I’m writing this to wrap up the story of what was a complete mess of a year. A mess filled with stress and zeal simultaneously coexisting, among other things. As the last roommate moves out, the last party thrown, and the last pint of beer consumed, the motifs that accompany the end of the season … Read more

From Politics to Palm Beaches: Travel in the Philippines

Miss those garbage Expedia and Contiki Tour reviews, because I’m here with an EXHILARATING travel overview of my Spring Break trip last March. I travelled to the Philippines for some much needed R&R and a tasty tan. The trip itself was overwhelmed with a plethora of highlights; I paid my family a visit and went … Read more

An Expository Exploration of Examination Exsanguination

The title, of course, is metaphorical. I don’t propose any exsanguination whatsoever. As I said before, I prefer not to conform to the standardized conventions of blog-writing. So, instead of talking about exam or study tips, let’s explore the atmospheric shifts in the coming exam season. Lethargy, fatigue, stress, and all the like are all symptoms of preparation … Read more

New Beginnings

Hi! I’m Mark and I wrote some posts a few years ago. Now I’m back doing some writing again for the school, where I realized that it could fuel my creative outlet outside of schoolwork as well as provide the extra cheese. For this post, I’m just looking to establish a foundation for the work … Read more

Familial Values of the International Students Initiative

One of the most rewarding experiences that tertiary education institutions have to offer are the instances in which you meet a variety of interesting, daring, and downright fantastic people. BCIT, being partners with other business schools and institutes around the world, prides itself on the influx of international students that have skills and knowledge to … Read more

Gym Culture and Weight Room Attendants

If you checked out the newly renovated fitness center this semester, you would have noticed that, with the new equipment, technology and revamped fitness culture, comes a group of hardy young men and women in blue shirts that are sanitizing, maintaining and caring for the gym environment. I’m one of these ‘weight room attendants’, and … Read more

Insight and Exploration: CareerBuild

Perhaps at many points in your life, especially while growing up, you have encountered various instances in which you ponder about the future of your career. After having celebrated my nineteenth birthday, I took some time to reflect upon my past endeavours, my successes, and my failures. Sports analogies are used as metaphorical analyses to … Read more