Music venues In Danger? Possibly

Since October 19th restrictions have been lifted on event hall concerts for the most part. But will they survive let’s look as a couple of places and let see they will survive in Vancouver

And remember this is why

  1. BC Place and Rogers arena: This one is a no brainer. It will survive  this out of all the place that you can hold music events or really anything. It rode on the backs of Sports for a good while so that would present a huge advantage towards other venues that could be used for music.
  2. Commodore ballroom : Pretty good shot at surviving. But not an easy road for them. I would imagine they would have some considerable debt since they were closed for a long time. And the government business grant can only do so much. So as of right now they are expected to live with the steady amount of musical talent coming in. Really the only thing that can stop them now is if we had a 6 month shut down and I do not see that happening at this stage.
  3. Orpheum theatre: Also a good shot. They have managed to survive by going online and holding what seems to be Netflix like services. And what I mean by this is basically they hold exclusive streaming for symphonies and keep them for a limited time. Although I find the prices a bit out of my price range. It does work because it is still open. But like the ballroom I would say they would have debt but it would be bigger because the building is really old and maintenance costs for the regal decor are most likely high and being closed for a year even with government assistance. 


What are your places that you think that may or may not close. Would love to hear them. Thanks for reading 

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