The vein network in plant leaves: Clues for adaptation to a warming world?

Computer simulated leaf with a network of veins generated by the Holloway-Wenzel model equations

Dr. David Holloway, BCIT Mathematics faculty, and Dr. Carol Wenzel, BCIT Biotechnology faculty, recently had the honour of publishing their research in in silico Plants (Oxford University Press). The innovative interdisciplinary work involves the pairing of mathematics and the veins in plant leaves. Applying computer simulation to biological processes Carol has extensive experience in the … Read more

“Working in IT gives you a chance to shape the future”: Q&A with Computing’s Tim Guicherd

The pandemic has only underlined the importance of the IT systems that sustain our society and its systems. With continued growth in the sector, BCIT Computing needs instructors to help build the next generation of tech professionals. We connected with Computer Information Technology (CIT) faculty member Tim Guicherd to learn what he enjoys about the … Read more

From audio engineer to IUGO games developer: Matt Moldowan’s route

screen shot of video game showing town from above

We caught up with grad Matt Moldowan, now four years into his games development career, to learn how he pivoted through BCIT Computing Part-time Studies to train for a new sector. Q: What were you doing before you started studying at BCIT? Matt: I had previously gone to school for audio engineering and was a … Read more

“Hit the ground running”: BCIT’s approach to teaching cloud computing

smiling woman with long dark hair in a blue suit

All sectors experienced significant change in the last year, but there’s one that’s thrived above most. Cloud services have seen double-digit growth amid massive expansion of work and study from home. Gartner points out that even reluctant Chief Information Officers (CIOs) moved mission-critical workload away from their premises during pandemic lockdowns. Yet beyond the home-based … Read more

“Never bored”: Preparing for the pace of change in tech

Solmaz Talebipour smiles (about her career move to IT?)

Solmaz Talebipour had a mining engineering background from her native Azerbaijan. After settling in Canada, and working her way back into mining through a technician role, she felt she wanted to do more. While on a maternity leave, she assembled her prerequisites and applied to BCIT’s Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma Program. Part of her … Read more

Forensic grad Valerie Tsang: “I always wanted to help keep people safe”

"police line do not cross" yellow tape superimposed on a presumed crime scene showing blurry police lights

Valerie Tsang had earned a Bachelor of Science, and was working full time when she realized she wanted to do more. She felt she would be happier in a career that combined her background in science with her long running interest in law enforcement. This realization led her to apply to BCIT’s Bachelor of Technology … Read more

The “real” experience of an IT internship

BCIT grad Eric Wong who did an IT internship

BCIT’s Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma Program has always offered hands-on Information Technology (IT) projects to best prepare students for work. Last year, an internship option was added. We checked in with grad Eric Wong to learn more about his internship experience, and any advice he’d give to future BCIT Computing students. From finance to … Read more

Thriving in cybersecurity software development: Two Computing grads check in

exterior of glass office building with Fortinet sign

With cybersecurity continually grabbing headlines, employment in the field is growing and evolving. BCIT works to support this thriving domain by graduating students from a range of cybersecurity programs. We caught up with two BCIT Computing grads to learn more about their careers, and how they feel about their work. They both started jobs as … Read more

Finding your fit in the biochemistry and forensic science lab

Young man removes lab test tubes from a device

Sébastien Thériault didn’t consider a career path into Biochemistry and Forensic Science until he needed to choose a major. Now that he has, he says the lab is where he plans to stay. Sébastien is one of the first cohort of UBC/BCIT Combined Honours Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Biochemistry and Forensic Science students. The … Read more

Computer forensics career: Q&A with grad Celia Lee

human fingerprint overlaid on computer code

We caught up with grad Celia Lee, who is now working in computer forensics with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Celia told us about her educational path, and updated us on her career so far. Which BCIT, or other, post-secondary programs did you take? CL: I first completed a diploma in Computer Information Technology (CIT), … Read more