5 lessons for traveling on a long road trip with an electric vehicle

Traveling long distance EV

This story is written by Colin Chan, Manager of Energy, Facilities and Campus Development at BCIT. At the end of October, BCIT Sustainability Manager David Pereira and I got to travel down to the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (ASHE) Conference in Spokane, Washington. It was a great conference to connect with fellow post-secondary … Read more

Gardens at BCIT are buzzing with people and pollinators

New students weren’t the only additions to the BCIT Burnaby Campus this fall. Adam Dickinson, Manager of Transportation and Grounds, has added a much smaller but just as important cohort to the BCIT population. Over the summer, Adam partnered with a local beekeeping company to bring two honey bee hives to campus, adding to the … Read more

BCIT students are harnessing the power of the sun to address food waste

BCIT food waste

Note to media: If you are interested in interviewing Brendan and Mikhail, please contact Amy Chen. For small-scale farmers, particularly in the Global South, growing their crops is just one part of a financially sustainable business. For many agricultural communities, the resources and technology to store their harvests aren’t accessible, leaving tonnes of fruit and … Read more

BCIT student traces salmon through digital cartography

BCIT digital cartography

Urban roadways aren’t your typical medium for illustration, but for Tristan Bobin, they present a unique opportunity to evoke meaning about a place through imagery. As a student of Geographic Information Systems at BCIT, Tristan took a special interest in how digital cartography could be used to visualize a story in the landscape. Using his … Read more

Meet the new Sustainability Manager at BCIT

BCIT-Sustainability Manager David Pereira 01

The principle that we can’t and shouldn’t take resources for granted is often at the heart of environmental sustainability efforts. It’s also a perspective that the new BCIT Sustainability Manager, David Pereira, has held for a long time, well before there was a name for it. With parents who grew up in Portugal in the … Read more

Celebrating 12 years: Green Team inspires change from the ground up

BCIT Green Team 01

BCIT is already well known for its environmentally-focused applied research and operations, but just as important is the grassroots effort to bring sustainability into the every-day practices of staff and students. It’s in this role that the Green Team at BCIT is working to make a difference across campus. “It’s about inspiring change from the … Read more

Two BCIT students are cultivating the circular and repair economy in Metro Vancouver

BCIT-Right to repair movement

It’s called the “right to repair,” a growing movement in North America and Europe that calls on manufacturers to design products, particularly electronics, that can be easily fixed instead of thrown away. Along with Repair Cafes, the movement aims to extend product life, conserve resources, create jobs, and encourage a culture that values durable and … Read more

Building eco-literacy through applied ethics: enter the great debates

The training needed to respond to today’s ecological realities is often seen as technical, from skills in green building design to electric vehicle infrastructure development to environmental restoration. However, as students in Michael Bourke’s BCIT Applied Ethics class come to learn, technical skills can be just the beginning of their journey. “For the first two … Read more

BCIT Rivers Institute celebrates a decade of protecting and restoring BC waterways, lakes, and wetlands

Like the path of water itself, the Rivers Institute’s Dr. Ken Ashley has traveled through varied terrain over the course of his career.  And while his experiences have ranged—from civil engineer to limnologist to ecological restoration instructor to documentary film producer—the Director of BCIT’s Rivers Institute has always maintained a clear purpose and direction. “Ever … Read more

Rethinking e-waste: How BCIT diverted 6.5 tonnes of electronic waste from the landfill in just one summer

Michele Morrison doesn’t have a job that makes you think of waste reduction or recycling. As a manager in BCIT’s IT Services department she’s responsible for all the computers found in computer labs and used by instructors and staff. But she also helps to lead efforts that have seen six and a half tonnes of … Read more