Delivery delays and thoughts

Today I will we be talking to you about shipping and delays here in Vancouver and why we should watch them. The time of writing is in the pandemic. The food supply chain is actually doing pretty well in the Vancouver area for now . The floods may have a long term threat towards the supply chain for a few reasons 


First is the pandemic. Generally things are slow even if it feels like normal now when it comes to shipping companies. Things to consider here is less workers, This would be impart to social distancing in workplaces so you have less staff. And some people may have quit in the pandemic that have changed into other jobs and people changing out of jobs is a big thing right now I notice. And I do not mean just in BC I mean in North America in general. I particularly notice this in two places. First is Canada Post. More than a month ago A friend of mine from Japan sent me some Tokyo Olympic 2020 merch through air mail in Japan Post It was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago.

I know because there was a priority shipping. But I think the new Omicron variant had Japan shut down flight for a good bit and I betting there is a backlog  of shipping on Japan’s end. And even if it got here I expect a bigger backlog in Vancouver due to it being more restrictive on workers than Japan from what I notice.

With a Youtube video like this I would say there is cause for concern.



And I do not blame them for this. You got to keep people safe. So I understand. The other one is DHL a non crown corporation. They do accel better at delivery generally than Canada post. I would know because I used both of them as shipping services. And on average DHL delivers faster. I guess this is because on average they have to make their shipments on time. And they do not have government funding. This has it’s drawbacks however. The workers can be more stressed and have tighter schedules than even before the pandemic due to people order more online in the pandemic. 


Second is Christmas. This season is the season of giving so people will buy more stuff to give to others and if there is more demand, Supply must keep up, and with the floods in terms of land we are cut off from the rest of Canada and The cleanup will take long even though the military will help.

That is because we have not encountered this before in the modern day nor did we really account for it. If I told you Abbotsford will flood I am pretty sure you would believe me. And yet here we are. If they do not fix the road soon the gas rationing will not be the only thing we need to worry about. I would not say we would be fighting for food as supplies but I am not counting that out. As a possibility no matter how distant that is. 


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