Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde is a band you should look out for. If you do not know who they are they are an indie band that have reinvented themselves 3 TIMES!!!! Over the last Decade. Never have I  seen something like that before. They first started as a rock band. After that they became a 70 disco like band. This is hard to describe because the 70’s music is very fluid in the sense it is sort of hard to grasp  stuff with Disco and Soul and What got me into it, Which is there current format, And that is pop music. And to maybe get you hooked I will share how I got into listening to this band. I am not a big indie guy personally. I listen to anime and video game music and How I got introduced is I had an On- Air shift on the Radio Station and making the script on what I was going to say I listened to a bunch of songs and I found there latest one called YGTT, also known as You Got That Face.

I know the last part of the acronym does not match. Do not ask me why I have no clue either. It is just like that so I will roll with it, But anyways the song has a very mellow feel. Very reminiscent of Jason Durelo. Admittedly  I played this at double speed on youtube at first then I set it at normal. But that Jason Durelo part is just when it is played at normal. But the song has a really good feel to it and I got it stuck in my head for that week partly because it played a lot. Since they did music of three genres they can appeal to a large audience, You can get into the band like I have. If you want to see them live  there on Hollywood Theater on December 10, so you can get the full live experience. And that is all I got to say the link to the event is down below thanks for reading.

Yukon Blonde – Hollywood Theatre – 20211210

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