Vancover Christmas Market 2021

Vancouver Christmas Market is something that is returning this year. And it is a good place to go too. And here is why you should go


1.   Jack Poole plaza. Located in waterfront is a very nice place  very easy to access through Skytrain and the Canada line. And the place is near the Vancouver convention center and Canada place  where you can go to Air Canada for their Christmas thing as well to the Market.


2.   A Lot of things to do for everyone. There is a bunch of stuff to let’s name a couple. The Food stalls. There is a variety of food at the market this year.  One of them being Daus Fish Haus. A food stall that sells  Ukrainian food. From what is seen they fish burgers and they look really good. There are also other places that sell Turkey legs, Soft pretzels, Transylvanian chimney cakes( which is a personal favorite of mine), Chocolates , Hurricane potatoes and many more. Mentioning all this food frankly makes me hungry just talking about it.

3. You most likely have not gone out in a long time. Well for many this is true in a leisure sense. And for fair reasons. But this could be a good first experience into something close to normal again and right now who would not want that?!


 So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this Christmas season come down to the Vancouver Christmas Market. And if you are still scared of Covid. They do have safety precautions there, and people wear masks. After all, it is common practice at this point. Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays to you.

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