Three tips for success at BCIT, from upgrading to graduation

Man with short dark hair wears a grey sweater with a collared check shirt in an office with bookcase in the background

It’s a challenge to know where and how to start a program and career in a new country, in another language, but for Zak Husayn the most important factor was doing it right. He’s now about to graduate from BCIT’s Architectural and Building Technology (ABT) Diploma and is already getting workplace experience through practicum placements. … Read more

Inspired by CSI: Helping society through science

Forensic Investigation instructor Dom Toa wears a full-body white "bunny suit" and glasses in a lab. He is shining a light on a drinking glass. There is a bottle behind him and laboratory shelves with a lab sink and equipment.

Dom Toa is not the only person who joined the forensic science field after being intrigued by depictions such as those on TV’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But he may be one of the few who has come full circle, now leading a program at BCIT Forensics that teaches others to follow his footsteps…or, footprints? … Read more

Demand leads to expansion: Front-End Web Developer program

Four people sit as panelists in front of a screen that says FWD grad Q&A, with an audience at round tables

For those thinking of a career change, or enhancement, the leap is often daunting. How much time will it take? Will I like it? How will it work out? BCIT Computing’s 6-month Front-End Web Developer (FWD) Certificate Program is a relatively low time investment for a pivot into tech. Interest had been so strong recently … Read more

Finding a fit in a flexible sector: Roelle Kim

A young woman with midlength dark hair sits in a conference room at SAP. Behind her is a line drawn art piece showing an airport with mountains behind it.

Roelle Kim graduated from the Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma Predictive Analytics Option in 2021 and works at SAP as a Full-Stack web developer. She told us what led her to BCIT Computing, and what she loves about working in the tech sector. What do you do when you don’t like your job? It’s challenging … Read more

New AI for Technical Writing Course: AI is Shaping Communication Whether We Want It To or Not

stylized, colourful image includes graphic of a robotic hand reaching toward a human hand with elements of technology and traditional communication tools to show connection between Artificial Intelligence and human-generated writing

Thank you to BCIT Technical Writing instructor Geraldine Eliot for this guest blog. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the realm of technical communication almost daily, so it’s exciting to share these advances with students in our new online course, Using AI for Technical Writing. In my ‘day job’ as an … Read more

Preparing for a career in tech: Computing student Anna Nguyen

A career in tech offers the opportunity to create something meaningful and make a significant impact. – Anna Nguyen Computing student Anna Nguyen was recently awarded the prestigious 2023 BC Women in Technology Scholarship by the BC Scholarship Society. This annual scholarship is granted to 10 women who are pursuing post-secondary studies in British Columbia, … Read more

New Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation microcredential

Q&A with Ken Schulz, Program Head of BCIT Forensics’ Crime and Intelligence Analysis (CIA)-focused programs, all of which now offer online delivery options Q: Why did BCIT Forensics develop a microcredential in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation (FFCI)? Ken Schulz: The stability of our organizations and our larger economy depends on our ability to root … Read more

International team measures antimatter falling for the first time: Q&A with BCIT physicist Alex Khramov

Man in his 40s with beard stands in a high tech industrial physics particle accelerator facility with the word Alpha behind him.

We’ve previously talked to BCIT Physics Faculty Dr. Alexander Khramov about his work in the Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus (ALPHA) scientific collaboration. After the international ALPHA team made headlines with the first laser-based manipulation of antimatter, thanks to a Canadian-made laser, the research group turned its focus to measuring gravity’s effect on antimatter. It’s with a lot … Read more

Is programming for you? Q&A with Computing Flexible Learning lead instructor Jason Wilder

note card with text: Dear Jason, It would be impossible to count all the ways you have helped me this term - not only in studies but you have taught me to approach life with a new perspective. Architecture with you was far more than a textbook, you are truly an inspiration and keep inspiring others!"

BCIT Computing has a long track record of teaching programming for software development. Meet faculty Jason Wilder, curriculum lead for the BCIT Computing Flexible Learning programming fundamentals stream, to learn more about how students can best explore essential IT skills. [Pictured: thank you note to Jason from a student] Q: Where can students start if … Read more

California State University students visit BCIT to experience Canada’s most comprehensive forensic programming

Four students in white full-body hazmat suits take notes at a mock crime scene behind yellow tape. They are looking into a white truck. More students are in the background.

This year’s BCIT Forensics Field School kicked-off with an extensive outdoor mock crime scene day on  Burnaby Campus. The two-week, hands-on program offers international forensic experience to 25 Criminology and Criminal Justice undergraduates from the California State University Long Beach (Cal State). It’s the first time the session has run since 2019. “In recent years, … Read more