I’m writing this to wrap up the story of what was a complete mess of a year. A mess filled with stress and zeal simultaneously coexisting, among other things. As the last roommate moves out, the last party thrown, and the last pint of beer consumed, the motifs that accompany the end of the season are suddenly realized.

So here I am musing about the overall experience over the past year. But let’s be real, if you’re in school studying for 80% of your time, you don’t really have time for recreation year round. Those rare, relaxing weekends and sessions at the gym are what you look forward to after a day’s work. Now there is time to grow creatively and unravel innate interests over the period of summer with a newfound feeling of accomplishment.

I’ve also learned a lot, about myself, about others and about fluctuating interest rates on loans dependent on macroeconomic performance (just kidding). But yes, every experience is educational in some way. I’ve learned that one should not take the freedoms we are given so for-granted. Time is an element that affects all of us eventually, and finishing school and having the choice to do whatever you want (outside of work commitments) is an almost dreamlike notion. We are not restricted by our commitment to our financial, physical, nor social well-being, but only by ourselves and the extent of our motivations in the process of life. In our darkest times or in our most uplifted selves, it is important to remember that reality and living exists with or without our participation. Just a short and sweet one for today, all the best to everyone and have a great summer.


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