BCIT Alumni Association AGM: BCIT grad and entrepreneur Manpreet Dhillon inspires equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

BCIT alumna Manpreet Dhillon

As early as seventh grade, BCIT alumna Manpreet Dhillon knew that she wanted to end sexism, racism, and war. However, at the time, supportive language to describe her vision of what we now refer to as EDI—equity, diversity and inclusion—was not in common use. Building her now-successful business, Veza Global (which supports organizations in embedding … Read more

Two full-time students and a baby: A chaotic start that set the foundation for a lasting marriage

Todd and Alisa Bailey

It was the first week of classes in their two-year programs at BCIT when they found out they were having a baby. BCIT alumni Alisa and Todd Bailey were newlyweds in their early 20s with big plans for their school and career success when they were caught off guard by the news of their pregnancy. … Read more

When opposites attract: How this BCIT alumni couple compliment each other

Luke and Amanda Mynott at their BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism graduation

If you walked into a BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism class 16 years ago, you may have caught the now BCIT alum Luke Mynott sleeping in the back the of class. Meanwhile, you would have noticed a very alert and focused Amanda Wilcox on the opposite side of the class, sitting right in the front. … Read more

How educational drive and shared values brought this BCIT alumni couple together

Keisha & Jamie at the Capilano Suspension Bridge the day they got engaged

It was only their fourth date when BCIT alumna Keisha Go blurted out, “Thank god, I married a smart one.” She was talking about her date Jamie Haakons, who at this point, was not even her boyfriend yet. Needless to say, she was mortified by what Jamie refers to as her Freudian slip. Fast forward … Read more

BCIT alum Justin Perry mitigates BC wildfires using drone technology

What started out as a passion for both aviation and forestry ended up leading BCIT alumnus Justin Perry to his dream job. As Chief Drone Pilot with Stinson Aerial Services Inc. he detected wildfires using infrared sensing technology during last summer’s intense fire season in BC. The incredible job opportunity was sparked by a referral … Read more

BCIT Carpentry alum Kevin Hatch receives Forty Under 40 award

Kevin Hatch, Forty Under 40 award recipient

It’s no small feat to be recognized as a business leader in your industry. Being honoured as a Forty under 40 by Business in Vancouver (BIV) on top of that, is even more remarkable. That’s exactly what BCIT alumnus and Red Seal carpenter Kevin Hatch has achieved. “I was super honoured to receive the award … Read more

Alumni success retrospective: Looking back at inspiring BCIT alumni stories of 2021

BCIT Alumni

With another year coming to a close, we reflect on the accomplishments of our many BCIT alumni who have contributed in their respective sectors in BC and beyond. The following stories are just a few examples of incredible alumni who have used their BCIT education to launch and grow meaningful careers. 1. More than just … Read more