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What do the world’s greatest leaders have in common? Not as much as you might think. That’s because there are as many different leadership styles as there are individuals, and every industry and business needs decision makers who can see the big picture, motivate people, and inspire change.

Maybe you’re already working and you want to challenge yourself. Maybe you’re looking to transition into a more rewarding role. Or maybe you want to build your skills to boost your resumé. Whatever the case, there are many courses at BCIT that can help set you apart and position yourself as a leader.

1. Graduate Certificate in Global Leadership

One of the best ways to grow as a leader is to keep learning, which is why the Graduate Certificate in Global Leadership is a great option for those who already hold a bachelor’s degree—or have joined the increasingly diverse and dynamic workforce. The full-time program consists of six graduate-level courses, finishing with a capstone project that lets you take on the role of a leadership professional to assess real global issues and opportunities facing your industry. It can also help you transition to a master’s degree.

2.  Advanced Certificate in Health Leadership

If you work in healthcare or a related sector, there are several skills you’ll need to hone to become a leader, including managing interprofessional teams, fostering safety and quality, and budgeting. You’ll also need to develop a broad and deep knowledge of health organizations.

BCIT is the only school in Canada to offer an advanced certificate that has been specifically designed for a health leadership context. The whole program can be completed within two years and includes a workplace-based capstone project, though individual courses—many of which can be taken online—provide strong credentials to position you for success.

3. Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Business Leadership

More than ever before, companies are committed to corporate social and environmental responsibility—and in order to walk the talk, they need people in management and senior executive roles who not only set meaningful targets, but actually hit them.

That’s where the Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Business Leadership comes in. This streamlined program unfolds over 10 months, with classes taking place twice a week. It’s unique in BC because of its industry connections, small class sizes, and flexible learning model. Students can opt to study part-time or use the diploma as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree.

4. Associate Certificate in Leadership

When you think of leadership, you might find that business is one of the first things that comes to mind—especially if you’re already working for a company and have your sights set on a more senior position. The BCIT Associate Certificate in Leadership was designed for this purpose. The part-time, seven-course program combines change management and leadership training to help professionals accelerate their careers to the next level. 

5. Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management

It takes a lot to lead a construction project. You need to have the proper tools and techniques, the ability to think critically and analytically, and the interpersonal skills to coordinate a workforce with diverse duties and tasks. That’s why professionals in the field need to be thoroughly trained, and why BCIT offers a Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management. The program is open to anyone who already has the appropriate trade certifications, has studied in an accepted degree or diploma program, or has worked in the industry.

6. Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management

Perhaps you already know how to code—but running a successful team isn’t anything like running a successful software program. If you’re a technology professional and the next stage of your career may be a supervisory or managerial role, then it’s time to invest in your leadership skills. The Technology Management program is designed for those who are not only passionate about developing innovative products, but empowering innovative people. It can be completed through part-time and online learning, making it efficient and accessible for working professionals.

7. Leadership Certificate for Firefighters 

If you’re already working as a firefighter, or are considering becoming a firefighter and planning for your long-term career trajectory, you need to know about the Associate Certificate in Leadership for Firefighter at BCIT.

Regardless of where you’re coming from—whether it’s a degree in fire and safety studies, a diploma in fire service or prevention, or fire officer training—the program prepares you for where you want to go. Graduates are ready to move into a Lieutenant or Captain position, and gain leadership and management skills that are applicable to any industry.

8. Leadership courses in Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering

If you’re interested or involved in the maritime industry, BCIT offers a wide selection of courses to kickstart or bolster your career. Among these are several leadership options—because when you’re in charge of safely directing and coordinating ships, the decisions you make matter.

For example, Leadership and Teamwork is a simulated electronic navigation course that shows you how every member of your crew works together to keep your ship on course. Meanwhile, Leadership and Managerial Skills trains students in all the non-technical skills they need to operate ships and care for the people onboard.

9. Management Skills in Communication and Negotiation

All effective leaders are effective communicators. If you can demonstrate excellence when it comes to connecting with people and negotiating deals that have positive outcomes for every stakeholder, you’re an asset to any organization. BCIT offers a statement of completion for these courses so that you can hone your skills—and prove them—in an official capacity. Enrol part-time or online, and add a qualification to your resumé that any employer can appreciate.

For those who can lead with impact, there are boundless opportunities here in BC, across Canada, and abroad—at organizations of all kinds. Start by finding the area that interests you most, and you’ll accumulate the leadership skills you need to move your career and the world forward.

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