Fighting health disinformation with free open source pathology resources

Working from home during the pandemic was challenging for energetic and outgoing Basic Health Sciences faculty Jen Kong. But boredom turned to frustration when she repeatedly witnessed viral headlines and social media posts that contained so much health disinformation. “I think everyone should learn how their body works,” explains Jen. “That helps them guard against … Read more

Student’s green computing paper recognized internationally

man with brown shirt and glasses sits at workstation with three screens and two keyboards

Facing both climate change and high fuel costs, reducing energy consumption is on everyone’s mind. So it’s exciting to hear that institutional organizations are contributing to this goal by researching and implementing technical solutions. Enter Spencer Wilson, BCIT Computer Systems Technology (CST) Bachelor of Technology (BTech) student and prior CST Diploma graduate, who spent last … Read more

These 5 communication skills can help you make a move into technical writing

Colleagues business woman working together in the office

BCIT’s new Technical Communication Essentials Microcredential sharpens skills employers want across roles and sectors. “Successful organizations rely increasingly on effectively gathering, managing, conveying, and exchanging substantial amounts of information,” explains Nick Fox, BCIT Communication Department Faculty Member. “Technical communicators ensure that information is clear, coherent, organized, and targeted, so it meets audience needs and business … Read more

Crime and intelligence career path: Helping keep kids safe

man wearing check shirt smiles at camera

Steve Corbeil knew he wanted to work in law enforcement. The BCIT Bachelor of Technology in Forensic Investigation: Crime and Intelligence Analysis (CIA) helped him develop his skill set. Now he loves his work in helping keep kids safe in and out of school. Here’s our chat: Q: What were you doing before you started … Read more

5 ways your organization will benefit from connecting with BCIT Computing

Collage of a range of action photos of computing students, faculty, and industry partners, talking and laughing near computer displays and screens, leaning over laptops, having discussions

Most of us have hired or worked with a BCIT grad. But BCIT Computing seeks to support organizations far beyond just graduating (a lot of!) job-ready talent. Here are some of the ways your organization might benefit from connecting to BCIT Computing: 1. Industry-focused courses to support in-demand jobs Like recent new offerings in MS … Read more

Harnessing the power of data: BCIT Computing Flexible Learning expands offerings

Graphs and tables showing food crop prices made using MS Power BI

It would be hard to find an organization that didn’t want to save resources or increase revenue by better understanding their data. From customer behaviour to energy use, leaders across the world know that they may be missing out on critical insights. Skilled individuals who can harness the power of data, by creating visualizations and … Read more

BCIT Computing team places third at SAP hackathon

screen captures of app "waddle" showing cartoon duck wearing a blue baseball cap and carrying a messenger bag, a hand-drawn post it, a sign-in page, and an event listing

“We were up against 3rd and 4th year students from some of the other schools, and we’re really proud of how far we made it using the tools that BCIT gave us.” – Nolan Nordwall, CST Diploma Student  Over 100 post-secondary students kicked off fall by spending a weekend at SAPVanHack22. “The experience was amazing!” … Read more

Sharing so others know it is possible: My data analyst journey

Smiling woman with long brown hair in a light blazer holds a laptop while standing in front of a screen displaying data and graphs

Lluvia Meneses moved across a continent, began a new life in a new language, and expanded her family, but there was another challenge she planned to take on. She loved finding meaning in numbers, and she hoped to resume her career as a Data Analyst (DA). It took a lot of dedication, but in 2021 … Read more

Crime and intelligence analysis programs now offered online

As careers in crime solving move increasingly online, so BCIT’s Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and Advanced Certificate programs in Forensic Investigation: Crime and Intelligence Analysis (CIA) have followed. Canada-wide demand “We’ve had students from across Canada in our courses, so we know they appreciate the offering,” explains Ken Schulz, Interim Program Coordinator, and faculty member … Read more

Advanced Forensic Nurse Examiner Online Microcredential: 5 Questions

BCIT Forensic Health Sciences Instructor Tara Wilkie

We connected with Associate Dean Jennifer Talman to learn more about the newest BCIT Forensics microcredential, which aims to help prepare nurses who treat some of society’s most vulnerable patients. Q: Who is the Advanced Forensic Nurse Examiner (AFNE) microcredential for? Advanced Forensic Nurse Examiner is meant for Registered Nurses who have taken Forensic Nurse … Read more