Services at BCIT to take advantage of while you can

Student Social Media Contributor and International Student Elin Molenaar, shares her insights on the Student Services available at BCIT and how to take advantage of them.

BCIT offers a variety of services that enrolled students can make use of. One of the great things about it, is that most of them are free!

Student Health Services

BCIT Student Health Services has a walk-in clinic for any health problems that you want to get checked out – an appointment is just one phone call away. It is very helpful to have medical help easily accessible this way.

Recreation Services

In the same building on the Burnaby campus, you can also find the Rec Services area – bring your student ID to scan and it’s all free. It includes a free gym with all the necessities: showers, dressing rooms, personal coaches, and all kinds of equipment. You can also sign up for group activities such as boxing, spinning, and wall climbing. Unfortunately, the gym has been closed since the pandemic started but be sure to check out their Healthy at Home programming for the time being.


Aside from physical health facilities, there is also a counselling services. You can reach out for hour-long appointments to talk to a counselor about things related to school, but also other personal struggles you’re going through. It is amazing to have this service available for free and I would recommend everyone to make use of it while you can. Counselors can be of great help when you’re struggling with anxiety for example – which is very common these days. If your counselor doesn’t turn out to be the right fit, it is also very easy to ask for another one. Mostly, don’t hesitate to reach out – there is no harm in talking to someone to help you process the thoughts in your head.

When the pandemic hit, everything moved online so students can still make use of all health services. Other services that are now available online – and normally in person – are Indigenous Services, and International Student Services.

International Student Services

Making use of the International Student Services is a must for newly enrolled foreign students. The staff can help you connect with other students, but also offers help with all kinds of paperwork such as your Medical Service Plan coverage. They are available from while you’re still in your home country, until your last days at BCIT.

Having so many resources available while studying is such a privilege. I encourage everyone to make use of the services you need, after all they are there for you to use.

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