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Perhaps at many points in your life, especially while growing up, you have encountered various instances in which you ponder about the future of your career. After having celebrated my nineteenth birthday, I took some time to reflect upon my past endeavours, my successes, and my failures.

Sports analogies are used as metaphorical analyses to compare the pressures of life to a play or strategy. To win requires reviewing of the opponent, of the environment and of our own players, and eventually the game becomes as mental as it is physical. When we work through our careers, we find that we develop a similar aptitude of strategy in building our way up as we do when we try to win in sporting competition. I grew up and spent most of my life in Melbourne, Australia. Sports, health and fitness are huge components of Australian culture, and through the medium of sport, we were taught to establish a winning mentality, but most importantly, to have fun. Building a career is easily analogous to training for sport; being the best you can be takes all of your talent and hard work to produce results. These results are then taken to the next level each time and, with progress, you would keep getting better. Except that life does go on, and throughout it we are constantly brought down or up again and again.

The new age of industrialization has brought about economy, infrastructure and technology. With these innovations we have developed a lifestyle more modernized than ever before. Smartphones, computers, websites, and access to unlimited amounts of information is widely considered to be the norms of today, and through what we have accomplished, we have created many jobs, industries and working cultures. Nowadays, considering the modern job market, there is a place for anyone and everyone of any expertise, trade or skill that benefits any industry and the firms within it. Schools like BCIT offer programs in various categories to ultimately send successful graduates off to their respective industries. I, myself, am somebody who is usually at a loss of trying to find that industry. I have aspirations and goals but I have never really found a pathway to the person who I really want to be. As a student of business, I’ve learned essential theories and processes that partake in the systems of economics, accounting, marketing and various elements of management and latter commerce. Although the industry which I can use these skills in eludes me at the current time, I will eventually still use the knowledge to find a right fit, and ultimately, establish my career pathway and develop my winning mentality.

So if you are looking for a right fit for yourself, and you think BCIT can offer you what you really want, try your hand at which offers information on programs, occupations and comparisons for BCIT courses and statistics about the respective industries of each program. Researching may help you discover what you want or maybe introduce you to something new. Either way, it can help you on your quest for knowledge and skill-building to bring forth a dawn of a luminous career.

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