The 20th century’s most memorable celebrity moments

Even if you’re not a mainstream music fan, there were many celebrity moments around MTV, MUCHMUSIC and in the media that you can’t just forget about. Some were dramatic maybe even controversial, while others were weird and questionable.

Yep, she sure came in like a wrecking ball

Miley oh Miley, she is always one to stay in the tabloids and eyes of the media. I do believe growing up as a Disney star did affect her in many ways, her move from Disney kid to raunchy girl stirred lots of controversy at the time. Now, her performance with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s in 2013 was the biggest scandal of the year. Coming fresh off her Disney career, seeing Hannah Montana and then seeing this performance, was in the least bit dramatic, traumatizing. Before this performance the song was already being talked about for days because of its music video. Miley took the stage in nothing, but a latex flesh covered two piece and blurred all the lines Robin Thicke had. Shortly after this performance, the criticism online soared sky high. Because she was fresh off her Disney stardom people could not grasp the concept of the sexual exploitation, they were seeing.

Our favourite mama monster

In pop music in the past decade Lady Gaga was the moment and didn’t give a fuck about any controversy or rumours, that stirred about her. When you think back on the red carpet debuts, Lady Gaga was always at the top of the list critics were talking about. In her career she had so many big moments at all the award shows especially, MTV. One of the most talked about moments in pop culture back in 2010, was when she showed up to the MTV awards show, in nothing, but a full outfit out of meat. You can see why this made all vegans and vegetarians filled with rage, as she paraded around in what you keep in your freezer. When I think back on moments like these, I can’t imagine how it would go now. This is also what made her so likeable as an artist because she was never doing, what everybody else was doing. Her music videos always went above and beyond, and she never had a problem angering the conservative Christians. When she released the music video for Judas, she oh so cleverly released it on easter weekend, you got to love it.

And now presenting, Beyoncé, duh

When it came to pop moments, she had many, from her self-titled album, drunk in love performance with jay z and who can forget when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift accepting her award because he said, Beyoncé deserved it. With all those moments that happened who can forget when the world stopped during her Love on Top performance at the VMAs in 2011. From Destiny’s Child to one of the biggest singers, her pregnancy announcement stunned everybody. To not only put on a performance like that while pregnant, of course the world would be in awe. This was the biggest news for the next 9 months and everyone waited in anticipation to see Blue Ivy, for the very first time.

Anything Rihanna ever did anywhere

From innocent girl from Barbados to everyone’s girl to dream, even Drake’s, the talent is unmatched. Back in 2016 her album ANTI was the biggest album of the year and summer, if you weren’t hearing Needed you on the radio at least 40 times a day, you weren’t living. In true Vanguard award fashion, a 15-minute video is prepared to honour the artist before presenting the award, but of course why do what everyone else does. Instead, RiRi did a 15-minute performance of her 4 of her biggest songs and everyone and their mothers went crazy.

3 pop girls, who could get mad at that?

The biggest most loved icons by everyone and mostly the gay community they went berzerk over this. This VMA performance does go back before I could understand words, but it was enough of promiscuity for 2003. The performance starts off with Britney walking down the steps and Christina comes around from the corner, singing the lyrics to Like a Virgin by Madonna. What drew the most attention to this VMA moment, was the kiss Madonna shares with both Britney and Christina. What makes the whole thing even better is the camera pan to Justin Timberlake after she kisses Britney, and all the blood left his face.

Rest Easy, Michael Jackson

The death of such a famous sensation left holes in many hearts and was felt everywhere in the music industry when he died. In 2009 Janet Jackson gave one of the most heartfelt tributes to the loss of her brother. With the Jackson family watching in the audience, a tribute to the king of pop could not just be any performance. Janet performed their duet song Scream, while Janet also fought back holding tears backstage, she hit every move to the beat while a video of Michael, danced behind her.

Did you catch Bieber Fever

The biggest pop boy from the 2010s we saw him rise and fall. A star child who rose up the ranks faster than ever was always going to subjected to the wrath of the media and troubles behind the scenes. When Justin was breaking out of that child star image, the paparazzi could not get enough of it. I mean we saw the guy peeing in buckets, flipping off the paps, using a flashlight in the club to find attractive girls, everyone was starting to hate him. Back in 2011, he gave what one could call a heartfelt performance because he was desperate, for people to stop hating him. His performance which brought him to tears had everybody talking and eventually, he won a couple hearts back.

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