. And things got better in the game when Bo Horvat scored  the 4th goal for the Canucks on the 15th minute mark and  that was just fantastic.

My reaction live was let’s goooooo while raising my arms up being excited. And the Canucks that night and then Alex Chiasson scored  the 5th goal for the Canucks and that gave any Canucks fan with a smile on their face.

And then the Cherry on top for this game is  the 2 minute mark scored again with J.T Miller which he just rushed though  the senators like it was nothing. The senators did score before that but. It does not matter.

We STILL WIN!!!. The team did say they have regained their confidence and I am happy for them as a fan. Hopefully we can get to win a 3rd game for our winning streak at home this Saturday.

Overall my final thoughts are the Canucks are back. They naysayers who are saying this team fought the two worst teams in the NHL can really go take a hike. Look, we need a win,we got one and I am not going to complain. I get the Green and Benning need to go but I will give them props for this game. It is only fair.

Canucks vs Canadiens

The Canucks won their game last night. 2-1 .They needed this win. Like really needed it. Since there is a big distrust between Travis green, Jim Benning and the Aquiliny’s and the Canucks fanbase. And I have to admit I am peeved too because they made Trevor linden leave because they did not want to rebuild but I won’t get into that. The first goal by Ellias Peterson which is great because this was in a power play. Peterson despite what some people say I think is an essential player right now. I may have a bias towards him because I watched him live a couple of times and I have grown a liking to him as a fan. But anyways during the first half of the first quarter we had the advantage which I like.

A strong offense I think this team specializes at that, Unfortunately Montreal scored shortly after which did suck while watching because the Canucks last 4 games  they lost and I went a little despondent about the Canucks winning and when Bo Horvat scored that brought the hope back. Also during that whole game our goalie Thatcher Demko  saved a lot. Like 33 times. Honestly he seems to be  the reason why Green and Benning are not out of a job yet. I think he would be the MVP because those saves gave time for the Canucks to get sorted their game plan sorted out since the Canucks first goal. Which is pretty good. This next part I really took note of .

 I was watching this on sports net and the color commentator  made the comment along the lines of being the worst NHL teams at the moment. I cannot say that he is wrong it did seem like a battle of dumb and dumber. Because of the #Firebenning I am not sure on the Montreal end because I do not keep up with them but hey it seems we have head coaches that suck. But overall I think the Canucks did a good job and it is nice to see a win for once. Hopefully we can keep this up at Wednesday. 

Vancouver Contact festival Returns

Vancouver’s contact festival makes it’s Grand Return. What is Contact. It is a EDM Music Festival in which people just rock out. And if you do not know what is EDM  is  Electronic Dance Music. A genre of this would Be Dubstep and Eurobeat. And fun fact for any music to be considered EDM Music it has to reach 200 beats per minute or higher. Did not know that. What to expect at contact is the biggest  names in EDM , And no Skrillex will not be here. But names like  Audien, GGMAGREE, Excision and Eric Prydz will be there. Now you probably do not know much of these names. But they are pretty big in the EDM Scene. In these events there are usually 20+ People headlining the event. Which is something you do not see everyday, especially if you are a concert goer.  If you want to consider if going to contact is right for you let’s look at a few things shall we?

Do you have a friend group that is into the club scene? I say this because if you are in that scene this festival would be appealing to you because this music genre utterly dominates that area. Secondly are you good with large crowds?

This is being held at the convention center  and from what I know about that building it will most likely be held on the basement floor which is a big place but that comes at a large crowd size and you may feel overwhelmed because people may be close to your personal space but I am sure that it will not be Travis Scott Astroworld levels of that. So for the most part you should be fine.

Also an important note I want to address if you are going to these event please and I MEAN PLEASE do not try to smuggle any drugs or alcohol in these events. What I am going to say next is alleged but, I have a friend that went to this event 3 years back and has seen this type of stuff and know how it works. Oh also do not try to get yourself drunk or “Greened out” which means to be high on weed. You can run into a lot of trouble in that state especially with a lot of people attending these types of  events . If you are interested  I will provide the link. I hope you had fun reading 

Thank you.

Here is a little preview of what you could be expecting