Why do Dog people freak out like that?

The long-time debate of is it cats over dogs or dogs over cats, today I am here to give you my 2 cents.

Cat poster 1.jpg

First question, have you seen the response dog owners give when you say you like Cats? Dear god the devil comes out of them. You could mention a simple statement as “I like kittens they are cute” and they respond as if you just killed their first-born child. Why the hostility? Man, I just like cats I can’t enjoy cats?

Dog owners will literally jump at you with Wiki-Facts on how the Labrador cross breed with Chihuahua will perform open heart surgery on you if you die after you train them for 17 years. Like ok? what that got to do with my cat? Have you ever seen how a cat person reacts when a dog person says they prefer dogs, exactly no reaction just simple acceptance that they don’t like cats.

Just with that ALONE really closes the debate but,

People who hate cats usually hate them over 1 encounter and that single encounter really defines the rest of their life like a breakup. Meanwhile cat people could be chased down by 18 Pitbulls and still be like dogs not bad. Cat people just have thicker skin I guess.

It’s not that dog people don’t like cats but, cats don’t like their energy.

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