Maybe the Whitecaps are homesick

If you didn’t know already, the Whitecaps faced an incredible loss Wednesday night. LAFC beat them 6-0…yeah that’s pretty brutal but atleast the Whitecaps twitter handle was laughing it off the best they could. 


CEO Axel Schuster on the other hand did not take it so lightly when asked in conference he states;

“I was totally pissed yesterday. I had to be careful not to say the wrong things. I’m kicking everybody here in their ass to become better every day, to find solutions, to find answers. Yesterday, there were no excuses for that.”


 “Today is not an off day for staff, it’s a working day for every single staff member, starting with me”


“The thing I heard most from supporters was the club was not transparent, was not open. We made a lot of mistakes. The first thing we have to change, after such a game, is to be transparent, to be open, to not look for excuses.”


“Our idea is to sign a DP that is very, very impactful to our game. Our idea is to sign 2-3 youth DPs for next year that will make a difference… It’s about doing the right thing. Not only doing something.”


Currently the Whitecaps must play all games in Portland so maybe they’re a little homesick. This game was also the debut for goal keeper Bryan Meredith, but defender Jake Nerwinski stated what happened was not his fault. Coming up on Sunday 27th is a match against Portland Timbers at 7:00pm. Hopefully the team has regrouped and can make a comeback from Sunday’s loss.


Murals around the corner

VanMuralFest is celebrating it’s fifth year and to celebrate they will be featuring sixty different murals in nine different neighbourhoods. Works will be featured in West End, River District, Marpole, South Granville, Strathcona and more. The festival started on August 18th through September 7th. Currently murals from local artists are being unveiled.

With Covid-19 now happening this was a positive thing that many people can look forward to and smile when they see it walking down the street. Paintings can be used as a voice for people and for artists, as they can make an impact on the message they’re trying to send.

VanMuralFest is organized by Create Vancouver Society, a non-profit dedicated to artistic and cultural development in the lower mainland. Through out the year before every festival happens they work together with neighbourhoods to highlight and find the areas to bring vibrance to. Their public art installations serve as catalysts for addressing many socio-cultural issues facing the city and artistic communities. Some of which include public art policy, community building, environmental policy, reconciliation with first nations, artistic censorship, diversity, cost of living, and the cultural sustainable development practices.

Since Covid-19 more than 20 murals have gone up Downtown and the pictures being posted of them are incredible. Some recent work revealed is from artist Irvin Hernandez whose style incorporates tattoo-type style into his work. On 855 Granville street Downtown is a long incredible painted mural sponsored by Arterra wines.

Mural by Irvin Hernandez / Twitter @DowntownVancouver

A collab piece has been unveiled as well by artists James Harry and Lauren Brevner which is an amazing indeginous piece. I couldn’t find much info on this piece as it has just been revealed but I really like it a lot. To me when I look at this mural it highlights the 2 races who have faced the most struggles in history, indigenous and black people. Overall beautifully done. This mural is located at Thurlow and Pender.

Mural by James Harry and Lauren Brevner / Twitter @DowntownVancouver

The beautiful thing about art the most is that it means something different to everyone. So go out and enjoy some local art!

Laughter is the Best Medicine

What better way to wind off after a long day than having a good laugh while all proceeds go to charity! Local improv group based out of Richmond loves making people laugh while helping charities at the same time.

The Tickle Me Pickle Sports Improv group (TMP) is a non-profit organization that aims to bring sports-improv experiences to individuals in Richmond. Their improv shows go about promoting the arts of improv, educating individuals on the art of improv and doing community improv shows. TMP was established back 1999 and officially incorporated as a non-profit society in 2012.

TMP also offers workshops for the youth and young students in Richmond. The workshops teach youth about improv and making them laugh. TMP explains on their site that,

 “TMP feels very strongly that participating in the art of improv has the potential to build confidence, communication and team building skills. “

Coming up soon on October 2nd they will be holding a charity improv event. The event is called Laughter is the Best Medicine. 100% of the proceeds of this event will be given to the Richmond Food Bank’s School Meal Program. All admission sales, concession sales and bar sales will be given right back to feed the kids.

Doors open at 6:15 pm. Show starts at 7:00 pm @ The Red Gate Revenue Stage in Vancouver. You buy your tickets here.

Early Bird (until April 24): $15

General Admission: $18

Door Sales (if tickets remain): $25

if you aren’t able to attend the event but would love to still give back to kids, you can head over to the ticket site and just choose the donate option! Isn’t that awesome!!

B.C creates relief fund for local sports organizations

Covid-19 has had financial impacts on everyone. Many organizations are now struggling to stay afloat and keep their clubs running. In British Columbia we have more than 4,100 local sports clubs. A lot of these clubs are struggling due to the absence of admission fees, scholarships and event revenues. These clubs are mostly run by volunteering individuals, they rely highly on the fees given to them as well as the events they partake in. With Covid-19 it is unimaginable to think anyone could successfully run a sports club.

The B.C government announced that they will be offering financial relief to local sports clubs. This $1.5 Million fund will help the clubs in need to stay going. The local relief fund is designed to provide one time financial relief to those in need.

Eligible organizations can apply for up to $7,500 to help them pay the necessary bills and payments. Funding for non-existing programs and initiatives is not permitted.

Non-Profit organizations are essential to our communities and low income communities. Programs like these are essential to underrepresented communities, LGBTQ+, Indeginous communities, girls and women, and people with disabilities. It is important to keep these accessible to the people who need it. Not only this but physical activity is very important for your health and mental health.

Keeping programs running is important to everyone it is great to see the government create a highly needed fund for the organizations.

Applications are now being accepted until October 16th.


Remember Japanese Canadians

It is without a doubt Vancouver is highly known for the great sushi we have but the history behind it, is a different story. Back in 1942 Japanese internment camps happened. Over 22,000 Japanese Canadians were placed in them which comprised over 90% of the Japanese Canadian population in British Columbia.

Celebrating kagami biraki at Tashme Internment Camp - 1945.png

Japanese Canadians were forcibly removed and interned for the matter of national security – the majority of those removed were actually Canadian citizens. The events that followed were the Japanese invasions of British Hong Kong and Malaya, the attack on Pearl Harbour in Hawaii and, well, the declaration of war on Japan during WWII. Japanese Canadians were forced to relocate and experienced government-enforced curfews, interrogations, job loss and property loss.

A bit of the history of the Japanese neighbourhood remains to this day on Powell Street. The Vancouver Buddist Church which used to be known as the Japanese Methodist Church still exists on 220 Jackson-Avenue on Powell Street, The Vancouver Japanese Language School and The Japanese Hall remain on Alexander Street. These are the only properties in Canada that ever returned to Japanese Canadians after WWII.

Learning about history is important to everyone but being able to hear the stories from the people themselves, well that’s a lot better.

The virtual exhibit Broken Promises is a 7 year project done researching countless documents and learning about people’s stories themselves, in order to remind everyone about the Japanese history. The story is followed with 7 narrators telling you the history.

This virtual exhibit will launch on September 26th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm on a Live stream here. If you wish to view the exhibit on September 26th you are required to pre-book here a gallery charge of $5 will be done at the door.

September 29th and on they will be open from 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Covid-19 protocols are in place as there is a limit of 8 people at a time inside.


150 years of Canada’s past

It is important to understand and be aware of our cultural diverse world. This year has been a long yet short year for one but doesn’t it feel crazy that you can now take part in history and make a difference. Canada’s past is dark and full of racism but there are still so many stories about First Nations struggles that have gone untold. In order to make a change in our world we must know about the past and learn so we can grow. No change ever happens overnight but as long as we work towards it we can.

At UBC there are many stories being told by artists at their Museum of Anthropology. One story in particular is the 150 year past of Canada. The story is called Shame and Prejudice: A Story on Resilience and it is by Kent Monkman. The journey “Reclaims and reinserts Indigenous voices into the collective memory of our country, challenging and shattering colonial ideas of our history.”

The story itself is narrated by an alter ego, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle. Miss Chief is a gender fluid, time-travelling ego of Monkman and it is told through the lens of indigenous resilience. In the story we are led through New France and Confederation into the urban environment of Winnipeg’s North End and the contemporary life on the reserve.

This journey provides an insight on the negative effects of Canada’s colonial policies past and present. Monkman explains, 

“The last 150 years—the period of Modernity—represents the most devastating period for First Peoples, including the signing of the numbered treaties, the reserve system, genocidal policies of the residential schools.”

80 pieces are featured at this exhibition which includes Monkmans very own paintings, sculptures and installations. Historical artifacts have been loaned from other museums and private collections in Canada for it as well.

The MOA is open to visit with safety protocols and social distancing measures in place in order to keep everyone safe. The museum is open Tuesday – Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. All admission is on a timed entry basis therefore all bookings must be done online beforehand. If you are indigenous you are offered free entry into this exhibit! 

Click here to buy tickets. 


Born for Hockey

The underdog kid born into an all out hockey family down in Orlando Florida, now a player to the Vancouver Canucks. Just yesterday on Monday 21st Quinn Hughes finished in second in the Calder trophy voting. This trophy is awarded every year after the playoffs. The way voting is done is by members of the Professional Writers’ Hockey Association. Each member ranks their top #5 candidates on a 10-7-3-1 scale. The 2 finalists are named and the trophy is awarded at the NHL awards ceremony after a regular season.

This year it was rookie player Cale Maker of the Colorado Avalanche who won the trophy but our defensemen Quinn Hughes came in second. Quinn Hughes rewrote Canucks history from 2019-2020 as being the 3rd consecutive Vancouver player nominated for the Calder Trophy for rookie of the year. Previously won by Elias Pettersson. In the Vancouver teams awards he was voted best defensemen in February this year. 

Hughes was selected in the NHL 2018 first draft. Before the Canucks he played Bantam and Midget hockey in Toronto while his father worked for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He joined the USA Hockey National development Program in 2015 excelling in the under-17 and under-18 teams. After this he played for Michigan University scoring 29 points (5 goals, 28 assists) as a freshman.

Hughes signed with the Canucks on March 10th 2019, he was impressive enough in his first NHL season he earned a spot on the Pacific Division roster for the 2020 Honda NHL All-Star game. It is without a doubt this 20 year old is turning heads across the NHL.

Escape Reality with The Art of Wonder

How about living your childhood dreams and going down the rabbit hole. Here in Vancouver a featured art installation that can take you right to Wonderland. The featured exhibition is in the glass pavilion here in Vancouver.

The Kerrisdale lumber glasshouse was highly inspired by the crystal palace in London. The nature of the art installation is inspired by the Kerrisdale neighbourhood to pay tribute to the historic and evolution of the neighborhood.

The exterior of the exhibition is fully enclosed in a vibrant pink signage with small window openings. Around the exhibit are beautiful floral pieces and tea pots just like you’re Alice and much more. With the setup of the art you would think a known artist had set up the exhibition, but it was actually put up by a local real estate developer Gryphon Development. At Gryphon art plays a big role in their art developments. They always want to bring each community to life.


Escape to an enchanted garden! ☺️ #vancouver #vancouverbc #yvr #explorebc #garden #beautifulbc #travel #flowers #PlantsOfTikTok

♬ Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth

Just like Alice in Wonderland you can enjoy tea like the mad hatter. The Gryphon Development team had chosen 3 teas for your enchanted visit to enjoy at home. The 3 teas are in collaboration with the Tea Sommelier at 05 Tea. The teas are Enchanted garden which is an herbal blend with floral notes, the 1905 blend paying homage to the areas earliest settlers, and the Arbutus brew to celebrate Kerridale’s Arbutus corridor the original site of the CP railway. 

If you’re looking to get cute pictures or just enjoy some free pretty art definitely check this out. 

The Art of Wonder is free to attend. In order to attend you must register as it is only by appointment. You can also sign up on their website to get more updates later on the exhibition.

Public Art unveiling by RAG Youth Art

How about enjoying some art by our youth this weekend. The Richmond public art program will be unveiling new public art made by 9 youths this past summer. Which is an intensive summer art program.

The students worked with their instructor and lead artist Emily Neufeld and guest artists Holly Schmidt and Laara Cerman. They worked together for a course of 3 weeks on various art projects that explore their natural environment. To help with that they were also joined by herbalist Lori Snyder.

The theme for their art was to create a stand alone lantern with a panoramic image of the Richmond landscape. All of the 9 lanterns will be installed in ponds at Minoru Park and will be displayed until October 25th. These will take part in the Culture Days celebration as well.

Visitors are welcomed to visit and meet the young artists. After you can also visit the nearby Richmond Art Gallery and take a look of Emily Neufeld’s work and how that inspired her students.

The youth artists involved are:

  • Byron Huang
  • Ethan Liu
  • Samantha Lu
  • Rachel Marliss
  • Nicole Villalon
  • Gabby Yan
  • Emily Yuen
  • Shirley Zhang
  • Julienne Zhao

It is free to attend the unveiling and it will take place on Saturday 26th at 3:00pm until 4:00pm at Minoru Park in Richmond. Register to attend here.

Social Distancing protocols will be be in place. This event will happen outdoors, rain or shine.

Rogers Arena 25th Anniversary

On September 19th 1999 Rogers opened their doors to the public which was formerly known as GM place. So what legendary moments happened at this arena? Let’s keep it Canadian with some hockey moments.


My highlight moment is back in 2011 during the hockey playoffs. The Canucks had to win game 7 or that would be the end for them that year. If you were watching the game back then, you must remember. But this moment stayed with me whenever I think about 2011. With the Canucks in overtime if they didn’t score they would be done for. With the team now in a powerplay in overtime it was hopeless to think what could happen. But then it happened. Alex Burrows scored the winning shot which saved the Canucks that night and it was crazy. Thinking of the moment right now I remember I screamed at my father in the shower who had given up on watching the game. Moments like these at Rogers Arena are moments all Canucks fans are bound to remember.


Now I was 2 years old for this next one but did you know in 2002 the actual Queen came to do a puck drop? Yeah I am today’s years old learning of this. Queen Elizabeth II was on tour for her 12 day golden jubilee tour of Canada, who happened to stop in Vancouver. She dropped the first ceremonial puck as an exhibition game between the SanJose Sharks at GM place. Isn’t that so random? Who would’ve known this happened.


You can’t forget about the 2010 Olympics that happened here in Vancouver. During the Olympics you had your greatest NHL players split up into their national teams. The teams were filled with goldstar athletes. Sydney Crosby was one of the star players on the Canadian hockey team. During their game against the USA, Crosby scored the winning goal. With 7:40 into overtime Crosby scores the golden goal in the gold medal game against the USA. Showing Americans that Canadians are known for hockey for a reason.

And there is so many more moments we can think of that took place right here in Vancouver. But these are just some of them. 


Underrated Mexican food in Vancouver

I want everyone to know that there is more than just going to Chipotle. No, I am not dissing them. I love chipotle, but it’s always nice to support local businesses with authentic food. You know that saying that if there’s ripped chairs and only cash it’s going to be the best food you ever have? Well it’s true.




El Caracol

Now if you want authentic Mexican,Honduran or Salvadorian food you’re going to get it. This spot is the BEST place if you want to get some pupusas. This is straight home cooked meals. They have a wide range of things to order, but if you go get the pupusas.


Just finished your pupusas? No worries why not go next door and get some nachos. I have been hitting this spot with my friends since I was in 11th grade and let me tell you, they don’t miss. If you really want some true Mexican food this is your guy. I highly recommend the nachos and while you’re there, don’t forget to get a churro too.

Sal y Limón

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern visit Sal y Limón. This mexican spot is for everyone. When you’re here it’s the signature tacos you got to order. There isn’t many places where you buy some Rumchata in Vancouver but here? You’re in luck.

Las Tortas

Las Tortas special is mexican gourmet sandwiches but they also have lots of other mexican dishes. What you want to order is the Pollo Loco with an Horchata. The horchata is made fresh in store and it is delicious. If you don’t really want a sandwich, try El Chile Relleno which is a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese covered in egg batter, which is then fried served with your beans and rice. Grab a tamale for later too.

Now I have given you 4 solid options when you don’t know what to eat next time, but you can thank me later.

Tips from one sleepy student to you

So schools back and somehow it feels like you have a lot more work than before. Don’t sweat it, you’re not alone. A lot of you are probably used to the routine you had before. You woke up, got ready, ate breakfast and got to school. You would spend about 5-8 hours at school a day, maybe you got some work done in class, got answers to work from a friend, talked to your favourite instructor or just vibed. All these things helped to keep you motivated and going, but how do you stay going stuck in your room all day? For some of us this takes a toll on our mental health even more. While others, well they already got back into the hang of it.

If you’re like me and need to be able to leave your house or you might go insane well, hey friend how ya doing i’m going to share some of my tips with ya.


Now when I say go outside I don’t mean go hang out with 18 people, I mean go enjoy some air. A lot of creative blocks come from staying in one environment for too long. Maybe take a walk around the block every morning to wake up or go on a quick drive and buy a slurpee.

2. I know you like that 3 day old band shirt, but please put on some clothes.

Yes I know, oversized clothes are comfy but changing out of the clothes that you would use to sleep in, tricks your mind into waking up. So wear some jeans in the house you definitely won’t sleep in those.

3. Change your work environment I am begging you.

Like I mentioned many creative blocks come from staying at your same boring spot all day. Your brain is not going to be creative like this. It is difficult to new find places to work in right now but at least move rooms, if you can work outside, go work outside! And if you aren’t able to change settings, maybe change where you usually work, put something you like in your view, add some colours around ya.

4. Please feed yourself and try to sleep well.

No, eating 1 meal at 4pm is not a meal. Drinking 3 iced coffees is also not lunch (I’m most guilty at this.) Being busy with school and trying to figure out what to eat and then cook it is such a drag I know, but ya gotta. Eat some snacks while you work, ya favourite snacks (highly recommend animal crackers they’re fire).

5. Listen to your favourite song.

Think of a song that gets you going and just makes you smile, found it? Well go listen to it. Remember how it makes you feel happy and why. Music is the greatest way to get dopamine pumping in your brain. Also try to listen to white noise when you do your work, okay? I know what you’re thinking, but trust me.

6. And lastly think positive.

Yes, it is hard not to say you hate this and you hate that. Trying to stop yourself from speaking negative things is difficult when you’re so used to it. Problem is if you think so negatively all you’re going to get is negative around you. Wake up and tell yourself you’re going to have a good day even if it is the worst day of your life.

I know these 6 tips might be seen as something you know already but maybe start doing some, or make a list of tips for yourself. To keep you sane for the rest of 2020.

Haven’t seen The Green Mile? Watch it before 2020 ends


The words Tom Hanks, a prison guard looking to the distance, below the words The Green Mile, in the middle of the words, a small silhouette of a big man and small man walking towards a light.
By Source, Fair use, Link

The Green Mile is a novel written by Stephen King which got written into a movie in 1999.  The movie stars Tom Hanks who plays Paul Edgecomb the protagonist in the film who is a death-row supervisor at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. John Coffey was played by Micheal Clarke Duncan who passed on September 3rd 2012. John is a black man at the penitentiary being wrongfully sentenced to a crime he never committed, but because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and black in a racist town he faces injustice.

Going to warn you there will be spoilers from here.

The movie starts with Paul in a nursing home who remembers his past while hearing a song play. He begins to tell his story of working as a death-row guard in. The story picks up when John Coffey is found crying with two dead little girls in his arms. When found by the town he was immediately accused of having done the crime when in fact he was trying to save them. Without any witnesses or evidence in a racist town he can’t really put up a fight. When Paul first meets John you can see how Paul is surprised at how he acts as he doesn’t match the crime, and tells Paul 

“I tried boss, I tried to take it back, but I couldn’t.”


Over time it is revealed that John actually has unexplainable healing abilities, his abilities include being able to pass memories of others. One of these memories being who actually committed the crime. The overall telling of this story is amazing, yes it is 3 hours but it is so worth it and a classic. This story is fictional but it is no story far off from the injustice that happens in our world. 



Masks now required at all Starbucks in Canada

This week on September 14th Starbucks Canada will now require you to wear facial coverings when visiting one of their stores. Since the start of COVID19 Starbucks has worked diligently to protect their partners and customers, they were quick to stop personal cups and shut down stores worldwide to further stop the spread of the virus. 

                                                               If you visit a StarPhoto taken by Vanessa Hidalgo bucks without a facial covering a barista will politely remind you they require you to wear a facial covering in store, if you do not have one with you they can offer you one to wear (If available). Another option to visit is through a Starbucks Drive-Thru. As a Drive-Thru customer they do not require you to wear a facial covering. Curbside pickup is also available to customers through the Mobile app or you can order through Uber straight to your home. 

You could say Starbucks is late to the party on this policy as many other businesses have implemented this policy weeks ago. But what does this mean for workers and customers? As we have all seen a rise of angry customers on social media when told to wear a facial covering.  Facial coverings have been required in some US and Canada stores due to local city laws and with such there has been some pushback when implementing their rules. If you were on social media in July you might have seen the picture posted of a Starbucks Barista  who refused a woman’s service for not following the county’s guidelines.

Of course these new requirements do not discourage you from enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, but to feel safe when you do.


New Westminster Pier Park on fire last night


If you’re wondering why we may have some extra smoke this morning. Last night at around 9:00 pm pictures and videos were being live tweeted of a fire that broke out at The New Westminster Pier . The fire which resulted in Translink Expo Line having stop service from Columbia To Scott Road station.

The 150 year old pier was burning with firefighters assisting from Vancouver, Richmond, Delta and Coquitlam trying to get it under control. 

The pier which is a staple to the New Westminster community back in 2015 it was nominated as the #1 Boardwalk around Vancouver. Residents shared live tweets last night of their sorrow with the beloved pier burning in front of them.

Screenshot taken from Techno Media Monkey Inc. From Facebook

Techno Monkey Media Inc. on Facebook shared a livestream of the fire happening from above the ground and as I watched it looked terrifying. In the screenshots below you can see how firefighters did what they do best to contain the flames. 

Screenshot taken from Techno Media Monkey Inc. From Facebook



If you are in the area of the fire it is recommended you keep your windows closed, as the air quality will be worsen. So far residents have said they are safe and no injuries have been reported.

The fire is still burning and firefighters are doing their best to put it out. Cause of the fire has not yet been revealed.