Vancouver Contact festival Returns

Vancouver’s contact festival makes it’s Grand Return. What is Contact. It is a EDM Music Festival in which people just rock out. And if you do not know what is EDM  is  Electronic Dance Music. A genre of this would Be Dubstep and Eurobeat. And fun fact for any music to be considered EDM Music it has to reach 200 beats per minute or higher. Did not know that. What to expect at contact is the biggest  names in EDM , And no Skrillex will not be here. But names like  Audien, GGMAGREE, Excision and Eric Prydz will be there. Now you probably do not know much of these names. But they are pretty big in the EDM Scene. In these events there are usually 20+ People headlining the event. Which is something you do not see everyday, especially if you are a concert goer.  If you want to consider if going to contact is right for you let’s look at a few things shall we?

Do you have a friend group that is into the club scene? I say this because if you are in that scene this festival would be appealing to you because this music genre utterly dominates that area. Secondly are you good with large crowds?

This is being held at the convention center  and from what I know about that building it will most likely be held on the basement floor which is a big place but that comes at a large crowd size and you may feel overwhelmed because people may be close to your personal space but I am sure that it will not be Travis Scott Astroworld levels of that. So for the most part you should be fine.

Also an important note I want to address if you are going to these event please and I MEAN PLEASE do not try to smuggle any drugs or alcohol in these events. What I am going to say next is alleged but, I have a friend that went to this event 3 years back and has seen this type of stuff and know how it works. Oh also do not try to get yourself drunk or “Greened out” which means to be high on weed. You can run into a lot of trouble in that state especially with a lot of people attending these types of  events . If you are interested  I will provide the link. I hope you had fun reading 

Thank you.

Here is a little preview of what you could be expecting

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