12 programs to prepare you for BC’s most in-demand jobs in 2020

BCIT-In-demand jobs in 2020

According to WorkBC’s recent Labour Market Outlook report, between now and 2022, over one million jobs are set to open across BC. This growing economy necessitates a skilled workforce, and 78% of new opportunities are going to require a post-secondary education: 44% will expect a diploma or trade certificate and 34% will need a degree. … Read more

50 Years of BCIT Nursing: A flashback with 1970 Nursing alumnus

It was 1970. BCIT students wore jackets and ties to class and campus parking was plentiful. Morrie Steele was one of two male students preparing to graduate from the newly created BCIT Nursing program. The new two year Nursing program at BCIT was shorter than the three year program at Vancouver General Hospital and considerably … Read more

Building eco-literacy through applied ethics: enter the great debates

The training needed to respond to today’s ecological realities is often seen as technical, from skills in green building design to electric vehicle infrastructure development to environmental restoration. However, as students in Michael Bourke’s BCIT Applied Ethics class come to learn, technical skills can be just the beginning of their journey. “For the first two … Read more

Pavilion: BCIT and BCITSA collaborate on new food services

BCIT and BCITSA open Pavilion

Note to media: Photos of Pavilion available for download. Please contact Amy Chen for interview opportunities related to Pavilion. BCIT and the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA) joined forces to open the latest campus eatery, Pavilion. Located in the NE1 building of Burnaby Campus, Pavilion is a fresh new destination providing unique menu items in an inviting and modern … Read more

Visit BCIT during #BCTECHSummit to discover how technology is disrupting every industry

BCIT BCTech Summit 2019

The fourth annual #BCTECH Summit returns to Vancouver from March 11 to 13. With more than 7,650 delegates, 100 speakers, and 260 exhibitors in attendance, this year’s theme of The Reality Revolution explores how emerging technologies are solving the biggest challenges facing BC and the world today. While technology is disrupting every industry at an … Read more

Name that red blood cell shape!

Poikilocytosis is a term used to describe variation in red blood cell (RBC) shape. Normal, mature RBCs are round and with a zone of central pallor—shown in their deeper pink/red edge and paler center. It is not uncommon to see a few abnormally-shaped RBCs amongst hundreds and hundreds of cells. Guided by lab protocol, technologists … Read more

Week 3 of 38… recapping hepatitis antigens and antibodies

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of weeks; I bid a fond farewell to Vitros 5.1 and am now training on an analyzer located directly across from it, the Centaur XPT. Before I go any further, I want to clarify that Medical Laboratory Science is not, by any means, entirely automation. I’ve been referencing automation … Read more

Greetings! A Medical Laboratory Science student and her musings through clinical placement

Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a Level 4 student in the Medical Laboratory Science program. What does a medical laboratory technologist do, exactly? I’m sure many of you have had, or know someone who’s had, a sample (e.g. blood) taken at a clinic or hospital. The lab is where it ends up! … Read more