4 Good movies that you should watch in Vancouver Theaters for Christmas

Now we all know that business got hit in Vancouver. Theatre got hit hard. In cineplex  I remember 100 million dollars  and in Metrotown the silver city theater which is part of cineplex lost money as well. But now they are gaining back people and that is good. Here is a little guide on what you could be watching.


Spiderman Far from home. This is a must see I would say. The prospect of spidermen three present and I mean Andrew Garfield  and The Great Toby McGuire my favorite Spiderman along with the current iteration played by the awesome Tom Holland  will be great. They do have villains from the previous Spiderman iterations like Jamie Foxx(Electro) and Alfred Molina( Doctor Octopus)  who did well in Spiderman 2 and Willheim Dafoe (Green Goblin). I think the hype of this movie is strong and will deliver on giving you a strong experience

House of Gucci. I think this movie will do well and something to keep an eye on. The story follows the marriage of Maurizio Gucci who is played by Adam Driver and Patrizia Reggani who is played by Lady Gaga. And the events that led up to a murder. Watch this clip to find out more 

The Matrix Resurrections. The matrix trilogy is back with a new  iteration to the story. If you have not watched the matrix trilogy I would say watch that first. But for fans who have watched the trilogy I would say this is a must see. I am not sure that they are going to kill the series. Because Trilogies with a 4th installment usually do that but I would have high hopes for this.

The Kings Man: This is a prequel movie to the Kingsman series which I do love. Unlike matrix you do not need to watch the 2 other movies for this, because this starts in world war 2 when the Kingsmen were first formed. To people interested in this series, It combines action and comedy with a serious tone in a really good way. If you do want to watch the Kingsman movies  that are out already that is fine. But you do not need them to watch this one.

Overall that is my list on what you could watch in cineplex and other theatres across Vancouver. I am sure that there are some stuff I missed and if your picks are not on the list mention them by commenting below this article. Thanks for reading and see you later!!!!!


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