Cool places that you could take nice winter pictures right now

Hey looking for that postcard pic? Or just want  to go outside as an excuse. This is just for you. I will be mentioning some places around Greater Vancouver that you could go to and take some nice pictures. 


Central park(Burnaby) This would be a nice place to simulate a winter environment in photo taking. The exceedingly tall trees if you go deep enough, It will seem like an actual forest, which is not too far and I like that. I also has that nature hike feel to it due to the small hiking trails inside the park.



 Queen Elizabeth Park. In a winter setting it has altitude so you can take some top down shots  of the hill or the snow on the garden. The garden may not have flowers but winter it has that zen like feel. Like a calm spring of water in a winters day this you video would give you an idea.\




Stanley park: This area looks great in the winter as well since it is  part of the seawall you can get some nice winter pictures there. Like the cold water hitting the snow covered path on the seawall. And since the coyotes are not much of a threat now  I think it is safe to go into the forest and takes some nice nature shots there. But remember to exercise caution. You do not want to harm wildlife and you would not want wildlife to harm you. Also if you are lucky this year there is a train a small one that stanley park does as a tour like thing . Can possibly take pictures of that.




Burnaby Public Library Metrotown Branch: This place is really nice for Christmas shots because of the light decorations they have. Personally I would go because After I finish my classes for the day In BCIT I head here sometimes and when I leave around 4:30 pm it usually lights up. And since it is winter the sun sets faster so by 6:00 pm you can see the light decorations in the library in all it’s glory .

These are only a couple of places that are really good for winter shots in Greater Vancouver? What are yours? I would like to know so please comment down below. Thanks for reading.



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