Applying to BCIT as an International Student? Here’s a few things you should know before applying

This post was written by Student Social Media Contributor Elin Molenaar. Elin is an International Student from the Netherlands and is a student in the Broadcast and Online Journalism program. Here are a few things she recommends soon-to-be international students consider before starting their education at BCIT.

Ins and outs for soon-to-be international students at BCIT

Moving to a different country to study and start a new life is a big step, and definitely not an easy one. However, taking the leap opens up a world of opportunities and experiences – and so does BCIT.

The International Student Centre at BCIT is the main source of important information for foreign students attending classes at the institute. The people at International Student Services are available to help you with anything from immigration paperwork, to finding ways to connect with locals. Be sure to talk to someone there if you’re struggling with anything and need a hand. They are only available online at the moment because of the pandemic.

There is student housing available at the Burnaby campus where you can live together with other students. If you’re interested definitely sign up, but be sure to have a back up plan. The spots are limited and international students are not guaranteed to get a room because a certain amount of spots is reserved for domestic students. On top of that, the housing has been sized down because of the pandemic. If you’re interested, you can sign up and learn more on the BCIT Housing website.

Because everything at BCIT is super hands-on, it is very easy to become close with your classmates and get to know them better. Most classes consist of around 50 students and there are a lot of projects you need to work on together. You basically become a small family – especially in the Media programs – because you’re spending so much time working together.

The hands-on way of working is very helpful in terms of learning, since you’re using the theory the way you would in industry. The goal of each program is to get you ready for a job in your field as soon as you graduate.


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  1. Hi, I need to know diploma 2 year engineering programs for international students for winter 2021 session.
    Thanks and regards

  2. I have two specific questions on the Business Management Diploma program.

    1). When does it start?
    2). Based on the BCIT website the delivery mode for this program is Online, If I apply and I am accepted by BCIT then should I travel to Canada or I can complete this program online from my own country (Afghanistan)?

    I will highly appreciate it if you answer my questions.

  3. Hi! Can you please confir, whether Occupational Health and Safety is still opened for International students? I was trying to apply through the Applyboard website and it seems to be closed but on your site the intake is still open.
    Thank you!


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