Fraud and financial crime investigation: Online format meets national need

We’ve probably all had them: the automated phone calls or emails telling us our credit card has been suspended, or the voice alerting us to an urgent tax problem. Often coming in at disorienting hours, these fraudsters can confuse people enough that they let their guard down and become the victims of financial crime. Such … Read more

Crime solving strengthened by cross-border training

For the fourth year in a row, students from California State University Long Beach (Cal State) visited BCIT for an in-depth international forensic experience. Not only do students become better prepared to work on trans-national crimes, the Vancouver experience helps students gain a comparative perspective between the US and Canada. Mock scene to develop real … Read more

Profiling new threats and solutions at forensic research day

The annual Forensic Science and Technology Bachelor of Technology Graduate Research Day always offers some surprising insights, along with research on new areas of concern. This year’s projects highlighted the increasing cybersecurity threats and digital safety concerns of our society, which is no longer just tech-enabled, but tech-dependent, right down to basic infrastructure. From Crime … Read more

Analytics meetup brings industry experts to BCIT

BCIT Analytics Meetup

With data everywhere – and constantly growing – how can BCIT make sure grads are well equipped to be able to harness it? That was a key theme at last week’s Analytics Meetup hosted by the BCIT Centre of Excellence in Analytics, Powered by SAP. Over 75 participants enjoyed presentations, industry panel insight, and collaborative … Read more

Eco apps: Students design software solutions for ecologically restorative living

If you had five weeks to make an app to save the world, what would you create? That was the challenge put to over 200 software development students in their first year of Computer Systems Technology this past month. Over the course of five intense weeks, teams of five students worked (and cried) together to … Read more

Learning by teaching: How giving back led Anton Kishchenko to deeper skills

This past term, Anton Kishchenko, Cloud Systems Architect at TZOA, decided to take giving back in another direction: he took time away from work to teach a half day a week for a term. As a recent Computer Forensics Bachelor of Technology (BTech) program grad, Anton sat on the BCIT Forensics Program Advisory Committee (PAC). Then … Read more

Sheila Early wins 2019 YWCA Women of Distinction Award

Lifetime achievement in prevention of violence against women BCIT is delighted to share that Sheila Early, a long-time Forensic Nursing Educator at BCIT, is a recipient of the 2019 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Health and Wellness category. Sheila is recognized for her impressive work as a Forensic Nursing Educator and her unwavering commitment to delivering, … Read more

New Full-Stack Web Development Diploma

The Diploma in Full-Stack Web Development (FSWD) will help develop developers starting this fall! This new two-year program will train graduates to be employed as Full-Stack developers. That means they’ll be creating, modifying, and maintaining full web applications, including server configuration, front end development, back end development, data management, and architecture. The “stack” in this … Read more

We’re all safer because a BCIT Forensics grad took this path


It wasn’t an easy road to become an award-winning intelligence analyst, but we’re safer because Jason Bakas took it. Jason first became ensnared in a life of crime prevention by his natural curiosity and drive to serve the public good. His graduating project for his BCIT Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Forensic Investigation, Crime and … Read more

If it seems too good to be true, it often is: BCIT Forensics faculty member on avoiding becoming a victim of romance fraud

Return key of a black keyboard with the shape of a broken heart imprinted

Many Canadians were shocked recently to hear about a senior citizen who sent all his money to fraudsters overseas, all the while thinking he was cementing his relationship with his newfound true love. Steve Wilson, who teaches in BCIT’s Forensic Investigation of Fraud and Financial Crime Graduate Certificate program, and also leads the Vancouver Chapter … Read more