Do you remember these 2020 TikTok trends?

How many do you remember?

Coffee addicts, assemble!

I was one of the spaced-out ones who actually didn’t end up doing this trend, solely because I was quarantine lazy. The whipped coffee trend originally came from South Korea. When this stunning whipped coffee made its way to North America, it quickly gained attention. With quarantine going full throttle and going kooky from staying inside, this coffee delicacy had a grasp on everyone in March.

Told em F*** 12, F*** Swat

2020 was a big year for rapper Roddy Ricch thanks to his song, The Box which tik tok played and played again. The song which is off of his debut album, Please excuse me for being antisocial, which is the longest running debut #1 rap album to be on the Billboard top 200 in nearly, 2 decades since 50 Cent’s, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ from 2005. The song which went viral on TikTok with over 1.5 Million views on the songs cue, was famous for its distinct cleaning the window sound effect. The song stayed strong at number 1, where artists like Justin Bieber were begging fans to stream his song, so he could go #1.

Brand new whip just hopped in!

The guy nobody taught was white even though he put his face on every single one of his music covers, Whats poppin’! TikTok trends have given artists that extra boost in streams and in marketing that they needed. Jack Harlow’s fan base has since then, grown so much with the mainstream popularity that this song received. The song peaked at #2 on the hot 100, probably only 2 because of the box by Roddy Ricch. Again, with conversational and punchline lyrics, tiktok loved it and it was the only song you would hear for days and days.

It’s corona time right now!

March 2020 is surreal to think of now, the fighting over toilet paper, empty shelves and crazy apocalypse shoppers. This certain audio on TikTok really takes the cake on songs that held a grasp on my brain, as I could not get it out of my head, for weeks. Thank you, society, for its time in technology, as if it were not for cellphones, the stuff we saw last year, we probably wouldn’t believe it if we heard it from somebody today. This song was the ultimate “covid19” song if there even is one, maybe one day it would get something equivalent.

Why don’t you say so!

Yes! If you didn’t love this song, you were not living your full quarantine life! When I think of those notable songs from last year, this one, is the first to come to mind. Sung by the ever so beautiful and talented Doja Cat who has since being discovered more, quickly rose to fame. Say so gained immense popularity after a TikToker, Haley Sharpe, went viral after creating a dance for it. In the official music video for the song Doja Cat actually includes the viral tiktok dance. Songs yes, do get overplayed and irritable over time, but this one stays close to home, as it makes me feel like March 2020 was yesterday and today is but a dream.

Classy, Boujee, Ratchet!

She’s the #1 Hot Girl and everyone’s favourite brand-new rapper, Megan thee Stallion has proven she’s more than just a pretty face.  The song which received outstanding positive acclaim for the peccable chemistry between Megan and Beyoncé, no doubt why it’s on the list. Like many others you have just read, yes, tik tok made another viral dance for millennials to struggle with and make corny jokes about.

God save the cranberry juice!

Who doesn’t love a good Fleetwood Mac throwback in a time of chaos? Although this trend didn’t exactly happen in the time of March last year, I can’t help but not include it because it was, that iconic. TikTok user @420doggface208 whose name is actually Nathan, not only made the trend and song even more famous, but also somehow saved the Oceanspray cranberry juice sales that year. As simple as the video was it was all that was needed to rise to viral fame, a good vibe. A trend this strong of course, had to also get Mick Fleetwood himself on TikTok.

And it went like…

Reminiscing on the past good times or a plan that oh so abruptly landed in dog shit, this trend was made for you. The song itself is called Moon and is by Kid Francescoli, however sadly, no one paid this artists music no mind, just the trend. Eventually one would find this certain part of the song absolutely irritating. These throwback Thursday types of trends, are what really kept the platform wholesome, and enjoyable during quarantine times.

Bittersweet Euphoria

This famous HBO show was the biggest talk last year and still is. The show follows the lives of teens in Highschool experiencing all of the sins life has to offer. Euphoria received lots of praise due to its cinematography and memorable makeup and wardrobe moments on the actors. TikTok of course, loved this series and also loved Zendaya being the main lead. It brought many viral trends to tik tok mostly being makeup transformations inspired by Euphoria. One of the most known being the makeup videos to the song that goes, stranger still don’t know your name, you’ve probably heard it at least once.

Stupid boy think that I need him

Like many of the others, there are still more songs that were trending this time last year. This rapper otherwise known as, Ashnikko, brought many new viral trends because of her relatable lyrics. Her lyrics are quite captivating, as they are not your daily church Sunday words. Because of TikTok the song went up on the charts and peaked at #2, on the Billboards bubbling under hot 100. Since her lyrics are so comical at times and weird, the jokes were flying and they were as funny as they could get.

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