Elevator Wrap: final project for second year Graphic Communications Technology Management students

Students hold up a GTEC banner in the lab

This article was written by Graphic Communications Technology Management (GTEC) student Kiana Benoit. Kiana is sharing what projects looked like this year for her in this program and walks us through her final project for the school year. – My program, Graphic Communications Technology Management, has always focused a lot on projects and hands-on assignments. … Read more

When is the best time to apply to BCIT?

A student typing on a laptop with a pen and notebook nearby.

Student Social Media Contributor and Technical Writing student Cherry Chun, shares her insights on the application process at BCIT, how it differs between each program, and her own experience when applying to her program. I personally believe that the answer to this question is one of the things that truly sets BCIT apart from your … Read more

Charting Academic Waters: The difference between BCIT and traditional university

A student is walking down a path with a university building to their left.

This blog was written by Student Social Media Contributor Lucas Pincell, a second-year Communication Design Essentials student. Lucas shares his experiences with attending university and the differences he noticed when beginning his education at BCIT. As 2021 rolls in, “formal education” has a whole new face to me. Classrooms took the form of video conferences, … Read more

Services at BCIT to take advantage of while you can

An empty gym with equipment

Student Social Media Contributor and International Student Elin Molenaar, shares her insights on the Student Services available at BCIT and how to take advantage of them. BCIT offers a variety of services that enrolled students can make use of. One of the great things about it, is that most of them are free! Student Health … Read more

Tips and tricks for a successful term start

Student writing notes on a notepad

This article was written by Student Social Media Contributor and Business Management student, Sarah Overacker. Here she shares a few tips that have helped her ease into a new term. A smooth transition is always welcome when starting a new course of studies. When I started my first diploma two years ago, I had moved … Read more

Study techniques to consider while studying for finals

Textbook and a notepad being used for studying

With finals right around the corner, you may be searching for a new study technique to help you succeed this term. Here are some study techniques from Student Social Media Contributor, Kiana Benoit. Finals can be the most stressful time of the semester for many students, myself included, so here are some of the things … Read more

How to stay motivated while studying online for final exams

A student studying with a laptop and notebooks on a bed.

These tips are shared by Social Media Contributor and first-year Business Management student Hanna Sudom. There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed two minutes before class and sliding right into lecture with crusty eyes, morning breath, and pajamas… right? Wrong! As the novelty of online learning dwindled, the semester gained momentum with no mercy … Read more

Tips for a smooth transition into your educational journey at BCIT

A student writing notes on a notepad with a laptop open in the background.

These tips are written by Maria Diment, a second-year Broadcast and Online Journalism student. She is sharing some tips to help you excel in your educational journey at BCIT. Starting post-secondary is exciting, regardless if you’ve just graduated high school or are a mature student. It can also be overwhelming, especially with virtual learning. Looking … Read more

Applying to BCIT as an International Student? Here’s a few things you should know before applying

Student in library looking at books on the shelf

This post was written by Student Social Media Contributor Elin Molenaar. Elin is an International Student from the Netherlands and is a student in the Broadcast and Online Journalism program. Here are a few things she recommends soon-to-be international students consider before starting their education at BCIT. Ins and outs for soon-to-be international students at … Read more

Tips and tricks for staying organized while studying online

Workspace with a planner, pens and a candle

This article was written by Student Social Media Contributor Kiana Benoit, a Graphic Communications Technology Management student. Here are her tips and tricks for staying organized: Keep a physical planner Even pre-covid, a physical daily planner has been one of my must-haves for school. The ability to quickly jot something down or check my schedule … Read more