Remember to Take Care of Yourself


With the start of a new year, it may mean you’re back in school, back at work full time or just onto a new path in life. I find myself in these situations and forget to relax so here is what I do when I am feeling stressed.

Get Active

Stressful situations increase the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol in your body. These are our fight or flight hormones which are designed to protect us from bodily harm when we are under threat. But modern stress isn’t fixed by these hormones. In order to lessen your stress and tense feeling go or a walk, run or do a workout video if you can. Being under stress can also affect how you sleep so doing any of these right before bed will give you a good night’s rest.

Watch your food

I love coffee to the point where I can’t go more than 3 days without it or I will actually get irritated. If you’re like me, you know this is not healthy, caffeine is a stimulant and can actually increase the level of stress you’re feeling rather than reducing it. Also avoid foods with refined sugars as this can cause you to have an energy crash leading you to feeling tired. So keep your body healthy and maybe try a salad.

Take a break

One of the hardest yet most important things is learning when to take a break without feeling guilty about it. Try to manage your time and set realistic job goals for yourself by doing so it is easy for you to take more breaks once you’re doing your work. On your break do or watch something you enjoy like maybe one episode of your favourite TV series or chapter in a book you’re reading, anything you think that will make you happy.

And don’t forget, what you’re feeling now will one day be apart of the past.

The Top Alternative Songs from 2011

Can you believe it has been 10 years?

January 8

Waiting for the End by Linkin Park

Released on October 1, 2012, it was the second single and eighth track from their fourth studio album, A thousand Suns which was released on September 14th, 2012. The song debuted at number 96 on the US Billboard 100 upon release of the album, it also obtained the number 2 spot on the Top Rock Songs Billboard chart. Last after spending 15 weeks on the Alternative songs chart it replaced Tighten up by the Black Keys as number 1.

January 29

Tighten Up by The Black Keys

The third track on their 2010 album Brothers and the first single off their record. One of The Black Keys most successful singles in the US and their first song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and reaching number one on the Alternative songs and Rock charts. Rolling Stone named this song in their list of the 15 Best Whistling Songs of All Time. Tighten Up also won a Grammy at the 53rd Grammy Awards as Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group.

February 12

Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant

The fourth track off of their second album Thank you, Happy Birthday and first single. On January 11th the music video for the single was released which earned them a nomination at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. The single was most successful in the UK despite not being their highest charting.

March 26

Rope by Foo Fighters

This was the second track off of their seventh studio album, Wasting Light. The single Rope was released on March 1st, 2011. The song was nominated at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards as best rock track and the Deadmau5 remix was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording. The song is only second in history to debut atop the Rock Songs chart after The Catalyst by Linkin Park.

June 25 

Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People

Released as the indie pop bands debut single in January 2011 which later made it onto their EP, Foster the People, and their debut album Torches. The song became the groups breakthrough hit being one of the MOST popular songs coming out of 2011. Pumped up Kicks was also heavily used in the media but was also pulled out of some U.S radio stations following the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. It is obvious this song charted as number one which is why the record went Dimond in the U.S

July 9

You are a Tourist by Death Cab for Cutie

First single off their seventh album Codes and Keys, which released on March 28th, 2011.  The single topped the US Billboard Alternative songs, Adult Alternative songs and Bubbling under Hot 100 singles. The song also reached #3 on the US Billboard Rock Songs chart. This song is Death Cab for Cutie’s only number one alternative hit and their first to date.

August 6 

Walk by Foo Fighters

This song was the third single off of Wasting Light written by Dave Grohl. Gaining the number one spot on the Billboard Rock Songs chart on July 20, 2011 and it dethroned their previous song Rope. This gave the band their third number one single on the charts, the song also won two awards at the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock song.

August 20

The Adventures of Raindance Maggie by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The first single off of their tenth album, I’m With You and is the first single released since their 2007s hit Hump De Bump. The single became the band’s record holding 12th number one single on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart, where it spent 4 straight weeks on the chart.  In 2011 Rolling Stone named the song the 50th best song of 2011 in their annual Top 50 Singles list.

October 29

The Sound of Winter by Bush

This Song is by the British band Bush, it was the second single released from the band’s fifth studio album, The Sea of Memories. On July 21st the band appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live debuting the song to promote the album.  On October 18th 2011 the single topped the Alternative Songs chart knocking off Walk by the Foo Fighters and made number one, their first in 12 years.

December 3

Paradise by Coldplay

The famous British rock band released Paradise as their single from their fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto. The debut of the song was at 7:50 am on The Chris Moyles Show (BBC Radio1) on September 12th, 2011. The song quickly became the bands second number one following the hit single Viva La Vida. Later was nominated for a Grammy Award in Best Pop Duo/Group performance and the song became top 5 in 15 countries and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

December 17

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys

El Caminos opening track off of the record and released as the lead single on October 26, 2011. The single became one of the groups most successful singles topping several rock radio charts, including the Alternative Songs and Rock Songs charts in the U.S. Lonely Boy was the groups highest-charting song in several countries.

3 of Vancouver’s Oldest Buildings

It’s time for a quick walk into the past featuring the oldest buildings in Vancouver.

Gabriola House (1091)

Vancouver Angus Apartments.jpg

Built back in 1091 for the bounder of BC sugar refining. This famous building is located just on Davie street. This building is not only known because of how old it is but because of the rumours. The Gabriola house is said to be haunted as well as rumours of hidden tunnels connecting to nightclubs. When the house was renovated in the mid-1970s as a restaurant, customers said they would see cutlery floating in the air. Fair to say buildings haunt as they age.

Hasting’s Mill Store (1865)

Hastings Saw Mill VPL 3653 (10561270386).jpg

Built back in 1865 this building is Vancouver’s oldest building, the last left standing after the Vancouver Fire of 1886. Hastings Mill was a sawmill on the south shore of Burrard Inlet and the first commercial operation around which the settlement that would become. Later the building was moved to the foot of alma street in 1930 then officially reopened in 1931 and was dedicated as the Museum of B.C Historical Relics in Memory of the Pioneers. Last in 1932 it was dedicated as the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum. Now If you want, you can walk in and see into the past today.

Brock House (1911)

Brock House.JPG

Located just in Point Grey it was built way back in 1911 and was once a private residence. The Brock house is just facing by the waterfront by beautiful Jericho beach. The house was bought in 1922 by Mildred Brock, wife of Dean Reginald Brock. The couple moved in with their 4 sons and named the house “Brockholm” meaning low-lying land near water, and for the next 13 years it was made into a hospitality house. Fast forward to today this Tudor Revival house is a restaurant and activity centre, popular for its weddings and specials occasion

2000s shows did it best

2000s Cartoons just hit different. If you liked any of these growing up you’re awesome.

Total Drama Island

This show was everything!! But it was definitely something you had to watch with no parents around. Total Drama island premiered back in 2007 in Canada on Teletoon. The show itself was a parody of the reality TV show Survivor. All the characters went through a series of challenges, ate disgusting food and slept in terrible conditions, in order to try and win $100,000. My final note about the show is everybody had a crush on Duncan and Gwen or both.

Totally Spies


This was definitely a god tier show. The surprising thing about this one is that, the producers behind it initially thought of it as a show that would be most popular with girls and catered it to them mostly. The show itself actually had 50/50 of girls and boys watching it, it was that good! Totally spies first aired on November 3, 2001 on ABC family and it was a French-Canadian-American animated series. The series followed the adventures of 3 teenage girls who lived a double life as full-time spies. This is probably one of my childhood favourites, and the full series is on YouTube.


6TEEN was probably one of the most loved Canadian TV shows ever. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like this show. Originally titled The Mall, 6TEEN was a Canadian animated series and sitcom produced by Nelvana. It began airing in the United States on November 7, 2004 on Teletoon, and on December 18, 2005 on Nicklelodeon. This show was for more older kids but nonetheless remains as one of the greatest ever.

Danny Phantom

Everyone loved Danny Phantom, like everyone. Danny Phantom was an American animated action series which followed a teenage boy who became half ghost and half human. Danny Phantom received 5 Annie Award nominations and was extremely loved by critics. This show never had a dull moment, it also had one of the best and most memorable theme songs.

American Dragon: Jake Long


Produced by Walt Disney and created by Jeff Goode it premiered on Disney Channel on January 21, 2005. The show was set in Manhattan and follows the story of a Chinese-American boy Jake Long, who must not only balance his life of a teenager but also the power of the dragon. From what I remember I always felt this show had the freshest concepts at the time and he had the best hair ever aside from Danny Phantom.

Try something new on Netflix

Once you’ve watched half of the TV shows you like on Netflix you kind of run out of what to watch, international films or tv shows are always refreshing to see because of the different approach they have. Over the break I finally got around to watching one of the many famous movies done by Studio Ghibli.

To make it simple they’re like Japanese Disney.

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film studio headquartered in Koganei, Tokyo. They are best known for their animated feature films but also known for short films, television commercials and one television film.

5 of Studio Ghibli’s films are among 10 of the highest-grossing anime films made in japan, with Spirited Away being number one on the list; which grossed over $380 Million USD worldwide.

It was only until recently they started selling digital versions of the films so when they shifted over to Netflix people were going crazy.

Now before you start with oh, I can’t watch it’s in Japanese, there is DUB available and just because it’s an anime don’t feel discouraged.

If you want to start and don’t know where I would recommend watching Spirited Away first just to get a feel.  All of the movies have amazing storylines and things to learn from although being just “cartoons”.

The one I finally got to watch over break was Princess Mononoke. Although having aspects of fantasy this movie told a great story about the relationship between humans and animals.

If you’re looking to cry your eyes out and get some of that pandemic sadness out watch Graveyard of the Fireflies but make sure you have the tissue box ready.

The new normal: AR Art

We may be feeling a little low on inspiration or just feeling trapped because of COVID-19 but virtual art might be the thing to put a smile on your face. For winter 2021 VanMural decided to bring art right to the streets and at the palm of your hand.

So, what is augmented reality? Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device, like your cellphone.

VMF Winter Arts is transforming Vancouver’s public spaces while in a pandemic. The AR art is presented by Create Vancouver Society the non-profit organization behind Vancouver Mural Festival.

Anybody can attend starting from February 12-28 just by downloading the VMF app to their phone. Once downloaded you can find over 20 AR artworks done by local and international artists.

If you’re worried about being able to attend the VMF Winter Arts, it takes place in various open, outdoor public spaces plus the art can be viewed at any time of the day.

VanMural is known for it’s inclusivity, BIPOC artists and values. This year international artists from Vienna, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh and Dallas as well as 10 local artists from Vancouver, Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil Waututh can be seen during this event.

So grab your phone and go on a really long walk and check out one of the AR artworks near you and support local artists at the same time.

Are we desensitized?

How many times have you heard “Covid-19 isn’t that bad”, “Not a lot of people are dying”, “It’s just a flu, the government is being extra”. You have probably heard something along those lines at least said once.

Let’s talk about that second statement Not a lot of people are dying, as of right now 1.98 Million people have died while 51 Million are said to have recovered. Why do you say that isn’t a lot of people, I am sure if you were stuck in a room with 1.98 Million dead bodies you would say oh that is a lot of dead bodies, wouldn’t you?

As for some hearing about people dying may not phase them at all because they did not know them, and it does not affect them. Some people might be a little saddened hearing about people losing lives and others might just care for the moment.  Why is it we are growing more accustomed to being able to hear about any death unphased.

For one, Privilege

During 2020 a lot happened especially with the Black Lives Matter movements, and what bothers me about social media during all of this is how much black trauma was posted every day. To me it was different seeing it than to someone who is black. It was crazy seeing posts that didn’t have any Trigger Warnings on them, or people making “cute” and “fun” BLM posts to show their “support”.

With social media everything has become a trend even if it is something horrible, you do your quick little post and boom you did your part. For one it’s privilege and two it is how desensitised we are to watch real people get assaulted like that.

But as a society why are we growing more desensitized to the violence?  Why was it so common to hear about mass shootings in America like it was just their usual thing? Because in media we are shown these events that happen on the daily it just becomes a regular news day.

Just something to think about.

We’re getting a Sex Pistols TV series

You definitely know who they are, or you’ve seen a band shirt once or twice.

The Sex Pistols were a band formed in London in 1975, although their career lasted two years, they left a mark on rock music culture. The group was known for being associated with anarchism and heavily influence punk culture making history as one of the biggest ground-breaking acts. The band is also pretty known for it’s controversial song “God Save The Queen” which was banned by every independent radio station in Britain.

Nonetheless, were getting a TV series made on the 1970s Punk icons themselves.

The TV series is set to be directed by Trainspotting director Danny Boyle. The series is set to be based on Steve Jones’s memoir, Lonely Boy: Tales from A Sex Pistol, this does not focus on his time with the band.

Instead, the story is set in West London where a young musician suffers from maternal neglect and sexual abuse by a stepfather which led them to fall into crime. Becoming entranced by the glam rock scene he is taken under the wings of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.

The series will show the struggles the band faced and demystify the myths behind them. How the band struggled with the criticism and pressures of living up to their image.

It is without a doubt this band changed UK culture and punk rock entirely so it will be the show to watch once aired. The release dates haven’t been set yet but production is set to start in March this year.

My go to Cafés

As recently said in the news many Starbucks locations across Canada will be closing it’s doors which may mean less accessible options to some. Coffee to one may be a refined taste while to another it is just something to wake you up in the morning. From someone who has worked in that “world” for a while now I can tell you that *whispers* there are better options out there for those refined folks.

If you grew up or live around Hastings Sunrise you have most likely come across The Laughing Bean. Ever since I moved to the area when I was 10 years old, I was enjoying their drinks. As a child the hot chocolate is 100% better than Starbucks. Their roasty beans are provided by lovely JJ Bean Co but nonetheless their coffee is great. The coffee here is amazing because the espresso doesn’t taste like gasoline. I find that the espresso just has a nuttier and fresher taste. When working at the big bucks I never enjoyed hot caramel macchiatos and I don’t like the regular espresso I always got Ristretto because it tastes better. The Laughing Bean is a different story I love getting caramel macchiatos here, plus the staff is awesome and they have a cute dog in store sometimes.

My other great mention is Breka Bakery. While I don’t come here often for the coffee it is delicious as well. When I go to Breka it is for a good comfort food craving, if I ever want to pay $8 for a sandwich It is going to be at Breka. If you can’t make it to them, they are on UberEATS which is incredible. To feel even healthier with your sandwich you can get a really yummy smoothie which what I love to order.

Little things to Help the Enviroment

We have all gotten so used to the consumer lifestyle especially if that is the environment we grew up in mostly. It is no doubt that the earth is going downhill with extreme climate changes across the world and millions of garbage is being produced daily.

Now I am not saying we the consumers are the biggest polluters of the earth, those are definitely the companies themselves. That being said there are some things you can change in your lifestyle in order to live a little more earth friendly.

The biggest thing you can change is starting to shop locally this will also be beneficial to smaller businesses. One thing my mom taught me is that if you’re ever tight for cash shopping around little stores where you live and not known companies will save you a couple of dollars. When visiting anywhere you’ll need a bag, try to remember to bring your own bag so you’re reducing waste a little.

When you’re out shopping for anything try to find equivalents to what you want to buy but with less packaging, by doing so it is less garbage in your bin and the landfills. Once done all your shopping and now you’re cooking away with the ingredients bought, use every bit. I know it’s hard to save veggies scraps especially if you aren’t using it as compost. Another great way to save waste is by freezing your vegetable scraps then eventually using It to make vegetable stock; some chefs even use this method in the kitchen as well.

These are just 2 of the many things you can do in order to contribute to bettering the environment, if you have no idea where to start you can start here

Why do Dog people freak out like that?

The long-time debate of is it cats over dogs or dogs over cats, today I am here to give you my 2 cents.

Cat poster 1.jpg

First question, have you seen the response dog owners give when you say you like Cats? Dear god the devil comes out of them. You could mention a simple statement as “I like kittens they are cute” and they respond as if you just killed their first-born child. Why the hostility? Man, I just like cats I can’t enjoy cats?

Dog owners will literally jump at you with Wiki-Facts on how the Labrador cross breed with Chihuahua will perform open heart surgery on you if you die after you train them for 17 years. Like ok? what that got to do with my cat? Have you ever seen how a cat person reacts when a dog person says they prefer dogs, exactly no reaction just simple acceptance that they don’t like cats.

Just with that ALONE really closes the debate but,

People who hate cats usually hate them over 1 encounter and that single encounter really defines the rest of their life like a breakup. Meanwhile cat people could be chased down by 18 Pitbulls and still be like dogs not bad. Cat people just have thicker skin I guess.

It’s not that dog people don’t like cats but, cats don’t like their energy.

What your Starbucks drink says about you

When you work at a café or really anywhere that you have your own regulars, you start to learn a lot about people. So as an ex-barista I’m going to tell you what your drink says about you.

Starbucks Corporation Logo 2011.svg
By Source, Fair use, Link


A very generic but safe bet, a regular latte is always a go to for the dads any other drink seems to be too complicated for them to order. Now if you take the latte and make it a non-fat, no foam, sugar free vanilla latte at 190 degrees; you definitely go to the optometrist every couple of months. Anyone who gets 190 degrees must be checked up on there is no way they are okay at all and are playing with death. Last, if you get just a vanilla latte there is really nothing to say here you can be anyone, as in you’re basic.

Caramel Macchiato

If you think ordering this drink by calling it a Mochamitto, a MACHEEiatto or Macholatte is funny, I would like you to stop the nonsense immediately. You are an adult; literal children order this drink properly like normal human beings. Please save the dad jokes for your wife and kids I am not them. Caramel Macchiatos are a staple drink they’re great hot or iced but if you’re an iced type of person paired with a non-dairy as your milk, you’re a super sweet gal who’s hitting all the curbs in the parking lot.


Not as popular as the last two drinks but still a memorable mention. This is the dad drink of Starbucks I don’t know what it is, but all dads get this. Now if you start getting fancy and want a dry or wet Cappuccino, I am positive you have your life together with a retirement plan in motion somehow. It seems the got their life together crowd enjoys a Cappuccino.

Pink Drink

Stop spending 18 hours on TikTok you could have finished all your assignments or chores. That’s it.


If your order a black americano blink twice if you’re okay. Americanos are fairly E for everyone as you can customize it into anything. If you order this over a pike roast coffee, I am glad you were born with all your taste buds in-tact. If you’re a normal person who needs some sort of cream or sugar in your drink I understand and respect you; you are simple and love Ikea. Because these are great to customize, if you order 6 long shots in your Americano I promise you the person on the bar is crying.

And last my favourite so I am going to be biased.

Iced Matcha Tea Latte

Yes, if you order this you are awesome, we have the highest IQ everyone else is nothing compared to us shaking our iced matcha tea lattes. People who say matcha tastes like grass have also been, that kid who didn’t like water in school.

2021 is just 2012 in a studded belt

Yes, more pandemic talk I am sorry, but this is all we’ve got going for each other right now fellow reader. It has been basically a year of this key history event that we are living through and I don’t think I want to live through any more life changing events that’ll end up getting taught in a Social Studies class to High School students.

This stuff has really got me going through a mid-life crisis too early ya feel me?

On the topic of mid-life crisis, I can’t seem to escape the throwbacks of the 2012-2014 Emo/Scene music thanks to TikTok. This got me to think and re-listen, several times. The way that Emo/Scene culture has regressed slowly into society might just be the death of me.

First off, the music, you’ve got your hardcore screamo which is deafening to anyone over the age of 47 or really angsty singing with a sprinkle of screamo here and there. Personally, I was in the middle of these while I enjoyed listening to some guy in black skinny jeans scream for 2 minutes straight, I was a big fan of just the sad singing itself.

The way music evolves over the years is always so cool to see, especially when this genre is adapted into other music genres which makes it just *chefs kiss*. I have seen lots of people regress into their 2012 emo self because of the pandemic and honestly, I think we all should regress into things we used to or still enjoy.

Which is why I am declaring 2021, 2012 but in a studded belt, still angsty and figuring out life.

Who the hell is Squishmallow??!?

Well, our COVID-19 anniversary is coming up. Can you believe how far we’ve haven’t made it with NOT stopping the spread of the virus. Halloween was cancelled, Thanksgiving was cancelled, Christmas was cancelled and yes, every single person’s birthday was cancelled as well.

During it all you have probably spent more time shopping online or just window shopping as you would if you went to Metrotown. I can speak for myself when I say retail therapy shopping seems to be the most exciting thing, I have going for me right now. If you’re a normal person you know of tik-tok and the way this app has influenced the shopping habits of many users. One of those being the rise of Squishmallows.

For those who don’t know what a Squishmallow is, I doubt you don’t because it is fricking everywhere, but they’re these cute stuffed “animals” which come in various shapes and designs that are like the new Ferbies not really, but it’s got the hype.

These little things have driven people mad with trying to get the latest releases as they sell out fast once available in-store or online. I guess you can equate these little guys almost being like the top Jordan shoe release.

Now the Squishmallows are not just for kids (unlike Trixx) anyone at any age can enjoy them. So, if you don’t know what to get your significant other this Valentine’s, get them a Squishmallow.

Virtual Jim Beam National Talent Search

Canadian music week is excited to announce the Jim Beam National Talent Search this year over livestream. The talent search will take place starting October 13th until October 20th. Each episode is 30 minutes highlighting different bands from all over Canada. The featured cities are Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Halifax, Saskatoon and Montreal.

Jim Beam / Facebook

From Vancouver we want to cheer on our local artists, so from here we have: RedWoods, Small Town Artillery, Maddie, Gnarfunkel and Raincity


High-school friends with chemistry who’s friendship shows through their music. Their sound consists of Alternative, Soul and classic rock n’ roll. Group is said to be amazing live and sweaty! Lead vocalist  Devon Webber is a powerhouse you don’t want to miss.

Small Town Artillery 

The band is founded by brothers Tom (Vocals, Guitar) and Derek (Drums, Vocals) van Deursen, and supported by Carson Webber (Bass). This band mostly drives their influence from funk-influenced and riff-drive rock n’ roll, their live shows are a must watch. 

Maddie King

Modern singer-songwriter based in Vancouver but from England. Her music takes elements of pop, rock and R&B. Originally having completed 2 years in musical education at Selkrirk College in Nelson B.C she furthered her musical studies by studying at Nimbus school of recording and media in Vancouver.


This band incorporates all types of elements like pop, blues, hip hop, latin and psychedelic  but you can guess by the name what you’re going to get. Both frontmen are described as “animalistic” so you will not be bored.


Vancouver based funk-rock group who turns many heads with their unique sounds. The group originally started as a jazz trio in 2016 known as “Raincity Blue” but later grew into being five members , they’ve performed at a number of festivals including Rifflandia, the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Canadian Music Week, and Bellingham.


Pigface Livestream: Stay the **** Inside Tour 2020

This industrial rock super group is bringing you the Everywhere All At Once Livestream concert. The livestream is Pigface’s pre-recorded at Thalia Hall from November 30th 2019. This livestream is marking the end of Pigface’s first tour in 14 years.

Members of Pigface in 1991 in Palo Alto, California; left to right: Chris Connelly, Nivek Ogre, Martin Atkins

Tickers for the show are $15 USD and 50% of the sales will be going directly to the Rickshaw Theatre, so support local venues in these unprecedented times.

The show features 3 bass players and five drummers with the ever changing lineup, the show has been filmed with a rotating camera so you won’t miss a single thing. Opening acts include Project 44, Curse Mackey, Ruby, Dog Tablet & Worm. With the bands ever changing lineup you can see the full list of names on the Rickshaw Theatre website here.

If you have never heard of Pigface till now like me, it is time for a quick history lesson. The history on these guys is a little confusing because they never really had “set members” but anyways.

This group is nothing like a band, rather it is more of a performing group with a rotation of a handful of well known musicians in alternative/industrial genre. The one founding member of the group is Martin Atkins in 1990. Before forming Pigface he had lent his talents to Public Image Itd. , Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke. The benefit Pigface had is that it gave these label artists more opportunity than their usual projects, they could just work without having to please any fans or labels. The music that came from the projects attracted a lot of attention in the rock scene at the time. One of the most famous collaborators with Pigface was Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails before they became the biggest band in the 1990s.


The Blue Jay Sessions: 4-Week Livestreams

The Blue Jay Sessions are running a 4 week Livestream on their Facebook page off several Canadian Artists.

Starting October 14th @ 7PM MDT are virtual sessions featuring phenomenal Canadian singer-songwriters sponsored by Russel Brewing Company.

The weekly lineup is:

Week 1:

David James Music

Recording country artist from Winnepeg

Theresa Sokyrka 

Folk singer-songwriter from Saskatoon 

Wyatt C. Louis

Plains cree folk singer-songwriter based in Calgary 

Peter Katz 

Juno award, Canadian Screen Award nominee 

Week 2:

The Heels

High energy country trio

Crystal Leigh of Sons of Daughters 

Contemporary country duo from Vancouver 

Alex Runions 

Saskatchewan based country singer-songwriter

Cory Marks

Country singer who mixes it up with rock n’ roll

Week 3:

Jade Turner 

Country artist 

Shawn Austin

Vancouver country singer-songwriter 

Kristin Carter 

Country singer-songwriter from White Rock

Dani Strong

Country singer-songwriter not afraid blend genres

Week 4:

Shylo Sharity 


Gizelle de Guzman 

Recording artist and performer with a passion for wiriting


Brother country duo with millions of online streams 

Alessia Cohle 

Country singer-songwriter

That’s so much Canadian talent and it’s all free in the comfort of your own home! Blue Jay Sessions also says it might have some surprise appearances you won’t want to miss it.

Kill The Katherines

Vox Rea / Facebook

What’s better than 3 women who make killer music? Absolutely nothing. Formally known as The Katherines they’ve re-named as Vox Rea, with a brand new single coming out this month on the 16th.

If you love Lana Del Rey you will love Vox Rea, not to be mixed up with Lana but you get the same euphoric, road-back driving with the feeling of being free. Their music is described as being that euphoric coming of age in a postmodern world. Their debut album cited influences from Arcade Fire to Friedrich Nietzsche.

Vox Rea consists of Kate Kurdyak (lead vocals/piano/guitar/bass), her sister Lauren Kurdyak (vocals/piano), childhood best friend Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher (vocals/percussion) and Berklee-alum Mitchell Schaumberg (vocals/piano/guitar/bass).  Releasing their debut album To Bring You My Heart on 604 records as The Katherines. The album gained over a million plays on Spotify and was a huge success. Their songs were featured in the following playlists; New Music Friday, Pop All Day, Hot Hits Canada, Indie Pop Chillout and the Canada Viral 50 chart.

Lauren and Kate studied together in school where they met Mitchell Schaumberg, multi-instrumentalist and certified virtuoso. Together they all started playing at school parties under the name BEEF with friends. After realizing the chemistry they all had they started meeting for late night writing sessions.

So now that you’ve read me ramble on, give them a listen ASAP and sip on some craft beer and don’t forget to pre-save their upcoming song Dose Me Up.

Here are my top 5 I recommend listening to first after much deliberation,



Cherry Lips 

Heart On The Table 

Great Big Blue